Pokemon Creation Chapter 274

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After Dawu won, everyone’s focus was on Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

“Go, Little June.” Jin Keke father drew a confident (pretending) smile, and gently threw the Poké Ball.

Da na.

Little June jumped to the ground and called out softly.

This will be his refined First Stage battle, and he is a little nervous.

Squirt Squirt!

Squirtle was also a little uneasy standing opposite.

This is also his First Stage battle.

Trainer of Squirtle, fire brigade member A Liang has a solemn expression.

This time he came with the expectations of the entire fire brigade.

The fire brigade members are all working, so naturally they cannot watch TV.

All I can do is bring good news.

So this time he must win.

And Jin Keke’s side…

“Little June, don’t put pressure on yourself, just make the opposite side disgusting!” Jin Keke father encouraged.

Da Na!

Bulbasaur is nodded vigorously.

Two Pokemons, one blue and one green, are also opposed to each other in the arena.



Is this pure green?

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, the color of this Bulbasaur is a bit strange.” The commentator looked strange, “I remember that Bulbasaur seems to be Gary’s color?”

“Um… this is a very good question.” The second commentary was also confused.

“Could it be… dyed?”

In doubt, the commentators finally got further information.

“It turns out that this is Shiny Pokémon. Everyone, Shiny Pokémon has different colors, and their birth probability is less than 0.1%!”

“So! This Bulbasaur is the first Shiny Bulbasaur!”

The audience exclaimed.

The probability is less than 0.1%!

Their eyes looking towards Jin Keke’s family were full of envy.

Is this the Luck Emperor?

There are not only 3 Pokemon.

And Shiny Pokémon.

Luck Emperor is not so European, right?

“The original color of Bulbasaur is Gary, while Shiny Bulbasaur is pure green. It looks similar at first glance, but you can see the difference at a closer look,” said the commentator.

Under this week’s training, Bulbasaur Little June learned a lot of Ability.

Jin Keke’s father has a good relationship with the related staff of the ranch.

So I got a lot of news about Bulbasaur from my friends.

Such as Ability and so on.

Therefore, when there is a purpose, the efficiency of training will be much higher.

“Use Water Gun.” A Liang gave the order.

Squirtle everyday all Water Gun that needs to be used dozens of times, of course, is already familiar with it.

The powerful Water Gun immediately Spit Up from his mouth.

Da Na!



Little June’s face was dull and adorable, and she was stunned by Water Gun.

He grew his mouth, and Water Gun tú tú all shot into the mouth.

gu lu lu

Little June fiercely burped fiercely.

The powerful Water Gun also shot him upside down at the same time.

Da na.

Little June landed on his back, looked at his Trainer, and cried out blankly.

Jin Keke’s father shivered fiercely.

Yes, this is fighting, how can I be in a daze!

“Fight back! Little June!” Jin Keke father shouted.


How to fight back…

Little June got up from the ground staggeringly, and he shook his body.

Because of drinking a lot of water, his stomach swelled a little.

Da na.

pa pa pa.

Bulbasaur tried to spray pollen towards the sky.

Stun Spore.

Sleeping powder.

Squirt Squirt?

Squirtle stared wide-eyed.

In the pollen, Squirtle began to feel a little drowsy, but immediately became paralyzed.

The feeling of sleepiness and numbness makes Jing desperate.

“Is this the ability of pollen? It is not difficult to see from Squirtle’s performance that the ability of pollen is very effective.” The commentator said.

“The outside world has been speculating about Bulbasaur’s attack methods, but now I have been able to guess one 2.”

“Bulbasaur can use all kinds of harassment abilities.”

To explain tone barely fell, Bulbasaur was overturned by the Water Gun.

“It seems…Bulbasaur’s pollen ability still needs to be enhanced.” The commentator said with some embarrassment.

Da na.

Bulbasaur got up tiredly.

Da Na (I don’t like bathing)!

He looked unhappy.

“Damn it, Little June uses Razor Leaf!” Jin Keke father said after thinking for a moment.

Da Na!

With the command, Little June immediately seemed to have the backbone.


Two Vine Whip reached out from behind him and hit Squirtle.


Squirtle is a little frustrated, whose Water Gun has failed several times.

But he still cheered up, ready to fight back.


Squirtle will physically Withdraw.

His tortoise shell flashed cold light in the light.


Vine Whip hit Squirtle’s shell without causing any damage.

Withdraw can greatly increase the defensive power of Squirtle.


Vine Whip

Shrink shell

Vine Whip

I shrink again.

The game made people drowsy.

“Cough cough, other games have ended, but the situation here is more intense.” The commentator cheered up and hit Yawn to sleep.

“Yes, the battle is very fierce.”

Da Na (you are really strong).

Bulbasaur gasped, this is the strongest opponent he has ever encountered.

I have exhausted all the means (pollen, Vine Whip)!

But the other party remained unscathed.

Squirt (you are also very strong)!

Squirtle shrank into the shell and made a sound of admiration.

Little June was also the first powerful Pokemon he encountered.


Be stronger.

In fact, there are still a lot of methods I haven’t used!

Da Na (Damn, I can’t lose).

Little June looked towards Squirtle tremblingly, and the unyielding Vine Whip hit again.

“Okay, Little June, you have tried your best.” Jin Keke father said unbearably.

Da Na (I’m OK)!

Little June continued to attack.

Squirt (You are really strong! But it’s over)!

Squirtle’s voice of admiration came from the turtle’s shell.

Then his tortoise shell suddenly began to rotate.

Da Na (what kind of move is this)?

Little June looked surprised.


His Vine Whip was directly chopped up by the rotating turtle shell.

“Really strong destructive power. If this trick is hit on the body, it would be terrible!” The commentary immediately refreshed.

The audience also woke up from their sleepiness.

They are tired of the boring offensive and defensive battles between Squirtle and Bulbasaur.

“Didn’t expect Squirtle is such a tortoise Pokemon.” A youngster called Yawn, “Bulbasaur can’t move at all.”

“Bulbasaur’s Ability is quite interesting, but it has no effect.”

“Now the rotating turtle shell of Squirtle looks Interesting. Turn defense into offense!”

“Give up!” Jin Keke father complexion greatly changed and hurriedly shouted.

“How can such a terrifying attack on Little June be blocked?” Jin Keke’s father was like a mirror, and he was just a cutscene.

Bulbasaur regrettably lost.

In the players area.

After the researcher Blue watched the game over on TV, she touched the Poké Ball on her waist and muttered to herself: “We are coming out soon, Butterfree, I don’t know who your opponent will be.”

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