Pokemon Creation Chapter 293

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“Watch that kid well.” Li Qiuran gnashing teeth said.

The breeders are all nodded.

In the forest.

Cubone hugged a Bone Club and hid behind a tree secretly watching Li Qiuran and the others.

Click (big fools).

His voice was tender and crisp.

Click (Only those who can Foresight my strategy are qualified to be my Trainer).

Cubone grumbled with laughter, and then dragged Bone Club moved towards deep in the forest.

In the depths of the forest, the Snivy clan warmly welcomed the little cutie Cubone.

A grand and cheerful party was held immediately.


“Red & White Corporation will build e-sports, the Pokemon Alliance international event.”

The headlines of the newspaper were also dominated by Red & White Corporation.

“The first Pokemon online game to go international and popular all over the world, Pokemon Alliance is about to hold an international competition”

With relevant statistics, in less than 24 hours, more than 100 international clubs and nearly 10000 Loose Practitioner teams signed up for the competition.

Pokemon Alliance.

Online games that are popular all over the world.

In the game, players need a Pokemon in Role Play for 5v5 duel.

The map has 3 routes in total, namely high, middle and low.

All three routes eventually lead to the enemy’s base crystal.

The side that destroyed the crystal wins.

Each defeating the enemy and defeating the Alliance Pokemon army can get extra money.

Relying on these extra money, players can buy exclusive Items in the mall, and even evolution stones.

This unique gameplay suddenly attracted gamers from all over the world.

On the first day, the number of downloads exceeded 200000000 million.

Downloads continued to rise in the next month.

After several months of operation, Pokemon Alliance has successfully become one of the most popular online games in the world.

This will also be the first international event of Pokemon Alliance.

In response to this event, an event book was updated in the game.

It only takes 45 to take home one event.

Through games, recharge, etc., the level of the book can be improved.

When the book reaches a certain level, you can receive rich rewards and get Pokemon’s unique skin.

One of the most popular is Smeargle’s masked riding dog skin.

“My roommate is terminally ill. His lifelong wish is to recharge a Top Rank notebook! This is his payment account.”

Various jokes have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain.


Jin Keke is a loyal player of Pokemon Alliance.

After the game went live, she changed from a Pokemon daily anchor to a music game anchor.

But her technique…

It can be described as terrible.

Every broadcast room resounded with her grief.

“How did this kid’s Charmander evolve! Ouch! My bones were picked out after this Metal Claw came down!”

“Damn, this Smeargle is too strong! The flame riding dog kicks, I rely on it! I split!”

“Brothers, this wave of me is invincible! Call me Valley female warrior, this wave of my singing is invincible!”

“Ahhh! Why am I dead again!”

Jin Keke’s scream echoed in the live broadcast room.

The barrage of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune floats by.

“Keke operation is too much!”

“A good support Jigglypuff, which was played as a charge shield.”

“Keke, don’t give it away, we can win.”

“Keke’s singing hurts himself and others, 7 hurts his throat.”

Suddenly, a barrage caught Jin Keke’s attention.

“Keke, the book is out.”

“I’m out of the notebook? So fast.” Jin Keke looked surprised.

After finishing the game, she impatient came to the main interface.

Pokemon Alliance notebook.

The cover is grass green, the theme of this issue is Grass Type!

The new Pokemon is here!

Jin Keke read the contents of the book.

She suddenly became excited.

“Is the new Grass Type Pokemon? Who will it be? I look forward to it!”

The new Pokemon can be obtained at the level 60 of the book.

That being the case.

Jin Keke clicked on the recharge interface.

Top Rank Paragon book!

No need for 100! Only need 99!

The book has risen to 75, with huge rewards and an explosion of game experience.

“Buy, buy, buy! Crush!” Jin Keke imposing manner soared.

“Rich woman can go online!” Numerous barrages floated by.

The live broadcast industry is also an industry that emerged this year.

The content of the game live broadcast is undoubtedly professional and entertainment.

Either show superb game technology, or have excellent entertainment effects like Jin Keke.

After the recharge is complete, Jin Keke then checked the contents of the book.

Snivy’s yellow cap and green scarf skin.

Charmeleon’s muscle raptor skin.

Pidgey’s steel wing skin.

There are a lot of skins, but the most dazzling is Smeargle’s masked riding dog skin.

The metallic skin almost perfectly restores the imposing manner of the masked riding dog.

This skin is naturally unavailable.

Only after the book is at full level can it turn the plate.

The probability of this skin is…

100 in 0.1

Next is the new Pokemon!

That is……

Horn buds!

The Pokemon Alliance has once again brought new heat.

The qualifiers are enthusiastically conducted online.

Li Qiuran is going to take Cubone out for fun this day.

Little Brat has not left the ranch since he was born, everything is so novel to him.

In order to prevent Little Brat from touching innocent passers-by, Li Qiuran held Cubone tightly all the way.

People who don’t know think how deep their feelings are.

Click (don’t hug me! You won’t be able to increase my favorability anymore).

Cubone took the Bone Club and tapped a rhythm on Li Qiuran’s back.

However, his small eyeballs are turning around gu lu gu lu, and he glances at the pedestrians around him from time to time, and he feels like be eager to have a try.

“You Smelly Brat have a lot of bad thoughts, I have to watch it a bit more.” Li Qiuran said irritably.

If it weren’t for Little Brat’s crying and making noise, he wouldn’t take him to the aquarium.

“Is the new Pokemon? So cute.”

“With a bone mask and small bones, it’s so cute.” The pedestrians around immediately took out their phones to take pictures.


Cubone waved the Bone Club cooperatively, posing one pose after another.

Suddenly a pedestrian walking in a hurry accidentally ran into Li Qiuran.

“Sorry.” After apologizing, the man quickly left.


Bone Club fell to the ground, and Cubone clutched her right hand with a grieved expression.

Click (it hurts).

Li Qiuran:…

The pedestrian hit Li Qiuran’s left, so it was impossible to hit Cubone’s right hand.

Click (I won’t be comfortable without a big meal tonight).

“It’s okay to have a big meal, just don’t ask me to have a big meal.” Li Qiuran twitched the corner of his mouth slightly.

He still remembers that Stench.


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