Pokemon Creation Chapter 273

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“It turns out that you only need to throw the Poké Ball. Fling’s gestures and movements are irrelevant.” The commentator said bluntly.

“Cut! What kind of hot chicken commentary is this! Fling Poké Ball has no soul without lines and posture!” Jin Keke mumbled dissatisfiedly.

Even the opponent of Jin Keke’s mother was a little dissatisfied, “This posture is wrong! You desecrated Poké Ball.”

After he finished speaking, he had his legs upright, stretched his right arm, and shouted with all his strength, “Go, Charmander!”

Poké Ball threw away An extremely (forced?) curve hit the ground.


With the crisp sound, many people closed their eyes for fear of seeing Poké Ball crushed to pieces.


A Charmander jumped out!


The little villain tilted his head and was a little confused, this Charmander was a little familiar…



Charmander first looked around all around. When he saw the little villain, he rubbed his eyes with his paws, and then the whole Pokemon shivered suddenly.

Ka!! ! (Isn’t this Little Demon King)?

Charmander’s voice is a little broken.

Tweet (it’s you kid).

The little villain thought about it for a while, and finally came across.

She immediately showed a meaningful smile.

This is Charmander who was fiercely bullied on the ranch…


What did you do, as if pressing his little head into the smelly?

Still more excessive?

I have done it even more excessively.

I just forgot what I did.

After all, too many bad things have been done!

The little villain suddenly smiled evilly.

Tweet (Since it is so predestined, I will abuse you once).

Ga (no, I want to go back).

Charmander crawled on top of Trainer’s dumbfounded gaze, his head kept arching the little Poké Ball.

Ga (will die! Really will die)!

Charmander’s voice was short and rapid.

His heart was panicking.

The little villain is the childhood shadow of many Charmander.

“Charmander, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you?” Charmander’s Trainer suddenly hurriedly calmed Charmander.

Before coming, Charmander was confident.

How come there is no dragon since I saw this Snivy?

“What’s the matter? Charmander didn’t dare to fight after seeing the little villain.” The commentators couldn’t help but wonder.

But how could they know what Charmander experienced in his childhood?


The little villain stretched out his little paw with an evil expression.

Her voice is a bit evil.

Her little paw moved towards the air and grabbed it a few times, then rubbed it again.

Charmander, who saw the action of the little villain, was so frightened that he rushed into the boy’s arms.

In desperation, the boy had to give up the game.

In the smug gaze of the little villain, the little boy left the stadium holding the scared Charmander.

“It’s a little villain, as easy as blowing off dust. I won this game as easy as blowing off dust. Reminiscent of these Pokémons who knew each other originally, I can’t help but look forward to the next battle of the little villain. She must be Peak’s powerhouse in the ranch. Now.” The commentators immediately shifted the target after the explanation.

“Next is Squirtle vs. Bulbasaur. This is the most anticipated battle. There is no one.”

“There is currently no battle video on the market. I hope this battle will show us their potential.”

But at the same time, the commentator also expressed their doubts, “But Bulbasaur is too young, I believe he has limited capabilities.”

“Yes, but the other Squirtle is very exciting. As everyone knows, Squirtle works in the fire brigade. Then they are bound to receive more rigorous training.”

“It can be seen that their battle strength is definitely not bad.”

Li Qiuran, who was watching TV, called Yawn.

After all, this is the open Pokemon contest of First Stage, so he will naturally pay attention.

“Squirtle and Charmander, Bulbasaur also called Three Starters, and his potential itself is not low.

So the ending is already obvious.

Bulbasaur will definitely not be Squirtle’s opponent.

“Bo~~” Little Song stretched aside.

“Bo (if there is my war song, then Bulbasaur still has the power to fight)!” Little Song looking thoughtful nodded.

Her battle song is about to be released on the whole network.

She can look forward to it.

“Meow! This is not a reciprocal battle, muamuamua.” Meowth threw a small dried fish into his mouth and said vaguely as he chewed.

He didn’t need to play in the first few days of the game.

“Meow, it seems that the probability of Smeargle and Charmeleon winning is very high! The little villain seems to be very difficult to deal with.” Meowth moved his head to the TV and said.

“Po~~” Little Song is nodded. Although she can’t understand the game, she can see that the other Pokémon don’t seem to be great.

“Unexpectedly, the little villain is so powerful.” Li Qiuran was a little surprised.

Little Lu’s Pokemon is as powerful as it should be.

They have huge potential and have undergone more rigorous training, so they can naturally stand out in Pokemon.

But the little villain is different.

Although she performed well in the ranch, there was no fighting after going to Jin Keke’s house.

So now her strength is still a mystery.

“I knew the Aptitude of the little villain.” Li Qiuran pats said in his head.

Now, besides work, his only pleasure is to detect the Aptitude of Pokemon.

Of course, he will not keep Aptitude’s Pokemon in the ranch, if they are willing to leave, they will agree.


The battle in the Pokemon Contest has also entered a fever pitch.

In addition to the battle between Bulbasaur Little June and Squirtle, the battle of Tyrogue also received much attention.


Next is Tyrogue Omo’s game.

His opponent is a Charmander.

“Go, Dawu!” Little Jiu threw Poké Ball away.


Da Wu jumped out of it.

Come on!

Da Wu clenched his fists, his heart was full of fighting spirit.

“This is Tyrogue’s battle! Let’s wait and see,” the commentator said.

The battle begins.

Come on!

“Punch Omo, use a combination punch!” Little Jiu made a gesture.


Dawu’s legs burst out with terrifying power instantly.

Fast speed!

In Charmander’s eyes, Dawu almost turned into an afterimage.


Charmander suddenly flew back like a cannonball Normal, his body brought strong wind.

“This… what formidable power is this?”

Seeing Charmander who had fallen out of the field, the commentator was stunned and unbelievable.

In the field, Dawu stood calmly on the spot, looking down at his bandaged hand, looking thoughtful.


I am already so strong…

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