Pokemon Creation Chapter 275

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After the failure, Little June was unavoidably discouraged.

He sat down on the floor of the lounge.

My own first round competition failed unexpectedly.

This is really sad.

“It doesn’t matter, Little June, your performance is already great! After all, this is your First Stage battle!” Jin Keke’s father encouraged him.

“Yes! You are really great!” Jin Keke also gave a thumbs up.

“It’s just…” Jin Keke pondered for a moment, “It’s even better if you don’t use Vine Whip while commanding Razor Leaf.”

Da Na?

Vine Whip of Bulbasaur stretched out and scratched his little head.

He looked confused.

“Forget it, teach it slowly next time.” Jin Keke father picked up Little June.

Then he looked towards Jin Keke and Huahua, “Next is your battle, you have to come on.”

“Okay! I’m… a little confident.” Jin Keke had a look of excitement, but she was a little discouraged when she thought of Huahua’s battle strength.

Huahua may be the weakest of Pokemon, right?


Huahua scratched his head with his little paw, without realizing how hard he would be in the next battle.


“The next round of battle is about to begin. The first to third pairs of players are Charmander and Snivy, and the fourth pair is…”

“Charmander Huahua vs. Snivy!”

“Fifth is… Huh? Butterfree vs. Charmander?”

“What is Butterfree?” The commentator was stunned.

Not only the commentary, but even the audience was at a loss.

There is no information about Butterfree on the official website of Red & White Corporation.

“Could this be an unknown Pokemon?” commented muttered, “Let’s take a look at Trainer’s information.”

“Blue, without any experience in battle competitions, from a national laboratory? She is a researcher?” The commentary cry out in surprise.

The audience was shocked.

Top Rank staff such as national researchers will participate in such competitions?

“So, is Butterfree an unknown Pokemon still under study?” The audience began to have a lot of speculation in their hearts.

“Or… Butterfree is the evolution of a certain Pokemon.”

“Butterfly, butterfly, evolved from insects.”

“Catterpie? Or a unicorn?”

I have to say that the imagination of the masses is very rich, but they are close to the facts.

Butterfree is indeed the ultimate evolution of Catterpie.

“What Pokemon is Butterfree? It took us all the limelight, huh.” Jin Keke snorted a little uncomfortably.

“Go! Huahua, defeat the enemy!” After Jin Keke was coldly snorted, he threw the Poké Ball out in this two position.


Huahua could jump out of it with a question mark on her face.


She looked all around, and when she saw Snivy standing opposite, she only remembered that she was fighting.



I can, I can do it.

Huahua made a fighting pose.

“Very well, it seems that Huahua has a strong desire to fight.” Jin Keke was very satisfied, and suddenly shouted tenderly: “Go, Huahua, use our secret technology!”

Ka!! ! !

Huahua roared abruptly, and the tender voice spread throughout the audience.


She showed her little paws, and her stubby legs ran fast.

Da da da.

Her small steps made a dull sound on the platform.

Grunt grunt.

Huahua couldn’t help gasping for breath. After a long time without exercising, she was a little tired after running a few steps.

Ga (the ultimate secret technique)!

Huahua Scratch!


Huahua raised Scratch in an imposing manner.

“The Huahua player is full of strength, don’t look at her little one, but within the body contains a lot of strength!”

“It seems that all estimates need to be reassessed. Huahua’s combat capability may be very strong! The Snivy opposite her is a bit scared!


Snivy looked solemn.

A really strong imposing manner.

Such powerful enemies may be counted among the pastures.

Think about yourself, the supreme powerhouse of the Snivy clan, the support of the Snivy clan.

The most powerhouse of the future Pokemon competition, the glory king of the world Pokemon competition.

Originally aspiring to have great self-confidence, he now encountered such a powerful enemy in the qualifiers of the Pokemon Contest.

Sure enough, I was too naive.

There are many more places to grow!

But even so.

Tweet (I will not give up).

Tweet (I am the future champion after all).


Snivy screamed, and then countless Vine Whip pouring out from behind him.

I will never shrink from this battle!

Quack Ka!! !

Huahua screamed wildly, her face a bit hideous.

This will be his own shameful battle.

Ahhh is the key to removing the hat of the weak from his head!




Later, I saw Huahua who was pressing forward suddenly mixing his left foot with his right foot, and the whole dragon rolled forward like a ball of Normal gu lu gu lu.


Huahua landed.


Fell to the audience.

“This…” Jin Keke stared wide-eyed, her face flushed.

What a shame.

My own Pokemon was defeated in this weird way.





“Uh! It’s a pity. Although Huahua made a very beautiful and powerful attack, it was easy to break if it was too strong. Because of the too much stake all on one throw, she did not control her balance well.”

“Yes, this is also a wake-up call for the next Pokemon.”

“If you fall off the platform, you lose.”


The confused Huahua sat paralyzed under the stage and scratched his head in confusion.

“Come back, Huahua.” Jin Keke took Huahua back to the Poké Ball with a look of love.

After that, she clutched her blushing face and quickly left the platform.

It’s a shame to go home.

Although I have no expectations of Huahua, this way of defeat is too…

Is it unique?

After watching this battle, the audience couldn’t help feeling dumbfounded.

This game is too trivial.

“The same is true for games that won’t be Butterfree.” Many people are a little worried.

“It’s time to play.” Blue slowly walked out of the player’s channel with a heavy step.

She is not at all a trace of big game experience.

In her view, Butterfree may be difficult to win in the Pokemon contest.

Other Pokemon have various excellent and powerful moves.

But his own Butterfree…

It’s like not at all what a powerful move.

Even the so-called Psychic…

You can only move the water cup.

Too weak !

Butterfree’s opponent is a Charmander that looks stronger.

You can clearly see Charmander’s muscles through the TV.

But it is still a lot worse than Charmeleon of Little Lu.

“Go ahead, Butterfree.”

call out.

A Butterfree jumped out of it.

“Is this a butterfly?” the audience exclaimed.

Butterfree has a purple body with 2 thin wings behind it.

In contrast to other Pokemon, Butterfree is not like a Pokemon capable of fighting.

“It looks so fragile.” Even the commentator said worriedly.

They don’t want to see Pokemon splash 3 feet, all split up and in pieces.

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