Pokemon Creation Chapter 294

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After playing with Cubone, Li Qiuran finally returned to the ranch tiredly in one body.

Playing with Cubone is definitely the most tiring thing of the year.

Little Brat was thinking about touching porcelain.

His Bone Club fell at least 5 times in an afternoon.

If it weren’t for the good quality of Bone Club, it might be cracked.

But Li Qiuran is not as good as Bone Club.

His mentality has split.

“You follow the Meowth big brother, he will show you to play.” Like a hot potato, Normal threw Cubone to Meowth, and Li Qiuran fled.

“Meow?” Meowth held his chin and looked at the back of the embarrassed Li Qiuran, and then at Cubone, who was beside him with big innocent eyes.

He was lost in thought…

There is a conspiracy…

“Cough cough, little brother, my name is Meowth.” Meowth stretched out his right hand with a friendly expression.


The white Bone Club gu lu gu lu rolled on the ground for a long time.

Cubone collapsed to the ground with a pained look, his eyes were already full of tears.

The trembling fingers pointed towards Meowth, and a voice of extreme aggrieved voice sounded, “Ka la (you bully Cubone).”

Meowth:? ? ?

In the distance, Li Qiuran hides behind the tree and collects everything.

Seeing this scene, the corners of his mouth evoked a smirk.

Such a life is so good!


A few days later, Doduo Bicycle company quietly opened.

“Have you heard? Another company related to Pokemon has opened.” The crowd rushed to tell.

In this busy society, these interesting little news will naturally attract most people’s attention.

“Impossible, I was still engaged in construction before, but now I am opening a company?” A pedestrian half-trusted his mobile phone and searched for Red & White Corporation.

“I am also surprised. But this time Red & White Corporation is cooperating with a giant saddle manufacturer!”

“Red & White Corporation is really amazing.” The pedestrians sighed.

I wrote in the meager relationship between Red & White Corporation and a well-known saddle manufacturer.

“Doduo Bicycle business will start in S City.”

Many people are a little confused, “How to cooperate with a company that produces saddles?”

Someone speculated, “Maybe Doduo is similar to a horse and needs a saddle?”

“When this Doduo company goes live, I must have a good experience.”

“My God, I’m in City Z, so far away from City S!!!”

“Hahaha, I will go to S city tomorrow on business.”

People discuss spiritedly.

At this time, the official website does not yet have any relevant information about Doduo.

This provoked everyone’s curiosity.

Every time Red & White Corporation’s actions are so unexpected.

“Doduo Bicycle Company, Pokemon Doduo will provide comfortable seats for pedestrians.” Little Lu, who just finished training, also watched the news.

Although she is now the leader of the Elite Four, she will still be surpassed if she doesn’t work hard!


Smeargle on one side poked his head out, wearing a straw hat on top of his head and sunglasses on his eyes.

Smeargle is now a celebrity.

To be precise, Smeargle is the most popular Pokemon among children, not one of them.

Naturally swelling is accompanied by fame.

But after being dunked by Charmeleon…no, Charizard, Smeargle changed back to the inspirational and stronger Smeargle who guarded the world.

In a moment, the official website of Red & White Corporation updated Doduo’s Pokemon information.


2 headed bird Pokemon

Flying, Normal Type

Although it is a Flying Type, but not at all wings, there is only a layer of fluff on the body and head.

Doduo is not good at flying, but can run at a high speed of 1001000 meters per hour.

Characteristic Trait

Run Away: Easier to escape.

Get up early: wake up more easily after going to sleep.

Implicit Characteristic

Stagger: It is easy to dodge attacks in chaos.

A picture of Doduo is also attached afterwards.

Smeargle and Little Lu 2 heads together and watched the picture carefully. Their small mouths were slightly open, with expressions of surprise on their faces.

“He actually has 2 heads! Is it conjoined?” Little Lu looked surprised.

Duo Lu Duo Lu (If this is crazy, I will be pecked)!

Looked towards Doduo’s body again.

“Can you sit down?” Little Lu murmured.

But after seeing Smeargle looking at him with caring eyes of mentally retarded, Little Lu looked at his short legs.

Although I don’t want to admit it, I must be able to sit down…

“Ahhhh! I want to be tall aaahhhh!”


The Doduo Bicycle company is finally opened! !

The cute Doduo can drive on Cycling Road…Oh no, walk fast.

The speed cannot exceed 40 kilometers!

Each Doduo carries at most one adult and one cute boy under 6 years old.

Ps: If your head weighs 200 pounds, please don’t bully cute Doduo.

There are already many Doduo riding spots on the streets of S City.

There will be one stop about 4 streets.

Most of these sites are located next to the Pokemon store.

Doduo passing by the site will stop for a short time to replenish food and water.

Doduo Bicycle is like the normal bus.

Before getting on the car… before getting on Doduo, you need to log in and make payment at the small machine next to the Pokemon store.

Doduo will then take the passengers to the next stop.

At the next stop, passengers can take a short (5 minutes) break.

of course!

If you go to the Pokemon store for shopping, you can get a free ride to get to the next platform.

A professional breeder will take care of the Doduo beside each platform.

Doduo are gentle and friendly, if he likes you, you can take a photo together!

The site next to the Pokemon store in downtown S.

This is the first week of opening today, and there is an endless stream of tourists.

Doduo have become extremely powerful and arrogant Celebrity.

Not only domestic tourists, but many foreign tourists come to China to experience the charm of Doduo Bicycle.


“Doduo (Mr., codenamed PWNMB is for you. This driver provides the best quality service. The experience is like walking on the ground without shaking or shaking. It is the best mount for you and your children. Where are you going? Doduo can go around.” The entire city of S runs smoothly without breathing! Doduo is the most outstanding, cutest and most charming of all drivers!”

Beside the platform, a Doduo with white hair on his head raised his neck and issued a crisp Growl.

The other Doduos rolled their eyes.

“Doduo (It’s so noisy! White hair)!” Finally a Doduo couldn’t help but scolded.

Baimao ignored him, he still worked hard, “Doduo is for you! Doduo is for you! Please don’t take those fool Doduo’s cars! Doduo is for you! Doduo is for you)!”

“This Doduo talks so much!” the crowd onlookers whispered.

“Hello, I want to ride!” A tourist impatient came to the breeder.

The payment was completed under the instructions.

“It takes ten minutes to reach the next platform. Please choose Doduo.” The breeder smiled.

“Doduo is here for you! Doduo is for you!” Seeing this, Bai Mao’s feather flicked and his voice became louder.

“I…I choose.” The tourist made a choice after hesitating for a while.

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