Pokemon Creation Chapter 277

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“As expected of Butterfree, it is really tough. I can feel his out of the ordinary since he came out!”

“I will be a fan of Butterfree from now on.”

“Butterfree is definitely the most powerful champion contender in the Pokemon contest!”

“In my opinion, maybe Charmeleon is not his opponent!” The first day of the game ended, and the crowd moved towards outside.

During the walk, they kept discussing Pokemon’s problems.

The first day of the Pokemon contest was full of anticipation.

The powerful, unbeatable Charmeleon, the mysterious Smeargle.

Powerful little villain.

and also……

With Psychic, Butterfree with 100 different attack methods.

Cough cough.

one left……

Squirtle is extremely defensive power and extremely tactical.

It’s just a pity that Pidgey and Spearow not at all showed good battle strength.

They were all eliminated early.

This is why they are too young.


the other side.

Koffing has settled in the sewers.

Part of Koffing is allocated near the factory.

These factories are only relatively remote, so pedestrians passing by can still see Koffing.

Therefore, people driven by curiosity often stay in the vicinity.

However, they will all be dispersed by the white security guard.

No matter which world it is, there are still that many people who love to watch the lively.

While people marveled at Koffing’s appearance, they did not forget to take pictures with their phones.

Koffing is the most special among many Pokemon.

They don’t have a cute appearance, and even a little ugly.

But their functions are not comparable to other Pokemon.

“Mother, why is this Pokemon so ugly?” a boy asked in a low voice, covering his mouth.

“Appearance is not the most important thing.” The boy’s parents rubbed the boy’s head.

“The air you breathe is from them Purify.”

“Air? Is it so powerful?” The boy grew his mouth with a look of surprise, and he looked at Koffing slightly.

He was originally a fan of Charmander’s fighting Pokemon.

He thinks Pokemon’s moves are too cool.

but now……

He suddenly felt that the stinky and ugly Koffing in front of him was a bit handsome.

“Yes, without them, we would live in a very muddy environment.” The boy’s parents seized the opportunity to start education immediately.

“So, we can’t judge people by appearance at will. Every ordinary person may have his own uniqueness.”

The boy was looking thoughtful and nodded, and then immaturely said: “Then I will be an ordinary person in the future.”


In the forest, the Catterpies found their exclusive territory.

Their food is simple.

Leaves are fine.

So it can be considered carefree.

at first Pidgey and Spearow were a little restrained just after leaving the ranch.

But the wildness became clear over time.

They often hover over the forest, teasing Catterpie.

Over time, the Catterpies are a bit miserable.

“Dip (we need an umbrella).” The Catterpies said sadly for 10000 points.

“Dip (I’m in the same place every day, the old time, the warm afternoon sun shines on me, I feel like I have the whole world. But at such a wonderful moment, the shameful Piddey and Spearow came to make trouble, they ruined My life).” A Catterpie cried out with 10000 points of grief.

“Dip (and me, several times when I was convenient, they rushed out to scare the bugs, making me a little shadowy when I go to the toilet).”

“Dip (Yes, I was still thinking about what it was like to fly that day. Suddenly they picked me up and brought me to Sky. They scared me to death, and I didn’t want to fly anymore.” A Catterpie cautiously Poke his head out and whispered.

“Dip (we need Butterfree protection).” Catterpies are full of expectations.

They looked towards the Metapod which had formed a pupa in groups.

These Metapods live in small tree holes.

There are currently about 5 Metapods in the ethnic group.

It is more than enough to protect a Catterpie group after evolving into Butterfree.

On the other side, Pidgey and Spearow didn’t know that the Catterpies they regarded as playthings would soon have thighs, and they were still triumphant.

I can now be regarded as Totem in the forest.

The security of the forest is very tight, and the ordinary person group cannot get in at all.

Pokemon in the forest is also close to people. Every day a researcher discipline comes to check Pokemon in the forest.

In the pasture

Pokemon are watching the Pokemon contest around the LCD screen.

In the qPokemon competition, most of the Pokemon’s strengths are equal to them, so many Pokemon are talking big.

Ga (this Charmander is not good, I will win if I change).

Tweet (I’m so embarrassed that I was defeated by Charmander).

Barr (we Tyrogue is still very strong).

This broadcast is also to let Pokemon see the tacit understanding and cooperation between Pokemon and Trainer in the Pokemon Contest.

“As long as you cooperate with each other, you can defeat many powerful enemies.” This is the idea Li Qiuran wants to instill in the Pokemon.


The first day of the Pokemon contest was so boring.

The Pokemons even hit Yawn.

The strength gap is too big.

Perhaps the only thing that shines is Butterfree.

Ga (I don’t want to admit it, but this Butterfree is a bit strong).

Dana (can be Psychic, can fly, so awesome).

Tweet (I, Snivy, would like to call you an attacking 10000 flower tube).

Although it is only one game, Butterfree is already on fire.

Psychic, Flying Type, and an unknown Bug Type.

This Pokemon can use 3 different types of attack methods.

It’s so shocking.

“The prototype of Butterfree should be Catterpie.” An expert came to a conclusion after thinking for a long time.

If this is the case, then the value of Catterpie will rise.

But the most important thing is.

“Catterpie is not sold publicly, but it will be stocked in the forest. The insects themselves are very capable of reproducing, then does it mean that… Catterpie will be Pokemon accessible to the public in the future?” Many people started to selfish calculations.


The qualifiers of the Pokemon contest finally ended after a few days.

The past few days decided the last 8 players.

Charmeleon, Smeargle, Squirtle, Tyrogue Steven, Butterfree, as well as a Snivy, Charmander and a Ponyta.

Meowth will participate in the next game and act as a referee.

“On this crucial day, I will finally be on the stage.” Meowth muttered to himself in the mirror at night.

“On this stage where the whole world is watching, I will start my…” Meowth’s mind before Li Qiuran was teaching an open class at a university.

“I will start my speech!” Meowth said utterly.

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