Pokemon Creation Chapter 290

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“Red & White Corporation has worked step by step, from the original Charmander to the current Pokemon Gym. Compared with most gene companies on the market, Red & White Corporation is more planned and purposeful.” A professor at South City University says And talk.

The students below listened carefully.

This is a course about genetic companies.

And Red & White Corporation is naturally used as a successful example.

“From at first’s genetic company, Red & White Corporation is gradually transforming. I don’t know if you are aware of it. The medical field, insomnia, social security, fire brigade, and the latest Pokemon contest.”

“Red & White Corporation is gradually penetrating into other fields.”

The professor pressed a button, the LCD screen turned, and came to several Weibo lines of Red & White Corporation.

“Red & White Corporation’s Weibo has not published much. According to Weibo, let’s discuss the decisions Red & White Corporation has made so far. Which one impressed you.”

A student suddenly raised his right hand in the audience.

“I think Igglybuff from Red & White Corporation is amazing. I went to the hospital for hypnosis before the exam last week. I slept well that night.”

It is worth mentioning that now Igglybuff’s career is gradually on track. According to statistics, they have cured nearly 1000 patients.

The words of the students immediately resonated with many students.

The degree of genetics is very difficult to graduate, so many students have more or less symptoms of insomnia.

The appearance of Igglybuff is undoubtedly the light that illuminates their world.

After the speech of the first student, the other students became more enthusiastic.

“I’ll come, I’ll come.” A slightly fat white boy stood up.

“For me, the most impressive thing was the event that Pokemon was put into the forest to breed.”

The bottom immediately resonated, “Yes, of course it made the headlines. My family has been talking about it. The TV broadcasts relevant news on a loop.”

“I have also heard a lot of conspiracy theories. Pokemon eventually replaces humans and so on through reproduction.”

The professor smiled, his teaching style is like this, which inspires students’ open thinking and discussion.

“Cough cough.” The professor tapped on the blackboard, “I also went to learn more about the incident of being put into the forest.”

“I can tell you simply. That forest is now not just in name only, but also in reality Pokemon’s forest.”

The professor released the picture again.

“Pokemons have formed a perfect ecosystem in the forest.”

“Reptiles, flying birds, Ground.”

The picture shows Pokemon such as Catterpie, Beedrill, Rattata and Pidgey.

“Pokemon seems to have replaced the original animals in the forest. They divide territories in the forest and breed with each other. So I predict that in the next year, the forest may open up.” The professor said with a smile on his face.

“Teacher, I have a problem.” A student raised his hand.

“I once heard a saying that because Pokemon has a certain degree of offensive, it will only be open to Trainers who own Pokemon and can protect themselves. I want to know what Teacher thinks about this.”

“Good question.” Professor eyes shined, he said in a deep thought.

“In my opinion, this is a very possible thing.”

“In my opinion, Pokemon is more like Top Rank’s Genetic Organism. It is the latest product of this era. Under the background of Pokemon, ordinary Genetic Organism will slowly withdraw from the stage.”

“In the future, the number of Pokemon Trainers will definitely increase. Then the question is, what is the role of this forest?”

At this point, the professor showed a mysterious smile.

A picture of Poké Ball in red and white appears on the screen.

“This is the Poké Ball developed by the highest-end technology, a mysterious product of space technology.”

“His role is to retract and release Pokemon. Then the forest in the future is likely to be a trial ground for Pokemon Trainer.”

“Trial ground?” Many students were silent.

“Yes.” Professor nodded.

“Because of the portability of Poké Ball, Pokemon Trainer can carry multiple Poké Balls at once, that is, multiple Pokemon into the forest adventure.”

Countless students suddenly showed their longing expression.

This is a thrilling adventure that only appears in novels.

Is there really in the future?

“Then we build on this basis to make a guess. The forest is provided to Pokemon Trainer as a trial ground, then Pokemon Trainer will definitely be divided into levels.”

“Will the school offer related Pokemon Trainer courses?” The professor paused and looked towards the students.

Many students showed thoughtful expressions, and they were all lost in thought.

Very bold conjecture, but…

Makes sense.

The professor smiled slightly and talked freely.

“Don’t forget that in addition to Pokemon Trainer, there are also Breeder and Coordinator occupations that have been mentioned on the Red & White Corporation official website.”

“So I predict that the future Pokemon will be completely integrated into our society.”

“They will replace manpower and material resources to a certain extent!”

The picture turns.

Wrist strength appeared on the screen, and Tyrogue was working on the construction site.

This is also the Pokemon abuse incident that caused a lot of noise before.

“Except for the real world.” As soon as the professor’s conversation turned, they even covered the virtual world. “

Sweet audio sounded in the classroom.

“According to statistics from relevant departments, the premature love rate of high school students has increased by 30% during Tiantian’s online period.”

The professor’s words drew have a big laughter and echoes.

“At that time, my younger sister fell in love prematurely, and I sent messages with others every day. After being found out by my mother, I had a fight!”

“Not only that.” The picture turns here.

This time it is a Pokemon game.

The Pokemon stand-alone game that is popular in China.

It is worth mentioning that, thanks to Porygon’s efforts, Pokemon online games have now been developed.

“Danger Land Survival·Pokemon War”

Throw 100 Pokemon from Role Play into a desert island.

Pokemon fight on this deserted island.

In the end, the survivor will be the winner.

The game was sold online worldwide, reaching 2 downloads within 50010000 hours of being online.

The game contains 6 languages ​​including Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, and supports players from 4 major regions.

The popularity of the game is beyond everyone’s imagination.

“What Red & White Corporation is doing is to build a Pokemon world in the real virtual world!”

“Make people familiar and get used to the existence of Pokemon.”

“They are creating a new era!”

“I call him the Pokemon generation!”

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