Pokemon Creation Chapter 295

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“Please choose Doduo! Doduo is your last haven.” Baimao exclaimed Doduo excitedly.

“Uh…this Doduo keeps calling, isn’t it because he is sick?” The customer pointed to Baimao hesitantly.

“No, he is just too excited.” The breeder wiped his sweat helplessly.

“Doduo is healthy, and Doduo is not sick. Please choose……Doduo! Please choose……Doduo!” Bai Mao hurriedly defended.

However, in people’s ears, his excuses are consistent, and the incomprehensible Doduo voice.

“I’ll choose that one.” The customer hesitated for a moment and chose a taciturn Doduo.

“Why! Why!” Bai Mao lowered his head in frustration.

Doduo wear custom-made saddles on their bodies, so visitors can do more comfortably and securely.

“During the ride, remember not to hit Doduo’s neck with your hands. Do not make any dangerous movements.” The staff kept reminding.

Although customers are a little nervous, they are still nodded.

He may be the first person in S city to ride the Doduo.

The customer sits cautiously on Doduo.

Doduo is very well-behaved, not at all Struggle.

“Furry, soft and comfortable.” The customer opened the mouth and said in surprise.

“Then, please enjoy the next journey.” The staff smiled slightly.

At his signal, Doduo started slowly.

“Very stable!” The customer was surprised.

Then Doduo’s speed gradually increased, but the customers on their backs did not at all feel too much vibration.

The surrounding crowd cast their attention.

All this is extremely novel to them.

Normal, come on, they can only see the contestants riding on the Genetic Organism from the speed race on TV.

But when it comes to experiencing it for yourself, it is a completely different feeling.

“I want to ride too!”

With the first visitor, there will definitely be a second.

Countless people rushed forward and said excitedly.

“Please don’t worry! Doduo is here for you! Doduo is for you!” Seeing this, Baimao trembled and exclaimed in excitement.

Doduo ran smoothly on Cycling Road, surpassing ordinary Bicycles one after another.

They will stop and wait before the red light, and run again after the green light.

The customer on Doduo’s back poked his head in a novel way to admire the scenery along the way.

Doduo does not have the body odor of any animal.

The brown feathers even have the fragrance of Pokemon shower gel.

It didn’t take long for Doduo to reach the next station.

Customers still have some ideas.

But the journey ends here.

If he wants to continue the experience, he needs to pay again on the machine.

Each platform is full of tourists.

Doduo, who had just arrived, was led by the staff to the dedicated Doduo rest area.

He will take a short rest and eat here.

If Doduo has enough energy, he will start the next journey as soon as possible.

Doduo has good physical strength and is very suitable for long-distance running.

So just ten minutes of running is a piece of cake for them.

It’s just that Doduo is still young, so there will be a lot of rest time.

The working time of a Doduo is currently tentatively set to 4 hours, and these 4 hours will be scattered throughout the day.

Every Doduo who works hard can get a good reward.

But for most Doduo, they work just because they like running that’s all.

After the first day.

People have a better understanding of Doduo’s capabilities.

Many Speed ​​Contest players also thought carefully.

Doduo’s speed is not slow, and his physical strength is outstanding.

It is a very good choice.

Unfortunately, Doduo does not currently support reservations.

With the success of Perfection on the first day, Red & White Corporation also started the business of Doduo Bicycle.

In the blueprint of Red & White Corporation, the future Doduo Bicycle should be as convenient and convenient as the Little Huang car.

The payment process is further compressed to a speedy degree.


Jin Keke’s door

A Doduo stepped lightly and stopped.

Jin Keke got off Doduo’s back.

This is one of Trainer’s privileges.

They can designate Doduo to go to any place.

Of course, the distance cannot be too long.

“Thanks, white hair.” The white hair on Jin Keke pats Doduo’s forehead.

“Doduo is here for you! Please rate this service! Ding! Very! I wish you a pleasant journey.” Baimao Doduo tweeted happily.

Then moved towards the nearest platform with cheerful steps.

“The code name PWNMB completes the task perfectly! Doduo is at your service! Doduo is at your service!” The white hair’s cheerful voice was still audible even far away.

“So cute.” Jin Keke’s eyes narrowed into crescent shapes.

She likes this Doduo very much.

Although Doduo has been thinking about it while running, Jin Keke can feel Doduo’s love for this job.


At this moment, there was a sound of wings waving in the air.

Jin Keke immediately lifts the head happily.

At high places, under the dazzling sunlight, a small black spot is constantly approaching.

Jin Keke put his hand on his forehead to block the dazzling sunlight.

“I only placed my order yesterday, and it’s here today, so fast.”


The black spot is close, and the whole picture of the black spot is clearly visible.

This is amazingly a Pidegeotto.

Pidegeotto was clutching a small package on his sharp claws.

This is the cosmetics Jin Keke ordered yesterday.

“Thank you! Little cute!” Jin Keke moved towards Pidegeotto happily and waved his hands.

“Bi!” Pidegeotto fell vigorously beside Jin Keke and gently placed the package on Ground.

“Thank you.” Jin Keke knelt down and took out a pen from his pocket.

She saw her tear off a special note from the package, sign her name on it, and glue it on Pidegeotto’s chest.

“Bi!” Pidegeotto moved towards Jin Keke nodded, with a cold expression on his wings and flying towards the sky.

Pidegeotto express company has penetrated into every family in China.

Its cooperation platform Dalangtaosha, a professional online shopping platform has become the industry leader.

All packages will be delivered to a fixed city site first.

From the site, the express delivery will proceed step by step towards the surrounding cities.

Over 1000, close to 10000 cute Pidegeotto served as couriers.

A Pidegeotto is responsible for delivering the courier to a station.

The package will not receive any damage during this process.

However, due to the small number of Pidegeotto now, this business requires additional fees.

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