Pokemon Creation Chapter 278

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The draw for this competition…

Little Lu has a heavy face, and the two Pokemons around him all have expressions of bitterness and hatred.

“Unexpectedly, you must eliminate one next.” Little Lu scratched his head in distress, “My good luck is bad.”

That’s right, Smeargle and Charmeleon were unfortunately won in the previous draw.

They will show off in the next game.

Ga (I didn’t expect this duel to be so fast, I didn’t even react).

Charmeleon raised his eyelids, and quietly looked at Smeargle next to him.

I didn’t think I could teach him so soon.

Duo Lu (so fast, damn it! I still want to beat him in the final).

Smeargle is a bit unwilling.

Charmeleon is regarded by him as the strongest enemy, he naturally does not want to fight Charmeleon so quickly.

He touched his belt and muttered to himself: “Duolu (Gust).”


The breeze blew, but the hearts of everyone present were a little heavy.

Day 2.

Little Lu entire group walks towards the stadium.

The stadium was already overcrowded, and everyone was waiting for the start of the game.

This time, even Little Flame was there.

He spread his wings and circled the stadium Sky.

He is here to inspect.

Many participating Pokemon are all excited.

They are about to show off their martial arts in front of their idols.

Ga (I will definitely get the favor of the boss).

A Charmander clenched his fist.

His heart was agitated.

The game has not yet started, the stadium auditorium has been discuss spiritedly.

People started to discuss with the log of the match schedule.

“After watching the game in the past few days, I also know something about Pokemon. The outstanding strength of Charmeleon and Smallgle, Butterfree is the most mysterious. According to my observation, Butterfree moth may be the strongest.”

“how do I say this?”

“Sky! He has the advantage of sky, besides, his Psychic can support him to cause long-range damage.”

“So, this way he is invincible!”

“It makes sense, but his Spirit Attack looks massive, but its lethality is insufficient, and the number of uses is limited.”

This is the shortcoming that Butterfree exposed after the past few days of the game.

His Psyshock formidable power is insufficient, and the Pokemon that hits the move can roll back a few laps at most.

And after using too many times, Butterfree will inevitably become a little sluggish.

If it weren’t for sky’s advantage, Butterfree would be very difficult to win.

Even so, many people still believe that Butterfree will win the championship.

“Butterfree was born not long ago and had no previous combat experience.

The Pokemon participating in the Pokemon Contest will often compete in the ranch, so they have rich experience.

Butterfree has some Rookie for biPokemon.

But as the battle progressed, Butterfree’s progress was rapid.

Now he can follow Blue’s command.

It is worth mentioning that.

Blue was named a girl in the Pokemon contest.

Perhaps it is a long-term researcher status, she has a hint of intellectual temperament in her body.

Coupled with his heroic and capable commanding methods, it suddenly fascinated many people.


“Today, the exciting game is about to begin, meow.” Meowth, wearing a small suit, jumped onto the stage with a microphone.

“This competition will eliminate 4 players and produce the top 4!” Meowth read the content of the card, looking up at the audience from time to time.

“So, first round competition!” Meowth stretched his voice.

“Smeargle to Charmeleon!”

The audience is stunned.

Their Trainer is the same person.

Then Trainer can’t direct it.

“The palms of the palms and the backs of the hands are all meat, it’s hard to choose.”

People can’t help sighing and shaking their heads.

The first round competition begins.

Contestants enter!

Charmeleon impatient ran out of the passage with a confident and excited look on his face.

Quack Ka!

He waved his fist to show his strength.

“Charmeleon’s condition is surprisingly good! Then it seems that Smeargle has had a fierce battle!” The commentator also said in surprise.

Charmeleon was originally the most powerful contender for the championship.

Now the state is so good, it seems that the victory scale of this game has tilted towards Charmeleon.

Ga (where is this guy)?

Charmeleon stood on the platform and waited for a long time, then stared wide-eyed.

Why hasn’t this guy Smeargle come yet?

“It’s weird, why doesn’t the Smeargle player show up yet? Is it diarrhea?” the commentator said in confusion.

“Does Pokemon also have diarrhea?”

“Of course, doesn’t your dog also have diarrhea?” The two commentators began to wrestle.

In the channel

Smeargle looked confident.

He touched the belt around his waist and whispered to himself: “Duolu (you are already impatient, right now! We will show true strength)!”

“Duolu (Unexpectedly, this day came so fast. Humph)!”

Smeargle A dog muttered to himself in the dark tunnel, with various mocking expressions on his face.

Then there was a bunch of incomprehensible duoluolu.

The rough idea is that I have prepared Transform.

The passing this time made everyone remember me so much.

It’s too complicated and no one understands it.

“Duolu (on, partner)!” After a low groan, he slowly walked out of the tunnel.


As soon as Smeargle walked out of the tunnel, it was cheers.

“Duolu (this is… my stage).” Smeargle slowly looked towards Taichung, which was already ready, and even hit Yawn’s Charmeleon.

“Duolu (are you ready?” Smeargle squinted.

“Gah (you are too slow).” Charmeleon stretched his muscles, “Gah (are you ready to be abused)?”

“Duolu (tortured? Humph, ridiculous).” Smeargle was disdainful.

Then in everyone’s shocked eyes, he took out one from his waist…

Red white cell phone?

“Is this a foreign aid?”

“Pokemon cannot be called a foreign aid.” The commentators jokingly said.

Smeargle looked all around.

These people will all become their fans.

They will all witness this historic side.


He gently opened the cover of the phone, lightly on it, but firmly pressed the number 5 three times.

Then his indifferent voice resounded through the audience.

“Dolu (hen…shin).”


He covered the phone and pushed him into the groove of his waist.


The belt flashed red light suddenly.


The red light spread all over the body instantly and became more intense.

The violent red light spread almost to the audience, reflecting on people’s faces.

“What kind of trick is this? What an amazing posture!” People couldn’t help muttering to themselves.


The red light gradually dissipated, and Smeargle’s figure appeared in front of everyone.

“This…this is…” The commentator has lost his ability to speak.

“Gah (this guy… is this all his strength?)” Charmeleon looked gloomy.

“Is this Battle Armor? Well…very handsome!” Meowth looked at Smeargle with a look of surprise.

It turns out that this is the Battle Armor that I have been looking for.

It turned out to be successful.

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