Pokemon Creation Chapter 282

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Although he would not choose Pokemon, Blue took Butterfree to the ranch.

The Little Jiu family is also accompanying.

“You can take pictures, but don’t taunt/provoke Pokemon.” Zhang Meng instructed.

The variety of Pokemon in the ranch has increased a lot.

Just walking into the ranch, Little Jiu and Blue and the others became Pokemon’s attention.

They remember that the winner of the Pokemon contest can come to the ranch to pick Pokemon.

But these 2 Trainers…

It looks weak.

One is the look of a researcher, very serious and terrifying.

Isn’t another brat?

Look at Pokemon next to them.


Nothing has evolved.

The other…


Butterfree! ! !

The Pokemon had a commotion.

Tweet (Is that Butterfree?)

A Snivy shouted loudly, his voice even broken.

But no Pokemon laughed at him.

Ga (that is indeed Butterfree all the time).

Barr (Butterfree, he must be strong! Is he a champion? I really want to fight him).

Tyrogue is full of fighting intents.

They each and everyone are gearing up and want to fight Butterfree right away!

The most exciting thing in Pokemon is Catterpie.

Butterfree is their final form.

Each Catterpie straightened its body, poking its head high and staring.

Dick dick dick.

They kept tweeting, hoping Butterfree could see them.


Butterfree looked towards Blue, he wanted to play with the Catterpies.

Having been in the laboratory, he was very excited when he came to the natural environment of the ranch for the first time.

“Go.” Blue smiled slightly. “

Today is a holiday.

Butterfree and her vacation.

Naturally have fun.


The joyful Butterfree flew to the gathering place of Catterpie.

Dick dick dick.

Catterpies surrounded Butterfree and kept sending admiration and admiration.

Pokemon all set their sights on Blue.

Obviously, Butterfree is her Pokemon.

Then she…

There must be a unique means of breeding.

The Pokemon all started selfish calculations.

Can she evolve with herself?

Will it become very strong?



At this time, Tyrogue Dawu looked towards the a crane in a flock of chickens in the Tyrogue group, a unique silhouette.

Is that one, Hitmonlee?

What does it look like after evolution?

Dawu’s eyes lit up, and after getting permission, he ran over.

Barru (welcome, welcome). The race greeted Dawu.

And take him to visit the territory.

The territory of the Tyrogue tribe is vast, and there is an exclusive training ground.

Those exquisite equipment made Da Wu even eagerly gearing up.

The poster next to the equipment even mentioned Dawu’s interest.

“Do you want to evolve?”

“Do you know the mystery of evolution?”

“Blind training is hard to pay off.”

“You need to determine your own direction and goals to achieve the effect of twice the results for half the effort!”

Omou read the poster seriously.

Baru (this is our ancestral training).

A Tyrogue said proudly.

Dawu read the poster looking thoughtful.

At the end of the poster are 3 brand new Pokemon.

Hitmonlee, Hitmontop, Hitmonchan.

They represent attack, balance and defense respectively.


Hitmonlee stands for attack.

Hitmonchan stands for defense?

Looked towards the poster greedyly.

But at the same time he was a little stupid.

In fact, he wants to evolve into Hitmonchan.


Hitmonchan’s defense specialization? !

He remembered what Gym Leader had said.

Strength and speed are not worth mentioning in the face of defense.

As long as your defensive power is strong enough, you can be invincible.

Before, I sneered.

Think about it now.

Ginger is still hot! !

It turns out that Gym Leader was right!

Defense is the best!

It seems that I have to exercise more.

So… that Hitmonlee is an attack specialization.

Dawu looked towards Hitmonlee dancing lightly and gracefully on one side.

He face full of black lines.

The heart is full of uncertainty.

Is this Hitmonlee, who looks silly and dances without threat, an attack specialization?

And dancing with these long legs is too weird.

Da Wu immediately communicated with Tyrogue.

On the other side, Blue and Little Jiu are communicating with Pokemon.

Many Pokemon expressed willingness to leave the ranch.

So Little Jiu got into trouble.

Blue is a lot easier, she will not take Pokemon out of the ranch.

So she is giving advice to Little Jiu.

“If you want to become a Trainer, you definitely need an element type of Pokemon, Snivy, Charmander, Squirtle, Ponyta. These all are good choices.”

Little Jiu nodded, “Then what should I choose?”

“Your Tyrogue is biased towards Fighting and has excellent offensive capabilities, so we can rule out Ponyta first.”

“Ponyta’s own attack ability is outstanding, and it overlaps with Tyrogue to a certain extent.” Blue carefully analyzed.

“Squirtle is defensive, Snivy is harassment, and Charmander has a strong offensive ability.”

“So you can choose Squirtle or Snivy.


A Snivy was nodded vigorously on one side, she gripped Little Jiu’s clothes tightly.

“Then are you willing to go with me?” Little Jiu leaned down and asked the Snivy.


Snivy was nodded hard.

She has long wanted to fight impatiently!

She wanted to leave the peaceful environment of the ranch.


Li Qiuran has gone to South City Laboratory at this moment.

In the past few days, Laboratory has had new research results.

Old Meng successfully developed a new type of Genetic Organism.

The IQ of this Genetic Organism survey has the level of a 7-year-old human.

And Genetic Organism itself does not have any battle strength, so it can be regarded as a Top Rank mascot.

Li Qiuran, who was originally interested in genetic research, will naturally not miss all this.

Inside the Laboratory.

The mysterious Genetic Organism is locked in the gene slot.

“Do you remember the pink dolphin before?” Researcher Little Zhang asked on the way.


Li Qiuran nodded, it is a very spiritual Genetic Organism.

“This Genetic Organism is actually him. We added some modifications to his body, and the result was a new object.”

Little Zhang smiled.

Very cruel behavior.

Li Qiuran was silent.

Come to the gene slot.

There is a strange pink strange object in the gene slot.

It looks very oozing.

“This is the creature, he currently doesn’t have any shape.” Little Zhang said lightly.

In the gene slot, Genetic Organism is very quiet.

Suddenly, computer equipment changes, and various data continue to rise and fall.

“what happened?”

The researchers exclaimed.

“Genetic Organism has suddenly undergone uncontrollable changes!!”

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