Pokemon Creation Chapter 286

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The construction of the branch is still in progress.

But this time…

There are some specials.

In City Z, the workers have already started busy work on the land where the Red & White Corporation branch was originally planned.

In this group of busy silhouettes, dozens of short and strong figures are so eye-catching.

Their height is about one meter 2 or so, look at people’s abdomen.

But the muscles on their bodies are bulging and strong.

In the construction site, their shoulders are burdened with bricks that are almost overweight.

Is this child labor?

The onlookers couldn’t help but approached curiously.

Finally, they were surprised to find out.

These silhouettes turned out to be Pokemon? !


Wrist strength

He has great strength, has muscles that will not feel sore no matter how you exercise, and is proficient in various fighting moves. It is said that it is strong enough to throw 100 adults.

I like exercising very much. Everyday all will carry out rigorous training in the mountains, even if cultivated all day, I will not feel satisfied. I often exercise by lifting Graveler.

For wrist strength, heavy work on the construction site is precisely the best training.

They are as obsessed with training as Tyrogue.

They also participated in the construction of the Red & White Corporation branch.

With their abilities, one wrist can reach several adults.


Every hand is full of bricks.

Every wrist is very hard, different from workers.

They regard these as hobby, so naturally they will work harder.

“It’s so pitiful, Red & White Corporation let Pokemon do coolies!” The ignorant crowd looked displeased.

They took out their phones and sent everything they saw to the Internet.

“Red & White Corporation uses Pokemon to complete branch construction.”

“Everything is the truth, Normal is black. Red & White Corporation precious on the outside and despicable on the inside.”

“Sure enough, Red & White Corporation showed its feet.”

“They still regard Pokemon as Normal’s Genetic Organism.” The Internet suddenly raised public opinion that was very unfavorable to Red & White Corporation.

However, many people are still skeptical.

“Red & White Corporation does not need to directly destroy the image that has been built with great effort.”

“Since they let Pokemon participate in the construction of the company, there must be a purpose.”

“Perhaps they want to promote the new Pokemon? It’s just a little profitable.”

Discuss spiritedly on the web.

Even many so-called experts have started discussions.

“The success of Red & White Corporation cannot be duplicated. Their ultimate goal is to integrate Pokemon into this society.”

“Then I boldly guess that this time Pokemon is also part of this plan.”

“First Igglybuff in the hospital, and then Squirtle in the fire brigade. Coupled with the strength of the current construction site. Does the Red & White Corporation want to rent out part of the Pokemon as workers?”

“This kind of Red & White Corporation is too ugly.”

These discussions Li Qiuran not at all realized.

He is still cultivating feelings with Mew.

In the past few days, he has finished Mew’s personality.

A typical 5~6 years old child.

Naughty and playful.

But at the same time very well-behaved.

Mew usually likes to make pranks.

Once he used Confusion to float a sleeping Snivy.

The ending can be imagined.

Snivy, who woke up, was a little confused after not feeling the soft Ground.

When his eyes opened and watched all around, he froze.


A cry for help with extreme horror spread throughout the pasture.

After this time, the Snivy saw Mew walking around.

Mew seems to be the new Demon King of the ranch.

“You are not allowed to tease others like this in the future.” Li Qiuran could only helplessly.

But fortunately, Mew relied heavily on Li Qiuran. After Li Qiuran was held accountable, Mew no longer explained other Pokemon.

In the ranch, Tyrogue’s territory added wrist strength.

They and the Tyrogues are congenial, they are both good players in crazy training.

In addition to daily training, they often learn together.


On this day, the Tyrogues found Li Qiuran.

They learned about the construction site from the wrist.

Those who like training and challenge themselves also want to conduct rigorous training in the company.


“Tyrogue will also join the construction site of the branch in the near future.” Red & White Corporation’s latest Weibo wrote.

But there are many inquiries and even accusing comments.

“We need an explanation! Why let Pokemon do coolies!”

“They are so pitiful!”


“Now public opinion is very unfavorable to us.” In the laboratory, Zhang Meng helped his glasses.

“Public opinion?” Li Qiuran expressionless, there was no fluctuation in his heart, he did not realize what was going on.


Mew stood on Li Qiuran’s shoulder, showing confusion with the surface.

“Don’t you know?” Zhang Meng slapped his forehead sharply.

“They all said we abused Pokemon!”

Zhang Meng took out his mobile phone and operated it.

“Cut! Who abused Pokemon? This group of people is full and holding on.” Meowth jumped out from the side with an unhappy expression on his face.

“We never abuse Pokemon, meow!”

“So we plan to hold a Reporter meeting.” Zhang Meng said.

“Let me go! I want to explain!” Meowth raised his hands and feet! Cite 4 Limbs and then recommend themselves.


Red & White Corporation Reporter will.

Countless Reporters were sitting there waiting.

This Reporter will be huge, and it will show how Pokemon does coolies.

“If I want to say it, it was Pokemon’s voluntary work.” A Reporter held his glasses in the audience with a wise look.

“This wave of hype is great! Now the entire network is almost a topic of Red & White Corporation.”

“There is a wave of whitewashing today!” Reporter looked wise, he had already seen everything.

“It’s started.” With the applause, the representative of Red & White Corporation walked up solemnly. Meowth followed behind him in a small suit with a serious face.

Today is a holy day.

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