Pokemon Creation Chapter 289

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“Good job, Meow.” On the way back, Meowth did not forget to praise 2 Pokemon.



2 Pokemon proudly gestured down their muscles.


During the construction of the branch, a strange Pokemon building began to be built across the country.

It is a rectangular building with a red and white Poké Ball logo hanging on the building.

“What kind of building is this?” Many people questioned.

This impossible is a branch of Red & White Corporation.

From the appearance, this building occupies a larger ground area, and it looks more like a Dojo.

“I always feel that Red & White Corporation is planning something.” A crowd commented.

His message was immediately topped to the top, and countless people agreed.

Looking back on it carefully, everything about Red & White Corporation seems to be purposeful.

Just like the previous wrist strength and Tyrogue hype.

Point forward is the Pokemon that cooperates with the fire brigade and the hospital.

“Red & White Corporation definitely has a terrifying’brain’ behind the scenes.

Many people firmly believe this.

Because of the care for this building, Red & White Corporation invested a lot of money.

Therefore, the construction speed of the building is quite amazing.

With the light brown building and the iconic Poké Ball logo, many Rookie stopped far away, waiting for the opening of the building.

In day and night, the building is finally about to open.

“Pokemon training ground, free for Pokemon Trainer to train Pokemon.”

Red & White Corporation posted an announcement on the 2nd day after the construction was completed.

Free, free, free!

He said the important thing three times.

This training hall is free for Pokemon Trainer to train.

There are sufficient training equipment in the training hall.

These ones……

It’s all free!

“Red & White Corporation is in the next big game! Could it be! They want Pokemon Trainer to replace the future Genetic Organism Trainer?” A terrifying guess emerged from countless people.

Pokemon’s battles are more gorgeous and more engaging.

Instead of Genetic Organism, the battle seems to be justifiable.

As more Pokemon is created and popularized, it is bound to establish new rules for Fighting competitions of various professions.

The Pokemon Contest is the first competition with only Pokemon, but it is definitely not the last.

Red & White Corporation even provides a dedicated Pokemon Trainer registration channel.

Anyone who intends to become a Pokemon Trainer can register.

They can enjoy various discounts, but at the same time, they need to register at the training hall every month to prove that they are training Pokemon.

“Registration!” Many children who own Pokemon rushed to the special registration location.

They all want to be Pokemon Trainer.

After the construction of the training hall was completed, the new building also began non-stop construction.

“What is it this time?” The crowd was somewhat numb.

Red & White Corporation moved too fast.

All kinds of plans are linked together.

It’s too late to react.

“They first popularized the profession of Pokemon Trainer, so that everyone with Pokemon could become a Pokemon Trainer.

Later, various buildings to help Pokemon Trainer were built.

just now……

The new building is under construction again?

Subsequently, the official website of Red & White Corporation issued an announcement.

“To all Pokemon Trainers. We expect to open 8 Pokemon Gyms in 8 cities in China in the next year, and each Gym will be hosted by a Pokemon Gym Leader.”

“Pokemon Trainer can challenge Gym Leader, and the winning Trainer can get Badge.”

“A total of 8 Badge trainers can participate in the championship! Have the qualification to challenge the strongest Pokemon, Little Flame.”

This announcement shocked everyone.

The amount of information is a bit large and needs to be digested.

“Pokemon Gym? What is this?” Jin Keke had just returned home after a day of training.

“I heard that Pokemon Gym Leader is a very important profession.” Jin Keke mother said with her mobile phone.

“The latest information has been updated on the website.”

“The Pokemon Gym Leader has the following qualifications: Pokemon has rich experience in combat. You have at least 3 Pokemon capable of combat and have achieved good results in Pokemon competitions.”

“Pokemon Gym Leader can get huge discounts in all stores under the Red & White Corporation, with monthly subsidies, and the right to choose Pokemon eggs.”

Jin Keke mother said in surprise.

“There is a subsidy every month. Is this full-time?”

Many details on the information are still unknown.

But it is not difficult to see the ambitions of Red & White Corporation.

“From the Pokemon competition to the Pokemon training hall to the Pokemon Gym, they are creating a new Pokemon career chain.”

“If you don’t guess wrong, win Badge by defeating Pokemon Gym. The number of Badge is a symbol of strength to some extent.”

“All Trainers are working hard for the final goal of 8 Badge.”

“Trainer who won 8 Badge is eligible to participate in the championship.”

“If you guessed it correctly! This championship should be the highest-spec competition! The winner will be! The best powerhouse of all Pokemon Trainers!”

Jin Keke mother eyes shined.

So everything makes sense.

Red & White Corporation is trying to replace the International Fighting Great Genetic Competition!

They are creating a grand game that belongs to Pokemon!

So they support Trainer together!

There are about 20 known Pokemon, but what about a year from now?

50 kinds?

Even 100 kinds?

The battle method between Pokemon is wonderful and unique.

In the ornamental aspect, it has exploded the ordinary Genetic Organism.

To know! !

Pokemon is still young.

Pokemon battles in adulthood will definitely be more exciting.

And Poké Ball…

Jin Keke mother was lost in thought.

The impossible role of Poké Ball is just to retract and release Pokemon.

He still remembers the first time he used Poké Ball.

Poké Ball smashed Huahua and the little villain.

After 2 Pokemon enter the Poké Ball, the Poké Ball will vibrate irregularly.

According to what the little villain later said, in fact, she was able to break free of Poké Ball at the time.

In other words, Poké Ball’s constraints on Poké Ball are limited.

So, there are only a few ways to get a Pokemon into Poké Ball.

First is to cultivate relationships with Pokemon.

second …….

Make Pokemon lose the ability to break free from Poké Ball.

That is…….

Fight and defeat Pokemon! ! !

Combine it with the Pokemon forest incident that was raging before.

and so! !

Jin Keke mother stood up suddenly, with a shocked expression on her face.

In the future, Poké Ball can be used to capture Pokemon!

Catch! Wild Pokemon! ! !


This is the hidden truth in this game of chess!

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