Pokemon Creation Chapter 279

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Smeargle Transformed in front of everyone.

His whole body is covered by streamlined smooth metal armor.

The armor on the chest is silver, and the four limbs are Black.

There is a red streamer rotating on the armor.

There are 2 long metal tentacles on the top of his head, and his face is Yellow’s compound eyes.

“This is also…” The audience looked astonished, and the audience suddenly became very silent, and everyone seemed to be brewing something.

“So handsome!”


The audience boiled instantly, as if pressing the start button Normal.

“It’s so handsome! This Transform aspect! It turns out that this is a masked riding dog, it turns out that this is a masked riding dog.” The commentators are already a little incoherent.

This is really amazing.

The cute and cute Pokemon can actually transform, this armor is too handsome.

“The whole body streamlined armor design is full of metallic feeling, which perfectly embodies the profoundness of modern technology! Such a Smeargle! Who can beat it!”

Nothing else, the imposing manner has already won!

“Masked dogs are really amazing.”

Smeargle’s shape completely captured the hearts of children.

Transform is a masked dog riding under the attention of the audience. Isn’t this a matter of everyone yearn for something even in dreams?

So handsome!

It’s too showy!

Smeargle looked towards Charmeleon deeply, his head drooping slightly, his right hand slowly raised to support his face.

Every time his move brings a huge sharp Growl.

Smeargle’s voice spread through the speakers.


“Listen, I am a passing masked riding dog, 666.” Meowth dutifully translated.

“Ahhh! Masked Riding Dog 666, is this Smeargle’s name? He is 666! The only Riding Dog!” the commentators roared heartbreakingly with flushed faces.

“The battle is about to begin! How will Charmeleon deal with the Masked Riding Dog 666 who will be Transform?”

“This will be a duel, the most powerhouses’ duel in the Pokemon Contest!”

Charmeleon squinted his eyes, his muscles bulged.

To be honest, Smeargle’s Transform method is really amazing and it makes him very excited.


He will not just admit defeat.


Charmeleon looked towards Little Lu in the stands, his eyes a little blurred.

He met Little Lu for the first time, and she gently hugged herself and fed herself a bottle.

“Charmander eat more and grow up quickly.”

“My dream is to become a Trainer and enter the professional game.”

“Charmander, would you like to be my partner?” At that time, Little Lu was so sunny in the sun. At that moment, I recognized her as my only Trainer.

“Charmander, why did you stop? Did you train too hard?” During the training, I felt tired and bored.

But every time Little Lu tolerated and encouraged himself.

“Your innate talent is very good, as long as you work hard enough you can become a champion.”

Little Lu’s words are vivid.



in fact………

These are not important.

What I want to do is to fulfill Trainer’s dream.


Charmeleon’s eyes were blurred, and a tear dripped.

But now, he suddenly realized.

I don’t like fighting

in fact……

I just want to make my Trainer happy.

I train hard every day, just for today.

and so……

I have a reason to win!

Ga roar!

Charmeleon wiped away the tears and stepped on the Ground hard.


The platform left a big footprint directly.

The sky-shaking roar spread throughout the audience.

Fighting intent !

Slowly they are fighting intent!


Little Flame also lifts the head in the stands, carefully watching Charmeleon not far away.

He actually felt a little pressure.

He is interested, if Charmeleon evolves, maybe he can become his own opponent.


In the field

Smeargle looked solemn.

Originally, he thought that after Transform, he would crush Charmeleon in an imposing manner, but now he found himself wrong.

On Charmeleon, he felt unprecedented pressure.

Duo Lu (but I won’t lose this way).

Smeargle narrowed his eyes.

The 2 Pokemon looked at each other, and did not move for a long time.

But no one dared to breathe, everyone held their breath.

They know that a war may break out at any time.

Duo Lu! !

Sure enough, Smeargle moved.

He turned into an afterimage and rushed towards Charmeleon.

Unimaginable This seemingly heavy armor didn’t slow down Smeargle’s speed.




Charmeleon was not afraid at all, and directly greeted him.


They collided fiercely together.

peng ~ peng ~ peng ~.

Charmeleon kept grabbing Smeargle with his paws.

Smeargle uses his arm to keep blocking.

The whole game was echoed by Tackle.

Duo Lu (really strong power, how did this guy become so strong).

Smeargle looked shocked, he was struggling to resist.

Ga (enlighten it).

Charmeleon has a cold face.

His Scratch flashed a cold light.

Crazy Fury Swipes + Metal Claw.

Countless cold lights woven into a big net in the air and enveloped Smeargle.

Duo Lu (Damn, can’t escape).

Smeargle looked at Rage, and could only resist with gritted teeth.

chi chi chi

Smeargle’s chest suddenly burst into a fierce Ember, and with a scream, Smeargle flew out several meters away.

Dolu (cough cough, really strong).

Smeargle staggered and supported Ground with his arms, trying to stand up.

His hands were trembling constantly, and it was very difficult to stand up.

He was a little bit stunned.

“Damn it, stand up with the masked dog!” the children in the audience shouted Rage.

“Charmeleon is really strong.” The audience looked surprised.

Charmeleon stood there lightly looking at Struggle’s Smeargle.

Duo Lu (how could it be so strong).

Smeargle didn’t want to give up, he stood up laboriously.

He only felt that the little friend in front of him was too strange.

Charmeleon is now full of imposing manners.

What a lot of pressure.

Ga (give up, you are not my opponent).

Charmeleon shook the head, said coldly.

“Duolu (give up? I won’t admit defeat).”

Smeargle looked stubborn.

“Gah (really)?”

Charmeleon looked towards Smeargle coldly.

Tone barely fell, Smeargle flew out like a cannonball again.

Charmeleon appeared in his previous position almost instantly.

“Duo Lu—————”

Smeargle clutched his chest.

If he is not wearing a mask now, he can definitely see his face distorted from the pain.

“Duolu (why? Why can you be so strong)!” Smeargle looked puzzled.

They all train together. Although their training volume is not as amazing as Charmeleon, they work very hard.

Why is the gap so big.

Can’t even Battle Armor make up for it?

Ga (because of consciousness).

Charmeleon looked towards sky with a bewildered face.

Ga (because I have a reason to win).

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