Pokemon Creation Chapter 285

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The arrival of Mew has injected new vitality into the ranch.

Pokemon looked at Levitate’s Mew in midair, with envy and surprise in their small eyes.

There is no shortage of Pokemon capable of flying in the ranch.

Pidgey, Spearow, Butterfree.

However, Mew can fly in the air without wings.

The Pokemon looked towards the back of Mew suspiciously.

But no matter how carefully you look at it, you can’t find the trace of the wings.

Dream soul has no wings?

How does he fly?

Pokemon are puzzled.

Even the breeders are puzzled.

Could it be…

“Did she use Psychic to levitate in the air?” a breeder said silently.

But he immediately shook his head and denied his guess.

Such a Psychic is too powerful, it shouldn’t exist.


“He uses the vibration of the air to create an invisible air current, which is suspended in the air.”

“So as long as you get close to Mew, you can feel the strange airflow around her body.” A breeder guessed.


Mew was playing hard with the Pokemons on the side, not knowing the crazy brain supplement of the breeders.

Li Qiuran also came to the ranch.

After playing with Mew for a while, Li Qiuran was unable to bear holding Mew for an examination.


Mew stayed in the culture tank.

The computer emits slow electronic sounds.

Data continues to emerge.

Li Qiuran’s face is extremely focused.

“Cell vitality and physical condition are good, and there is a lot of similarity with the previous Ditto.” Li Qiuran meditated.

He took out his notes and took notes.

Ditto is his first Pokemon to participate in the transformation.

Ditto has a more flexible Transform method than ordinary Ditto.

But as of today, Ditto has not collected enough data.

But now because of an accident, Ditto turned into Mew.

According to the data, it can be seen that Mew is extremely capable.

Her own Psychic innate talent completely left Butterfree dozens of blocks away.

In Pokemon world, Mew’s ability value is set to 600.

But Li Qiuran discovered that his Mew’s ability value is less than 650.


Mew laughed hehe in the training tank.

Not knowing what she did, suddenly disappeared.

In an instant, she appeared on Li Qiuran’s shoulder.

There is still some nutrient solution remaining on her body.

Very naughty and lively Mew.

“Go back, I haven’t finished the inspection yet. Li Qiuran said with a black face.

Mew nodded, body flashed back to the cultivation tank.

This outstanding ability to enter and leave the ranch is a piece of cake for her.

Li Qiuran is a little heavy inside.

I must take care of Mew.

If Mew fails to learn…

The consequences could be disastrous.

The past few days Mew has been cooperating with Li Qiuran in various inspections and analyses.

With Mew’s lively personality, one can imagine that he will feel impatient.

Li Qiuran had to promise one after another to coax Mew.

Today, the inspection is finally over.

In the past few days, Li Qiuran finally came to a conclusion!

That is!

This Mew is very cowhide!


“Remember, don’t let others see you when you go out.” Li Qiuran asked.

Now the way Mew is floating in the air is too unimaginable.

Obviously without wings, he can stay in the air for a long time.

This will inevitably not make people think of Psychic.

Butterfree’s Psychic has just been revealed, and the people are still in shock of the existence of Psychic.

Now is not the time for Mew to be exposed.



Mew cautiously got out of the bed.

During this time she slept with Li Qiuran.

There is Little Song on this bed.

Nini slept by himself a long time ago.

In her own words…

I have grown up and become independent.

Bulbasaur Xiaofen followed Li Qiuran’s parents.

Mew the past few days I have always had the habit of sneaking out to play at night.

To her, the big cities with 5 colors and 6 colors are still very attractive.


Although naughty, Mew obediently concealed his figure.

She wandered alone among the splendid cities.

The prosperous city makes her a little linger.

Tall buildings can be seen in 4 places in the city.

The curious Mew flew up a tall building.

She is very strange.

Why these tall buildings will not collapse.

Go to the top floor of this apartment and look through the window.

She saw a boy who was reviewing his homework.

The boy looks attentive, and tomorrow will be his test.

“It’s really hard!” The boy frowns.

“So thirsty!” the boy murmured.

But the water glass is on his bedside table, a few steps away from the desk.

The boy’s lazy cancer committed, and he didn’t want to move.

“It would be great if I had a robot that could serve me tea and water.” The boy was distressed with a pen in his mouth.


There was a wave of fluctuations in the air.

Suddenly Levitate was in the air.

It was as if there was an invisible hand in the air grabbing the water glass.

Shaking and shaking, the water glass was sent to the boy’s desk.

“!!!” The boy rubbed his eyes in disbelief with a frightened expression on his face.

For a moment, he screamed, “Mom, there is a ghost in my room!”


Mew left a cheerful laugh in the air.

After wandering around, Mew was also tired, and flew home obediently to lie down.

As for the boy.

It seems that I was beaten by my parents.


“Red & White Corporation will open a branch in City Z!” This is the latest Weibo of Red & White Corporation during this time.

City Z and City S are far apart.

As long as the branch is successfully opened in City Z, the second ranch can also be prepared for construction.

“This map clearly shows the distribution of our current Pokemon.” In the office, there is a China map on the wall.

It is covered with various colors.

Red means that Pokemon sells a lot, and dark green means more.

green stands for normal.

blue means less.

white means none.

City S and City Z represent the South and the North respectively.

According to the map, it can be clearly seen that the south is basically covered by green or darker colors.

And the north…

Almost all are white.

“The construction of branch offices is very important. We need to make China popularize Pokemon first, and we will focus on the world!”

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