Pokemon Creation Chapter 276

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“This is Butterfree?” The audience looked at the screen carefully.

What special ability does he have?


“Butterfree, use Psyshock.”

Blue facial expression grave, commanded.


With the tweet, an invisible shock wave spread from Butterfree’s body in a circular shape.


The audience felt that the air in front of them seemed to vibrate, and then they saw Charmander flying backwards.

It was like being given a heavy blow Normal.


Charmander staggered up from the ground, he looked around all around solemnly.

what happened?

Why was the dragon suddenly beaten into flight?

who is it?

Where is the enemy?

Charmander stared wide-eyed, his heart is full of crisis.

He looked all around, looking for potential enemies.

There was even a little fear in his heart.

“Spirit…shock?” The commentator kept muttering shocked.

“Is it…”

“Is it wrong…”

“Impossible.” The commentator’s brain was blank, and he kept talking to himself.

The same scene was repeated in countless people, and a terrifying guess emerged in everyone’s heart.

But no one dared to raise it.

Because this is too unimaginable.

This seems small and cute, Butterfree, isn’t it…

Is it Psychic?

The whole game is boiling.

“This must be Psychic, I’m sure.”

“Until now I believe there is Psychic, sure enough, this is not superstition.” Many people shouted.

“This is Butterfree’s moves? This is what makes him stand out?”

“Using Psychic to defeat the enemy, and looking at the strength, this Psychic can instantly knock a young Charmander into the air.”

“This will open a new chapter for Pokemon combat!”

“The battle in the future belongs to the elemental system. Just imagine that in the future Pokemon contest, various elemental abilities collide in the air. What a wonderful scene.” The commentary was flushed and even a little incoherent.

They have watched more games and analyzed more thoroughly.

So they can see the deeper side.

That is the battle.

Most of the past genetic fights were physical games.

But Pokemon is different.

This time Charmander, Snivy and other Pokemon’s performances have given them a hint.

The appearance of Butterfree has confirmed their inner thoughts.

Most future Pokemon battles will be launched in the game of various element Ability.

The battle will be more elegant and dazzling.

People can’t help thinking of classic characters like Sword Immortal in the novel.

In future battles, there may be Pokemon soaring in the air, with a strong flame of Spit Up in the mouth.

These may not be dreams.

In the field

Butterfree was suspended in the air, and Blue behind him was also shocked.

Butterfree’s capabilities are beyond everyone’s imagination.

This kid hid himself during the test.

Blue thought immediately.

In the test, Butterfree can only move the water glass.

But now you can fly Charmander directly.

You know, Charmander is at least a dozen or 20 pounds.


Butterfree’s eyes are smug.

His little hand shook slightly.


It was another shock wave.


This time, Charmander was overturned again.

His eyes narrowed, confused.

He seems to have some clarity.

It’s him?

Charmander got up and looked towards Butterfree who was laughing wildly.


Butterfree’s mouth let out a crisp laugh, and his expression was somewhat mocking.

Obviously, he didn’t put this Charmander in his eyes at all, he enjoyed it.


How can you look down on a dragon like this!

Dragons are also angry.

Charmander was angry from his heart, and immediately wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, waving his paws and rushing up.

“Charmander, don’t worry, use Smokescreen to interfere with each other first.” The boy shouted anxiously.

But Charmander of Rage completely ignored his Trainer.

“Running isn’t enough, Charmander has been taken away by Rage.” The commentator shook his head and sighed slightly.

Charmander attacked without even detecting Butterfree’s specific attack methods, which has fallen short.

“According to the survey, Charmander has a docile personality, but he still has a small temper.”

“After evolving into Charmeleon, he will be more irritable, and this requires Trainer to educate him and cultivate his relationship with Pokemon.”

“Therefore, daily training is not the most important thing. In my opinion, cultivating feelings is the key.” The commentator said slowly.

“Butterfree, use the storm.” Blue quickly broke away from the shock and immediately commanded calmly.

After all, he is a person from the big laboratory, Blue’s psychological quality is still extremely strong.

She adjusted her mind almost instantly and issued the order.

Butterfree dare not neglect, although he likes Blue very much, but when he is serious, Blue still makes Jing a little scared.


He slowly flapped his wings, and then a small group of hurricanes appeared in front of him.

This group of hurricane naked eye can be seen, and I feel a little heart palpitations from a distance.

“Could this be Flying Type Pokemon’s moves?”

“It turns out that Flying Type Pokemon’s moves can also be element-type.”

In the field, the small group of hurricanes slowly moved towards Charmander drifting away.


The hurricane made a harsh sound.

“This move is very powerful.” The commentators looked solemn.

“It can be seen that Pidgey and Spearow may also have a lot of battle Aptitude.”

“According to the information just received, Butterfree is a Pokemon of Worm + Flying Double Attribute. That means he can use Worm and Flying Type Ability.”

“Not only that, he also has Psychic Type moves! So… Butterfree’s attack methods are too many!”

“He is the attacking 10000 kaleidoscope!”

The commentators were shocked, and the situation in the field changed 10000 instantly.

The furious Charmander swiftly avoided the hurricane, exploding with explosive power from his legs.


The platform suddenly left a small paw print, and Charmander was close to Butterfree almost instantly.

Fast speed!

Butterfree felt a little flustered and hurriedly turned the storm around.

But the speed of the storm could not keep up with Charmander at all.

“Don’t worry, Butterfree takes off and uses Confusion to harass.” At the critical moment, Blue stood up.

She found that she has the potential to become a Trainer.

Facing this kind of battle, her heart was very calm.

Butterfree, with its backbone, quickly lifted off, leaving Charmander of Rage waving his paws downwind.


Confusion formed a Barrier moved towards Charmander.

Charmander hurriedly took shelter and had to deal with the storm.

Charmander battered and exhausted for a while.

On the contrary, Butterfree is calm and composed, he is dangling in the air, his small face is full of complacency.

Under such consumption, Charmander quickly became exhausted.

“Butterfree won.” Finally referee announced the result.

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