Pokemon Creation Chapter 291

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one year later.

China S City.

Pedestrians shuttle between huge tall buildings.

Many pedestrians are followed by the peculiar Genetic Organism.

No, it should be called Pokemon.

Half a year ago, the Genetic Organism on the street dropped sharply, and the overall price reduction of Pokemon made it possible for most families to buy one.

Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur are called Three Starters.

Their appearance and potential are well-known figures in the known Pokemon.

But at the same time, they are also very rare.

According to the survey, more than 60% of families want a Three Starters Pokemon.

90% of Pokemon Trainers hope to get a Three Starters.

Three months ago, the first Blastoise appeared on the world.

While performing official duties in the fire brigade.

Due to the emergency situation and the spread of fire, a Wartortle completed its final evolution in the emergency breakthrough.


The 2 Hydro Pumps behind him burst into fierce water pressure.

The violent currents like a flood converge in the air, forming a huge wave.

The fire was completely extinguished in an instant.

The number of casualties…


Since then, Blastoise’s reputation has become four sides.

Countless fire brigades hope to complete the transaction with Red & White Corporation, because Squirtle’s potential is so huge!


A month ago, Ivysaur of the ranch, Xiaofen finally completed the final evolution.

The evolved Bulbasaur is majestic and huge, with a heavy posture of Mount Tai Normal.

With countless pollen lingering around him, all Grass Type Pokemon couldn’t help but line up in front of Venusaur.

He is the well-deserved king of Grass Type.

Their battle strength is no longer comparable to ordinary Genetic Organism.

Two months ago, all Pokemon announced their withdrawal from the General Gene Fighting competition.

The difference in strength is too big, and this game is meaningless.

The Pokemon contest began to be popular and became popular all over the world.

The Pokemon Contest has been steadily rising in the international live broadcast ratings.

The popularity king in the Pokemon contest, Charmeleon, also completed the final evolution.

Now he is invincible, and Trainer Little Lu has become the leader of the Elite Four as he wished.

Elite Four.

Red & White Corporation gave this title to the four most outstanding Trainers.

Elite Four can receive generous subsidies from Red & White Corporation every month.

And enjoy the highest level of concessions and services in various Pokemon buildings.

The first of Elite Four.

Little Lu, proud of Pokemon Charizard.

Smeargle, a masked riding dog, a Battle Armor, is strong and has a middle personality. He likes nonsense throughout the decisive battle and is often killed inexplicably. After a series of middle 2 inspirational nonsense, he rises again and defeats the opponent.

Battle strength is a mystery, high and low.

The third Pokemon, Haoli, and Little Lu met him at the construction site.

No one knows the abduction process, but according to related people…. Meow revealed that Haoli pestered Little Lu to take him away.

It shouldn’t be fancy.

It may be muscle…

Haoli’s battle strength is amazing, the muscles burst, and it’s terrifying.

The fourth Pokemon, Rhydon!

The only one in the world is Rhydon who has only evolved to its final form.

Its strength…

Strong and powerful!

According to a reliable cat, open with Charizard 5 5!

The other 3 Elite …….

not yet…….

Well-known live broadcast host, Jin Keke.

The entertainment effect is full.

Its Pokemon Snivy villain has evolved into Servine.

Bulbasaur Little June evolved into Ivysaur.

Charmander Huahua is still silly and sweet because of the evolution of wearing Everstone not at all. (Huahua tilts his head and confused jpg)

Jin Keke’s fourth Pokemon, Slowpoke.

He and Huahua call both cute and silly.


Pokemon-related buildings and shops seem to be visible on the street.

Three months ago, the Pokemon Centre opened to provide free treatment services for Pokemon.

It is worth mentioning that Chansey is responsible for the treatment!

A medical Pokemon.

Apart from this there is a brand new clothing store, the material is made of Catterpie silk thread.

The price of clothes is at least 10 cents lower than the prices of clothes on the market.

The variety of goods in the Pokemon store has also become more diverse.

Potion, 10000 energy medicine, dolls, Pokemon toys, food materials.

Even a disc to teach Pokemon moves!

There will be a Pokemon store every few streets.

Many people choose to join the Pokemon store.

China’s annual visitor volume has also surged.

Since Pokemon has not yet opened an international sales channel, those international people who admire Pokemon can only see the truth through travel.

From time to time I can see Fly’s Pidgey or Pidegeotto in the air.

They are the messengers of New World.

A month ago, the Pidegeotto taxi company opened.

People can fly short distances by renting Pidegeotto.

This eased the congestion of land traffic to a certain extent.

The flying rules in the air came into being.

All Flying Pokemon must abide by the rules, deny the suspension of the Flying license, and execute a short-term detention.

Currently, 8 Gyms in China are collecting Gym Leaders.

According to reliable sources, China is considering opening a Pokemon school.


In the ranch.

All Pokemon and Li Qiuran are surrounded by a brown and white Pokemon egg.

There are many more types of Pokemon than before.

Now the first generation of Pokemon is almost the same except Electric Type and Ghost Type.

This year was also the most productive year for Red & White Corporation.


Nini leaned against Li Qiuran’s arms, and this year she still had no choice to evolve.

Little Naughty stood by faithfully.

just now……

He is already Servine.

He completed the evolution.

In the air, Pidgey hovered in an orderly manner under the leadership of Pidgeot.

They are all witnessing the birth of new life.

And Tyrogues.

The three evolutionary forms of the clan now exist.

Hitmonchan is good at making a series of blows with his fists.

Hitmonlee is a powerful attacker who is good at hitting with slender and powerful legs.

Hitmontop with both offense and defense.

It is worth mentioning that Hitmonlee Paige completed a perfect backing dancer at the Little Song concert a month ago.

Now his number of fans has exceeded 1000000.

Little Song, the cute pink demon.

No, it’s a pink angel now.

After being sweet, she once again created a war song, dancing the universe (dance music, people can’t help but want to dance).

Salted fish, a new song that makes people want to lie down in a daze (let’s Levitate on the water).

There is also a peculiar electronic style dance with 100 changes.

This song is inspired by Ditto.

After listening, people can’t help but twist their joints and start a stiff mechanical dance.

There is also Mew, the first Legendary Beast in this ranch.

Until now, Mew has remained undisclosed.

One year’s time does not at all change Mew.

He is still so innocent and cute.

There is a little black-belly.

Now they are all gathered in the center, waiting for the birth of a new Pokemon.

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