Pokemon Creation Chapter 288

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“You have to tell the truth later, meow.” Meowth led his wrist and Tyrogue moved towards the lounge.

Coming to the gate of the ranch, Meowth took out the ID card hanging around his neck and handed it to the security guard.

“Excuse me! Let’s go for an interview and we will be back soon. Meow.” Meowth’s normal pats guard’s calf.

“Uh…Pokemon can’t leave the ranch without authorization, it will be very troublesome if you lose it.” The security guard clutched his head with a headache.

He can’t afford the responsibility for Pokemon’s loss.

This will make him lose his job.

“Well, I really don’t know how to make changes!” Meowth’s eyes instantly turned into dead fish eyes.

The little darkness in my heart began to complain.

I’m already thirty-forty but I can only be a small security guard. As of today, I haven’t gotten a Top Rank position.

No beauty, no battle strength.

Licking… Licking will not.

It really troubles Meow.


“Hello? What are you doing?” Li Qiuran’s confused voice was on the other end of the phone.

His personal phone almost never rings.

“It’s me!” Meowth glanced at the dedicated security guard.

“I want to take my wrist and Tyrogue to the interview, meow.”

“Didn’t you have a Reporter meeting this morning?” Li Qiuran looked puzzled.

Meowth this guy just likes to join in the fun.

“No! This is an exclusive interview! I want to rectify Pokemon.” Meowth said solemnly.

“Oh, go, come back early.” Li Qiuran responded casually.

His hand gently pats Mew next to him.

Mew immediately understood, disappeared and flew out.

With the protection of Mew, Meowth will never encounter any problems.

“So! Uncle! You have to believe in Meowth’s abilities. Although I am not the boss in the ranch, I am still one of the top two. Powerful.” Meowth smugly pats the security guard’s legs, carrying the Pokemons. Swaggering out of the ranch.

“Uncle, I’m very diligent in my work. I hope that when I see you next time, you have been promoted.”

Meowth moved towards the security guard waved his hand.

“This guy.” The corner of the security’s mouth twitched slightly.


In the lounge

Reporter has been waiting for a long time.

There are many pedestrians resting in the lounge.

The lounge provides free water and small snacks.

Therefore, many hiking and walking grandparents like to rest in the lounge for a while, or play chess and chat in it.

With good luck, you can also see Pokemon enter the lounge to play.


The door to the lounge opens.

Meowth led 2 Pokemon in.

“Oh, Meowth came out to play again today.” An old man suddenly moved towards Meowth and said hello.

He is a frequent visitor to the lounge and often chats with Meowth.

“Morning, uncle! I didn’t come to play today.” Meowth beckoned happily, looking like a small adult.

“We are here for an interview.”

At the end of the speech, Meowth saw Reporter beckoning at him.

“You two, be more serious.” Meowth turned his head back and whispered.



Wrist strength and Tyrogue complexion grave and stern are nodded.

They stood behind Meowth like security guards.

Unintentional murderous aura spread in the air.

“The two Pokemon look a little amazing!”

“A bit fierce.” The crowd in the lounge talked quietly.

Their mobile phones do not forget to take pictures.

“It seems that Meowth has a very high status. Even if you travel, there is Pokemon security guard.”

“Sit down, please.” Reporter pulled away the chair.

Meowth Shi Shiran sat down.

2 Pokemon stood beside him.

“Cough cough, we can start. Time is a bit tight today.” Meowth looked at his wrist pretendingly.

However… the above not at all table.

But this is not important!

He doesn’t have much time anyway.

The schedule is very full today.

Reporter hurriedly nodded, no nonsense, and signaled the camera behind him to take a good shot.

This will be exclusive big news.

“Cough cough, I would like to ask Wrist Strength and Mr. Tyrogue, what do you think about the incident that the Red & White Corporation abused you?”

“Balu (absolutely nonsense).”

“Hey (funny)!”

“This is nothing. The ranch treats us really well. It eats well and sleeps well. Even training has its own venue, Meowth.” Meowth said seriously.

“Okay.” The Reporter quickly recorded, and Meowth translated this paragraph very long.

Sure enough, Pokemon is so magical.

Just one syllable can translate several crosses or even 100 words.

“Cough cough, what do you think of Red & White Corporation’s explanation this morning?”

At the end, Reporter added: “You like training, and the work of the company is training for you.”

“Balu, hello (the training is very happy, the intensity of the construction site is also very good, we are very satisfied. Of course, if the intensity is higher, it will be better).”

“We love training. The training intensity at the construction site is not worth mentioning for us, but it is also a good daily training. If possible, we hope to more than double the training intensity! But Red & White Corporation will love us. Because Worrying about our injury, every time our training is very unhappy.” Meowth translated it’honestly’.

Reporter slightly nodded.

It seems that Wrist Strength and Tyrogue are really Pokemon born for battle!

“Do you have anything to say to someone who might become your trainer in the future?”

“Balu (if you dare to stop me from training, I will beat you)!”

“Hello (will you train with me)?”

“We are always ready to find the Trainer who will walk with us to the end. We need to be able to enter the professional tournament with them and get the golden light trophy.”

pa pa pa.

Applause thunder.

Very good.

These 2 Pokemons are really inspirational.

“If it wasn’t for my old age, I would definitely become their trainer.” An Old Master with all teeth lost said with a smile grinning.

“I will take them on a morning run every day!” Another Old Master in a wheelchair also echoed.

“There are almost no youngsters so inspiring right now! They should be shown these Pokemon, they will work hard if they are ashamed!”

The grandfather grandma in the lounge talked about it.

The whole lounge is filled with a happy and peaceful atmosphere.

This interview also ended Perfection.

Wrist strength and Tyrogue are really positive Pokemon!

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