Pokemon Creation Chapter 287

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“We have been paying attention to this Pokemon hard work incident.” The representative of Red & White Corporation spoke.

“Fart, obviously not.” Meowth murmured inwardly.

He thought of Li Qiuran who was careless.

“I wonder if you guys have seen wrist strength and Tyrogue’s information?”

This sentence caused countless Reporter’s whispers.

The wrist strength information has been published on the Red & White Corporation website.

Love training.

This is what wrist strength and Tyrogue have in common.

At this moment Meowth grabbed the microphone and said gruffly.

“For wrist strength and Tyrogue, the construction site is the perfect training ground!”


Reporters are secretly nodded, which is pretty close as they guessed.

As soon as the screen turned, the LCD screen behind Meowth began to play video.

Wrist strength, Tyrogue all appear in the video.

In the video, they have a smile on their faces.

On their arms…

It was full of bricks.

“This power is amazing.” Although it was not the first time I saw it, it was still so surprising.

“Compared with other Pokemon, Wrist Strength and Tyrogue are more like Pokemon born for combat.” Meowth explained.

“They are more powerful than ordinary adults, and their own Bide power is extremely strong. Therefore, they can basically defeat most Pokemon of the same age.”

The screen jumped to the scene of wrist battle.

Their opponent include Charmander, Snivy and other familiar Pokemon.

The ending is obvious, the wrist wins.

Win with no difficulty.

The battle strength of the wrist is extremely strong!

“Cough cough! The booking of wrist strength is about to begin, and those who are interested can pay attention to it.”

The representative of Red & White Corporation cleared his throat and said.

Sure enough, this is hype!

Reporter eyes shined.

Tomorrow’s front page title is ready to come out “What makes Pokemon work day and night, and what keeps people awake at night”

“Red & White Corporation’s decision shocked everyone…”

“The loss of humanity and the loss of morality, this is the truth of the Pokemon abuse! 》

Outside the ranch, a Reporter stick one’s head around to look for the ground.

He is the dispatched Reporter of China’s largest daily newspaper, Today Daily.

Information from the conference is limited.

To be precise, the heat that can be provided is too limited.

His unique professional sense told him that there was news he wanted in the ranch.

He is waiting for an opportunity.


The Red & White Corporation’s special car parked near the ranch.

Meowth walked out calmly.

“Thanks for your hard work.” He waved his hand like a small adult Normal moved towards the driver and the security guard.

“Good luck, eat chicken tonight.”

After bidding farewell, he took the steps of not recognizing one’s family and walked towards the pasture with his hands behind his back.

Just before, he spoke for Pokemon at the Reporter!

The so-called abuse is simply fabricated!

Their Pokemon lives happily!

Have dreams, goals, and pursuits.

Everything is nothing!

I spoke for many Pokemon and clarified everything.

I am righteous!

I am proud of myself, meow!

Meowth raised his head and strode forward.

“Young Hero please hold your steps.” Suddenly, a slightly wretched voice sounded from behind Meowth.

Meowth looked back.

He is a slightly wretched, thin man.

Behind him was a man carrying a camera.

Is this Reporter?

Meowth eyes shined.

He knew that only Celebrity would have a dedicated Reporter interview.


Now I am Celebrity.

Cough cough !

Organize your clothes and manage your facial expressions.

“What’s the matter?” Meowth pretended to be indifferent.

“The referee lord, you can see the brilliant rays of light from far away! You are the world’s number one referee Meowth in the future, right?” The male Reporter complimented.

“Uh he he he he, what! What nonsense, oh no! Be modest, humble.” Meowth broke his work in an instant, smiling like a chrysanthemum.

“Cough cough, great referee, can we interview you?” Reporter said with a turn of his eyes.

“Of course! Hahaha meow, hiccup.” Meowth suddenly laughed like a pig.

Sure enough, he was already a dazzling Celebrity that was gradually raised.

“So.” Reporter immediately winked at the assistant behind him.

The latter immediately set up his posture and took Meowth seriously.

“Mr. Meowth, what do you think of the abuse of Pokemon by Red & White Corporation?”

“Cough cough, these all are fabricated out of thin air! Our Red & White Corporation will never abuse any Pokemon!” Meowth pondered for a moment.

“Does Mr. Meowth’s position in the ranch belong to the more detached wave?”

“Yes! I’m also a leader in the ranch. Under my call and appeal, Pokemon love life and love humans.” Meowth had a triumphant smile on his face.

“Uh… you also know that now the outside world holds a lot of Malice over the abuse of Pokemon by Red & White Corporation.”

“Even if the Reporter conference has ended and the truth has been clarified, I believe there will still be doubts.” Reporter has a weird smile on his face.

“Hmph! He forced him to be strong, and the breeze blew the hills. He held him horizontally, and the moon shone on the river.” Meowth coldly snorted disdainfully.

“As a unique and unmatched leader among Pokemons, have you ever thought of changing these?” Reporter began to follow the lead.

Change people’s thinking?

Meowth eyes shined.

As a member of the ranch, I really have to do something.

“So…” The corner of Reporter’s mouth curled up.

“You should let us interview the parties! Confirm the authenticity of everything from their mouths!”

This is the true purpose of Reporter.

“No problem! Meow! Wait, I’ll call them for wrist strength immediately. You can wait in the ranch lounge.” Meowth readily agreed.

The ranch has a special rest room for passersby to rest.

The lounge is built on the periphery of the ranch, so Reporters cannot enter the ranch.

“Okay!” Reporter smiled and walked to the lounge.

This Meowth is too cheated!

In this way, I have to raise my salary again! !


Jumping briskly to the ranch, Meow came to the gathering place of Wrist Strength and Tyrogue.

“Everyone, there is a precious interview opportunity next! Who of you wants to come with me? Meow.”



Both wrist strength and Tyrogue lift the head.


Interesting !

I want to go!

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