Pokemon Creation Chapter 283

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Suddenly, countless cracks spread all over the gene slot.

“Oops, go back.” With a panic.

The gene trough burst open instantly, and countless culture fluids were sprayed out of it.

Damn, I’m too bad luck!

Li Qiuran hid behind the table, looking helpless.

This kind of in ten-thousand does not have one probability will be encountered unexpectedly.

It is said that this Genetic Organism does not have battle strength?

Now it seems!

The formidable power is so big.

Genetic Organism capable of Beserk Gene slot is definitely not to be underestimated.

What kind of monster has the Laboratory produced?

In the bitterness, the pink liquid has completely drilled out of the gene groove.

call out.

As soon as it came out of the gene slot, the Genetic Organism of pink liquid moved towards Li Qiuran and flew away.

“Be careful, he can corrode any creature.” Little Zhang suddenly changed his face and shouted in a voiceless voice.

There is a profile that Li Qiuran has not read.

Although this Genetic Organism itself has no battle strength, its absorption capacity is extremely abnormal.

Researchers have tried to put a little white mouse into the gene slot.

At the moment of the day, the pink liquid directly surging around the little white mouse.

Little white mouse crazy Struggle in it.

After 3 seconds, the little white mouse loses its ability to move.

After 5 seconds, pink liquid stopped eating and little white mouse already not in.

No residue was left.

And now, the liquid is heading towards Li Qiuran.

“Damn it! Why choose me!” Li Qiuran’s face turned green.

There are not ten researchers around, it’s almost the same, but he chose himself.

Gu lu.

At this time, the pink watch on Li Qiuran’s wrist moved.

Then it turns into the same pink liquid.

But this …

It was Ditto.

This is the Pokemon that Li Qiuran has always carried self-protection.

When Li Qiuran was in danger, Ditto stood up decisively.

After a while, Ditto became a pink Charmander.


He straightened his body and swung his sharp claws directly into the Genetic Organism.

“Be careful, Ditto.” Li Qiuran looked nervous.


Ditto and Genetic Organism collided in the air.

Everyone was shocked to find out.

The Genetic Organism stuck directly to Ditto’s body like a dog skin plaster.

“This is… Is he absorbing Ditto?” Li Qiuran complexion greatly changed.


At this moment, the Genetic Organism that wrapped Ditto broke through the ceiling and escaped.

Li Qiuran is full of ideas for Ditto.

He immediately rushed out of the Laboratory.

There is no Pokemon around him.

He can only return to the ranch quickly.

ten minutes later.

The silhouette of orange red takes off from the pasture.


“Our famous Laboratory had an accident this afternoon. Pink Genetic Organism fled to Southwest…”

“The mysterious Genetic Organism escaped. Will he pose a threat to ordinary people?”

“Relevant personnel reported that this Genetic Organism has a strong ability to assimilate.”

For a while, TV was full of various related reports.

Not only that, but people also expressed concern about the Laboratory.

“Does the Laboratory use in vivo research?”

“Why does the Laboratory make such a terrifying Genetic Organism?”

“Can our personal safety be guaranteed?”

“Don’t go out in the near future, lest you get hurt.”

“Protest! Since you are studying such a dangerous thing, you should take care of it!”

This is indeed one of Laboratory’s biggest oversights.

Insufficient security work.

Mainly because the researchers prematurely concluded that Genetic Organism does not pose any threat.


On the other side, Li Qiuran had already mounted Little Flame’s back and moved towards the place where Ditto might be, galloping away.

There are several Poké Balls pinned around his waist.

They are Nini, Little Song, Bulbasaur and Miltank.

Originally, Pokemon were not willing to enter Poké Ball.

But when they saw Li Qiuran’s serious expression, they all knew there was a major event, so they all got into the ball obediently.

“That Genetic Organism…” Li Qiuran tightly frowns on Little Flame’s back.

“That Genetic Organism and Ditto are actually very similar.”

No one knows anything.

In fact, when making Ditto, Li Qiuran made minor changes to the gene code based on everything he learned during this time.

He believes that this Ditto should be better than the original.

Obviously, even though he modified part of the genetic code, Ditto was successfully born.

It’s just that this Ditto is different from ordinary Ditto.

He can perfectly transform into any Pokemon I have ever seen, and replicate its appearance and ability.

It’s just that the objects after his Transform are all pink.

However, this Ditto is extremely loyal.

He even treated Li Qiuran as his parents.

In battle strength, he even surpassed Little Flame.

However, such a powerful Pokemon was entangled by the strange Genetic Organism.

Li Qiuran felt a little uneasy inside.

He didn’t know what monster the Laboratory had researched.

But just looking at the Characteristic Trait, the form of Genetic Organism Ditto is too similar.


Ditto didn’t seem to have Struggle when it was wrapped, right?

Li Qiuran fell silent.

Although Laboratory’s prevention is not in place this time.

But the ceiling can’t be broken by ordinary attacks.

If let the Genetic Organism absorb Ditto.

What kind of monsters will appear?


It might be comparable to Legendary Beast.

Li Qiuran became more anxious as he thought about it, and hurriedly urged Little Flame to speed up.


Late at night.

Li Qiuran reluctantly returned to the ranch with the Pokemon.

During the search, he received many calls from the Laboratory.

Some apologize, and some consult relevant information.

The search crowd is almost all over S City and the surrounding cities.

Genetic Organism escape is a major event.

This is a major event that has not happened in China in decades.

The whole China and even the international community pay close attention to this matter.

Because Genetic Organism will have certain offensive and unstability.

If it is allowed to stay outside for a long time, mutation will inevitably occur.

The most famous case that is hearing this discoloration is the Genetic Organism of a small African country.

The Genetic Organism of Run Away ate at least 30 humans within a month, and a terrible mutation occurred.

If the army is not dispatched in the end, the casualties will be at least three digits.


Now China has such concerns.

In this regard, Li Qiuran can only express his exhaustion.

Ditto was “eaten” without studying it himself

When he came to the laboratory, he reluctantly sat down, covering his face with his hands, his expression in pain.


Suddenly, an immature Growl sounded in the laboratory.

Li Qiuran swears that this is definitely not the sound of any Pokemon he created.

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