Pokemon Creation Chapter 280

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Where is my consciousness?

Smeargle was lying on Ground, clutching his chest, looking at Cianwood’s sky, his eyes blurred.

I was born on the ranch.

The environment of the ranch is very beautiful and life is very free.

There are food and drink, and playmates. In theory, this kind of heavenly life is not like Pokemon.

But why are you not satisfied?


It seems to be Covet fighting!

He remembered the first time he visited Little Lu’s house.

At first, I was not happy.

Their rude training is not suitable for them.

I am obviously a remote adc with wretched output.


For some reason, I was convinced by Trainer.

Is that the formidable power of the mouth?

Smeargle asked himself.

He remembered every time he was hit by Charmander.

Every failure made his unwillingness even worse.

Until Charmander has evolved.

It seemed that he gave up and accepted his fate.

Own impossible is his opponent.

So I asked for help myself.

He wants to defeat Charmeleon with the help of the third party.

So there was Battle Armor.

Dolu (what is my consciousness)?

Smeargle was at a loss.

At first is to defeat Charmeleon.

Later, I wanted to get the love of children.

And now…

I seem to have forgotten the meaning of fighting.

It seems that I just want to sensationalize and gain everyone’s attention.

Duo Lu (that’s not me).

real me……

Smeargle stood up hard, and his imposing manner changed drastically.

Become extremely fierce.

All I want to do is to overcome one strong after another.

Guard this World!

Guard… these lovely people.

Smeargle looked towards the crowd shouting and cheering in the audience, with smiles from the heart outlined on their faces.

“Dolu (Na, the game officially starts).” Smeargle said lightly, and then a white 1000 paper crane suddenly appeared in his hand.


An orange red flame emerged from his fingertips and ignited 1000 paper cranes.

1000 Paper cranes slowly fall on Ground.

Duo Lu (come on).

Smeargle looked towards Charmeleon coldly.


The back hand flicked violently, making a pleasant sound.

“Cough cough, Smeargle players can’t throw rubbish.” At this moment, Meowth reminded from the side of the stage very horribly.

Tone barely fell, and countless people suddenly looked towards Meowth.

Meowth’s scared face was pale, and he hurriedly covered his mouth.

“Huh? Just this once, just this once.”


Ga (Have you come to fight? It seems that you have also found your consciousness).

Charmeleon smiled slightly, happy for her partner’s change.

I am also happy to have a tough opponent for myself.

This kind of competition is wonderful.


Have a good fight.

Ga (huh, interesting).

Charmeleon was talking to himself, with a smile on his face.


The 2 Pokemon collided again, this time they abandoned all their moves and used the most primal way to fight.

Fists, shoulders, elbows, legs, all parts that can be attacked are used by them.

For a time, the whole audience was full of intensive hitting sounds.

Is this Fighting?

No one gene Fighting game can be as exciting as this one.


“Both players have demonstrated extraordinary fighting skills and innate talent. Their bodies are constantly colliding, and their confrontation has caused the platform to become pitted.”


It was another violent Tackle, and an invisible wave burst out in the air.

2 Pokemons backed up at the same time.

There is a smile on his face.

Ga (very good, warm-up is over).

Duo Lu (begins serious).

They said in unison.


Then they turned into lightning and collided together again.

During the attack, Charmeleon’s excited voice sounded.

“Ga—————————(Open the door, rest the door open Ahhhhhhh Ahhhh)”

Charmeleon’s speed skyrocketed suddenly, knocking Smeargle flying in an instant.

“Duolu (what’s the matter, why is it suddenly so strong).”

Smeargle stood up with a look of shock, panting heavily on his knees.

“Gah (Eight Sects green armor, I just opened 2 doors, can’t you do it)?”

Charmeleon stood there with a cold face.

Meowth translated these words at the right time.

“Eight Sects…green armor? What kind of trick is this?” Everyone was shocked.

Then they breathed a little bit quickly.

Could this be human fighting skills?

Can Pokemon learn too!


People think of Wing Chun Tai Chi and other martial arts.

If Pokemon learns, then the game will be more exciting.


And in the field.

Smeargle was shocked by Charmeleon’s strength, but did not give up.

He smiled softly, slowly raised his head, looked towards sky and muttered to himself.

“Duolu (really? Do you still have cards? Very good, such a fight…)

Smeargle lowered his head, stretched out his right hand to cover his face, and laughed wildly.

“Duolu~~~(It makes me enthusiastic ah ha ha ha)”

Meowth translated the entire conversation with a shame on one side.


Smeargle moved towards Charmeleon again and rushed, this time his speed was much faster.


Charmeleon speeds up and greets him.

peng ~ peng ~ peng ~.

People can hardly see their silhouettes, they can only hear the harsh and loud hitting sounds.

From time to time, fierce Ember bursts into the air.

“Gah (the student opens Ahhhh)!”

Charmeleon’s speed skyrocketed.

All of a sudden, Smeargle couldn’t help it.

Duo Lu (can’t go on like this).

Smeargle was anxious inside, and his body was even a little tired.

But looking at Charmeleon, on the contrary, there is a tendency to become stronger in the war.

Is there any flaw in Eight Sects Green Armor?

Smeargle looked puzzled.

Do I have to use Certain Kill Skill?

Smeargle just felt cold sweat slip through his forehead.

There is no other way, I think I will lose if this continues.

Smeargle originally wanted to force Charmeleon’s hole card again.

But now it seems that he must have all his cards.

Smeargle leaped back away from Charmeleon.

“Duolu (you are proud enough to push me to this point).”

“Gah (you are not bad too)” Charmeleon’s mouth curled slightly.

“Duolu (Next, this move is very lethal, you have to be careful).” Smeargle looked solemn.

If it is not as a last resort, he does not want to use this trick on his partner.

That is.

Smeargle opened the phone cover of the phone around his waist.

Push the button.

The “exceed.charge” clear electronic sound started, and then from Smeargle’s chest armor, red light began to spread all over the body.

Just like…


“This is to zoom in!” Even a discerning person can tell that Smeargle is about to stake all on one throw.

“Duolu (flame…riding dog kick).” Smeargle’s indifferent voice resounded through the audience.

Meowth also participated in this sentence.

“Flaming Dog Kick! This will be the Dog Kick after the Battle Armor bonus.”

“The formidable power of this kick is unstoppable!”

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