Pokemon Creation Chapter 284

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A strange thing entered my laboratory.

How to do?

Waiting online is anxious!

Li Qiuran suddenly had countless stories in his mind.

He himself felt speechless about himself.

At such a moment of crisis, my mind is actually teasing?

What monster would it be?

Able to avoid detection by all Pokemon in the ranch.

Avoid the laboratory’s detection system.

What is Genetic Organism?

Li Qiuran’s brain is spinning fast.

If the maximum speed of human beings is 10, then he estimates it is already 9.

In order to survive, his potential was infinitely stimulated.

First, exclude staff

The staff did not have that immature voice.

Zhang Meng ……

Maybe she can pretend to be tender!

But at this point she must be at home Ge You paralysis!

Eliminate auditory hallucinations!

In the laboratory, I was completely focused and impossible.

Exclude unknown Genetic Organism.

No Genetic Organism has the ability to sneak here.

Well, there is only one truth!

There are immature voices and mischievous hearts.

“Hmph! Meowth, I think you are itchy, even I dare to play…” Li Qiran sneered at the corner of his mouth and turned around to teach Meowth.

But his actions stopped.

Just like the robot Normal.

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

Numerous fuck your mother in my heart flew across the sky.

Leave bursts of exhaust gas spreading in my heart.


Genetic Organism continued to shout.

In Li Qiuran’s eyes, a pink Genetic Organism is Levitate in the air.

That appearance…

“Mew!!!” Li Qiuran stared wide-eyed.

This is definitely Mew.


Mew floated, rubbing his body against Li Qiuran’s face.

“This is not true.” Li Qiuran pinched his cheek hard.

“It hurts!” Li Qiuran cried out, leaving a big Red Seal on his face.


Seeing Li Qiuran’s silly movements, Mew let out a crisp laugh.

“Father.” Suddenly a childish voice rang in Li Qiuran’s mind.

“Huh?” Li Qiuran was shocked, he looked towards Mew and pointed at himself, “Me?”

“Father.” Mew’s voice sounded again.

Can Mew of Psychic Type have a simple conversation with Li Qiuran in his mind?

This is not a dream.

Li Qiuran smirked.

A Mew is calling him father.


Own schizophrenia.

Without knowing it, the second person made Mew by himself.

I’m really too strong!


Mew is very sticky Li Qiuran.

She really regarded Li Qiuran as a father.

Originally, Li Qiuran planned to work in the laboratory for a while.

But now he has no idea of ​​working.


With Mew, who still wants to work.

Of course it was playing with little cute.

“How did you give birth to m?” Li Qiuran asked.

“You gave birth.” Mew’s tender voice sounded.

Sure enough, I have a second personality.

Li Qiuran is a little heavy inside.

The second thing about this personality is schizophrenia.

I don’t even know what the second personality is.

It seems that the second personality is extraordinary natural talent.

What if he wants to replace himself?


Why am I so outstanding!

Li Qiuran is in trouble.

After playing with Mew for a while, Mew was also a little tired.

Soon he fell asleep in Li Qiuran’s arms.

Li Qiuran is not drowsy.

What happened today is a little too exciting.

First, the laboratory riots and Genetic Organism escaped.

Until now Mew.

Everything is as if in a dream.


Ditto is still alive or dead.

How can this be good?


Suddenly, Li Qiuran gave his head abruptly.

He feels like a fool!

Isn’t the system able to locate Pokemon?

Why do I just remember now.

In other words, I wasted an afternoon doing useless things.

I’m so stupid.

Li Qiuran is relaxed.

“System, find me the location of Ditto.”


system: in your arms.

“Don’t make trouble.” Li Qiuran had a black line.

This system is good in everything, but it is not reliable.

He was obviously a Mew in his arms.

This must be the worst time Mew has been hacked.


“In your arms. Mew, a fusion of Ditto and Pink Position Genetic Organism.”

Li Qiuran:…

and so……

He does not have a second personality.

I still can’t make Legendary Beast, no, even Quasi-Legendary can’t make Li Qiuran.

Cry cry.

The question now is…

Should I report it to the Laboratory?

Report a fart!

Mew is mine!

There is no need to hesitate about this question. Let the Laboratory worry about it.

Li Qiuran does not know whether to be happy or sad now.

His Ditto became Mew.

And Mew’s mind is still a small child.

Need education.

Li Qiuran thought of Mewtwo.

Mewtwo’s life experience in Pokemon world can be regarded as miserable.

Created by humans, there is no direction and no goal.

Li Qiuran didn’t want Mew to do that.

Maybe it’s the love of Mew.

He feels that Mew should be like a child normal life carefree.

I must take this responsibility!


2nd day.

Sleeping Li Qiuran feels itchy. He opened his eyes.

It’s Mew.

Little Brat was painting his face with his tail mischievously.


Seeing Li Qiuran wake up, Mew called out happily.

“Morning!” Li Qiuran said with a smile.


“Can I come in?” At this time, the door to the laboratory was opened and Meowth walked in to himself.

“This Little Brat seems to be in charge.” Li Qiuran pats headed.

His attitude towards Pokemon is too gentle.

So that Meowth now treats the laboratory as his home.


Mew happily flew to Meowth and said hello.

“Hello! Are you the new Pokemon?” Meowth was very polite.


Mew nodded.

Meowth pulled Mew to introduce himself, “My name is Meowth, and I am the most witty Pokemon in this ranch. My profession is referee, part-time intelligence agent, and agent. My dream is world peace.”

Miyo (My name is Mew, my occupation is… Um~~ Lieying 666, part-time cute, nice to meet you).

“Meow! Your career is amazing! Come! I’ll take you to meet a new partner!” Meowth each minding their own business pulled Mew moved towards outside.

“Cough cough, come back early.” Li Qiuran had no choice but to move towards them and waved.

In the ranch, everyone was very curious about this pink new Pokemon.

Tweet (Why is she floating in the air?)

Ga (looks very strong).

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