Pokemon Creation Chapter 281

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Smeargle’s legs in the air extended a red mask to aim at Charmeleon.

Ga (Is it finally here)!

Charmeleon coldly smiled.

Red light began to emerge from her body.

Eight Sects green armor, by detonating its own Flame Power, makes the flame burst into the whole body in an instant.

While causing harm to oneself, it can also bring great increase.

This trick is–

Little Lu bomb.


Boom, Charmeleon turned into a red Fireball suddenly greeted him.

Ka ka ka.

They collided in the air.

The red sight shield against Charmeleon’s arm cannot be stored.

Charmeleon looks quite comfortable.

Smeargle has gritted his teeth.

Duo Lu (Since this doesn’t work, then).

Smeargle’s eyes were cold, and the dog began to spin.

The formidable power of the flame riding dog kick has also been doubled.


Duo Lu! !


A violent explosion erupted from the middle of the platform.

A huge heat wave swept across the auditorium.

For a while, the platform was shrouded in dense fog.

The thick fog cleared.

The scene of the platform appeared in front of everyone.

The platform at the moment is full of pits and bumps.

Charmeleon and Smeargle fell unconsciously on the 2 sides.

The Battle Armor on Smeargle has been removed.

The phone in the belt fell into the distance.

“This is a situation where both sides suffer.”

“It is conceivable that both sides have erupted with terrifying power. This battle is evenly matched.”

The commentator looked solemn.

The game is not over yet.

“Can they stand up?”

After waiting for nearly ten seconds, the two Pokemon still did not move.

Their eyes turned in small circles.

Under the sign, Meowth trot to the stage to check the condition of the 2 Pokemon.

“I have lost the combat capability.” Meowth’s crisp voice spread through the microphone.

“So, in this game, they will all be disqualified.” Meowth said unbearably.

Then the next top 4 will be missing a position.

It is a pity.

But this is the rule.

With the sigh of the audience, today’s game is over.


A few days later, Smeargle stayed in the room with a dog.

He was very uncomfortable.

My own game ended in a hasty way.

Draw with Charmeleon.

“Duolu (a pity, I thought I would be a champion).” Smeargle lamented.

Then he got up and rummaged in the drawer.

It didn’t take long before he turned out a small can.


After opening the can with his small paw, he placed it on Ground.


The belt around his waist suddenly began to move.

The whole belt was changed.

With a white light, the belt turned into a pink slimy, liquid-like thing.


This strange liquid covered the can.

After a few seconds, the can was empty, and the liquid returned to the belt again.


Laboratory room.

Li Qiuran is immersed in research.

The Pokemon contest of the past few days has ended.

The champion is naturally Butterfree.

Without the two rivals Charmeleon and Smeargle, Butterfree is Great Demon King level.

Tyrogue is the runner-up.

His own fighting ability is extremely strong.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop Butterfree’s Psychic attack.

After the Pokemon Contest, people have even greater expectations for Pokemon.

Not only his own ability is strong, the game is also extremely exciting.

This is not comparable to Normal Gene Fighting.

After this game, many professional players are also looking forward to new bookings.

They are all ready to invest in a wave.

However, this Pokemon contest also made Li Qiuran deeply aware of the lack of Pokemon types.

As of now, there are less than 20 Pokemons released, and there are 151 Pokemons in the first generation.

In this way, even Pokemon Pokédex is not available.

Therefore, he accelerated the schedule.

He is now mass producing Ditto.


Ditto has the ability to transform into any Pokemon or item.

His own ability value is very low, but after Transform, it can inherit the ability value of Transform Pokemon.

It can be said that Ditto’s battle strength fluctuates and produces transformation based on the opponent’s Pokemon.

And Smeargle’s belt is actually Ditto.

So they are equivalent to 2 to 1, which is not fair to other Pokemon.


1 month later.

The forest finally became lively.

Pokemon have been perfectly integrated into the life of the forest.

The breeders also stopped putting food.

This also shows that Pokemon needs to rely on hunting to survive.

There are many other Pokemon silhouettes in the forest.

Venonat, Oddish, Rattata, Horn Buds and so on.

This month can be described as the most lively month.

Weibo of Red & White Corporation has been updating Pokemon’s information.

People were shocked to find out.

Red & White Corporation is a high-yielding sow.

New Pokemon continue to appear, and these Pokemon will be sent to the forest without exception.

The new bookings are also old Pokemon, so these new Pokemon are still very mysterious.

“Everything in the forest is perfect, maybe not far from opening.” Li Qiuran smiled.

He wants to build a Pokemon Paradise, the success of the forest is crucial.

When the forest opens, it may be the day Poké Ball captures Pokemon.

This day is not far away.

One year, 2 years?

A few days later, the ranch welcomed guests.


Female researcher in Laboratory.

Also the winner of this contest.

The winner will be able to visit the ranch and take a Pokemon.

However, Blue gave up the opportunity to obtain Pokemon and transferred it to Little Jiu.

So Little Jiu took Da Wu to the ranch.

He is somewhat restless.

“Pokemon that many ranch, do they dislike us? Are there really Pokemon willing to go with us?” Little Jiu was a little worried.

He doesn’t think he has that charm to attract Pokemon.

He didn’t even play a role in the Pokemon contest.

To be precise, he didn’t even direct, and everything relied on Da Wu to perform by himself.


Da Wu was comforting.

He is very much looking forward to it.

He knew that Tyrogue in the ranch had evolutionary success.

He wants to see, even…

Discuss with him!

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