Pokemon Creation Chapter 292

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Ka ka ka.

The Pokemon egg began to shake, then a small head poked out of it.

The cute creature wears a strange white bone mask on its head, and its lower body is brown.


He struggled to crawl out of the Pokemon egg.

This is impressively a Cubone.

Cubone holds a small bone stick in his hand, and his small eyes are full of longing for New World.


Under the gaze of many Pokemons, Cubone moved towards Li Qiuran a little tremblingly.


Perhaps it was Li Qiuran who created Cubone. Cubone has a very good impression of Li Qiuran.

This is the new Pokemon of the ranch, Cubone.

Amidst the cheers, Pokemon sent their sincerest blessings to Cubone.


A few days later, Cubone got acquainted with the environment of the ranch and started to be naughty.

In the past few days, Li Qiuran has been busy in the laboratory, and it is inevitable that Cubone has been overlooked.

Today, he decided to accompany the Pokemon more.


As soon as I walked out of the laboratory, I saw Cubone running from a distance.


Cubone raised the Bone Club in his hand with excitement.

Several breeders followed Cubone.


The joyous laughter came to an abrupt end, and in full view, Cubone threw his right foot on his left foot and fell a dog to eat shit.

His bone stick drew a beautiful arc, and gu lu gu lu rolled to Li Qiuran’s feet.


Click! !

Cubone was lying on the grass, looking at Li Qiuran grievously, her mouth slumped, and she cried out.

Li Qiuran face full of black lines, some not knowing what to do.

“Leave him alone.” The corner of Zhang Meng’s mouth twitched slightly next to him.

“Ah? Don’t you help the cute little girl when he fell?” Li Qiuran looked astonished, and he looked towards Zhang Meng.

This delicate face is so strange at the moment.

A year of getting along.

He originally thought he knew Zhang Meng enough.

Now he realized that Zhang Meng had changed.

Become so indifferent and ruthless.

“You think too much.” Zhang Meng looked at Li Qiuran with a caring expression of mental retardation.

“This is not the first time.” Zhang Meng sighed.

From the tone, Li Qiuran could feel the helplessness and numbness in Zhang Meng’s heart.

“Huh?” Li Qiuran blinked, as if there was a big question mark on his head.

Looked towards those breeders again.

Each and everyone expressionless, just like Astral Projection.

But Korakola lay down on the grass with a grieved expression, with grass clippings on his body, Tearful Look.


He sobbed and yelled.

“You indifferent guys, why would I hire you?” Li Qiuran looked unbearable and rushed forward.

At a critical juncture, Zhang Meng held Li Qiuran once again, her expression serious.

“You believe me not to go.”

“He may be injured!” Li Qiuran dropped these words and rushed out.

“Baby, father is here, don’t be afraid.” Li Qiuran jumped to Cubone’s side in a stride, comforting, and gently supporting Cubone.

“Does it hurt? Didn’t it hurt?” He looked concerned, and his right hand gently stroked Cubone’s joints.

A newly born Pokemon can easily leave internal injuries if injured.

There have been cases in the pasture.

A Charmander broke his leg when he was young.

Although it was cured in the end, repercussions remained.

Li Qiuran has deep feelings for every Pokemon, creating them by himself, just like father Normal.

Click (no pain).

Cubone hummed softly.

Click (but Cubone has to kiss her to be fine).

Hey, Little Brat kind of likes Charm.

Li Qiuran laughed helplessly and leaned down and kissed Cubone on the cheek.

He hugged Cubone and showed a happy expression.

The breeders around were numb, as if the same scene had been staged many times.

Click (Cubone likes father the most, can father kiss Cubone’s left hand)?

Cubone blinked his big cute eyes, and Li Qiuran fell instantly.

“Okay, what kind of father my Little Darling wants.” After that, Li Qiuran bent down and approached Cubone.

Suddenly, he asked a strange smell.

That smell is so familiar.

It seemed like a year ago from…

Smells on the hands of the little villain.

Could this be! ! !

Li Qiuran’s body trembled, an expression of fear appeared on his face.

Could it be! ! !


When it was too late, Cubone quickly rubbed his left hand on Li Qiuran’s face, leaving a strange brown mark.

Then his little silhouette swiftly jumped out of Li Qiuran’s arms, sprinted to the place where the Bone Club fell, skillfully grabbed the Bone Club moved towards the pasture and escaped in the forest.

Cubone’s cheerful laughter was left in the air.

Cubone (hahaha, big idiot. So cheating).

Li Qiuran was left with a dull face, and Zhang Meng and the breeders, who were sympathetic but forced to smile.

“That… isn’t that shit?” Li Qiuran turned his head stiffly like the robot Normal and looked towards Zhang Meng, with pleading in his tone.

“Pu.” Zhang Meng suffocated a smile, and stepped forward sympathetically, taking out a tissue and wiping Li Qiuran’s face carefully.

Comforted: “It’s okay, everything is over.”

“You knew he was touching porcelain?” Li Qiuran was somewhat Rage.

Are the employees you hired watching Boss jokes?

“I said everything, don’t go.” Zhang Meng said aggrievedly.

“This kid…he…I…oh!” The 1000 words and 10000 words turned into a sigh.

Li Qiuran is so angry. Born by yourself… No, the created Pokemon is so virtuous!


“He has treated you very well.” Zhang Meng sighed, with faint traces of tears in his eyes.

“He put his hand directly into my mouth that time.” Zhang Meng’s voice choked, two lines of clear tears slid down his face.

Then she burst into tears, crying and pointing to the place where Bone Club was before.

“That guy is a monster. Every time Bone Club falls off the curve, the curvature is exactly the same, even the position and direction of Bone Club after landing.”

She sobbed, this time she changed to Li Qiuran and patted her back softly and comforted.

This girl is too miserable.

Zhang Meng sobbed, with a grievance on his face.

The breeders around also showed sympathetic expressions.

The same is the end of the world.

No more, Zhang Meng murmured a word.

“The Bone Club faces east, 1.6 meters and 5 cm from his position.”

Li Qiuran was shocked.

What a big resentment qi, even this little detail is not let go.

This woman is a wolf!

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