Pokemon Creation Chapter 296

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On the other side, at Li Qiuran’s home.

Li Qiuran Zheng Ge You paralyzed on the sofa and watched TV boredly.

“Red & White Corporation is actively recruiting Gym Leaders. According to expert analysis. In the future, challenging Gym will become the daily routine of all Pokemon Trainers.”

“The Mason Group claims to have developed a Genetic Organism comparable to Pokemon, but the Genetic Organism experienced an unpredictable runaway during the review period…”

“Doduo Bicycle, or Doduo Little Huang for short, was running extremely smoothly on the first day of testing. This business is expected to ease the travel pressure and budget of many families.”

Seven of the ten news on TV are related to Red & White Corporation.

Nini was sitting on the sofa next to Li Qiuran, playing with Little Paw.

She still wears the gray Everstone on her chest.

The pink Mew is floating on top of Li Qiuran’s head, and he is sleeping with his eyes closed.

There were waves of chopping knives on the chopping board in the kitchen, and Ai Youzi was cooking.

“Xiaofen, a radish.”

At the end of the speech, a Vine Whip accurately rolled up a carrot and handed it to Ai Youzi.

After thanking him, Ai Youzi continued to cut up the carrots.

Li Qiuran unable to bear in the living room hit Yawn.

He rarely gave himself a day off, but found that he was used to those busy lives.

“Porygon, is there any good channel?” he said weakly.

“Poly.” A crisp Pokemon Growl suddenly came from the TV, and then the TV screen began to shake.

zi zi 呲

With the brief noisy sound of TV, the picture began to distort.

Blink time.

A female ghost covered with blood and disheveled hair stuck to the TV screen, sending out a miserable Growl.

“Aaahhhh.” The female ghost’s pupils had blood, and the expression of splitting pupils caused Li Qiuran and Nini to hug each other and scream.

“PoLiLiLiLi~~~~” Porygon’s mischievous laughter came on TV.

“Why are you Smelly Brat so skinny?” Li Qiuran said with a face of Rage suddenly.

At the same time he was a little embarrassed.

His ugliness can be seen by Pokemons.


The TV screen turned around and came to a singing and dancing show.

Porygon emerged from the TV, leaning against Li Qiuran with an expression of’I was wrong’ and acting coquettishly.


Nini pats his chest with lingering fears, afraid to watch TV again.

Mew, who was sham-sleeping, had his eyes opened in a dazed manner. After he glanced at the TV screen with sleepy eyes, he fell asleep again.


Cubone, who was awakened, walked slowly from the room upstairs, and the Bone Club in his hand made a slight noise as it rubbed against Ground.


gu lu gu lu gu lu.

Bone Club then rolled in a straight line from Ground to the sole of Li Qiuran’s sofa.

Li Qiuran’s mouth twitched frantically. When he saw it, Cubone had collapsed on the ground with a grievance on his face.

Click (pain).



before dinner.

The family came to the yard and prepared to barbecue.

A dark shadow passed in the air.

That is Little Flame.

After soaring around, Little Flame slowly landed in the yard, waiting for the barbecue.

There is a big pond in the yard.

There are many Water Type Pokemon in the pond.

Poliwag, Horsea, Squirtle.

They squirted water happily in the pond.

Nini and Meowth are Water Sport by the pond.

Cubone followed behind with Bone Club eagerly.


A dark shadow passed in the air.

Then a Pidegeotto landed in the courtyard.


Pidegeotto tweets and places the package on the grass.

“Thank you.” Li Shang fed Pidegeotto a small piece of Roasted meat after signing.

Pidegeotto was nodded with satisfaction, and then fluttered.

The barbecue begins.

The rich smell of meat began to permeate the yard.

The Pokemon of Play Rough also stopped their movements, they all surrounded the barbecue grill, waiting quietly.



At this time, Doduo’s voice came from the door.

Li Qiuran followed the sound to find.

It’s White-haired Doduo.

This Doduo turned out to be absent from work.

“Doduo is for you! Doduo is for you.” Baimao walked into the yard each minding their own business, repeating words in his mouth like Normal.

“Doduo! Doduo! Roasted meat for you!”

White Mao walked to the Roasted meat rack, shaking his feathers.

For a while, there were white hairs in the air.

“Gah (White Hair, give me a peace of mind, or I will roast you).” Little Flame narrowed his eyes and threatened.


Doduo stunned and hurriedly stood at attention, “Doduo is absolutely safe. Doduo is not delicious! Doduo’s meat is dry and dry!”

Li Qiuran smiled and rubbed Doduo’s head, “You Little Brat are very good.”

“Doduo’s wisdom is Genetic!” Bai Mao raised his head proudly.

The Roasted meat party begins.

The Pokemon ate the meat in their mouths and danced happily.


Now S city has become China’s first Pokemon city.

Hospitals, traffic, transportation, firefighting, and many industries have Pokemon’s intervention.

Countless people have also begun to consider pursuing Pokemon-related majors.

Zhang Cheng is a recent university student.

It is naturally difficult to find a good job with his academic qualifications.

So he set his target on Pokemon.

He is a fan of Pokemon, he has read every Weibo of Red & White Corporation, so he already has a small goal.

Pokemon Breeder.

He himself is proficient in various Pokemon dishes, so he began to recommend himself.

Become a Pokemon nanny for a wealthy family.

Zhang Cheng is not the first to have this idea.

Various Pokemon clubs are also recruiting Pokemon Breeders.

If Pokemon is to develop into professional combat, then the cultivation of Pokemon itself is crucial.

Many schools even started courses related to Pokemon breed.

It was only then that people discovered that Pokemon’s breed is also a university question.

Many Breeders of Genetic Organism have begun to transform.

Genetic Organism is already going downhill, and Pokemon will definitely become a new industry indicator in the future.

In addition, the Pokemon breed house came into being.

This is a pet shop dedicated to Pokemon.

Licensed by Red & White Corporation.

The Pokemon pet shop, also known as the Pokemon breed house, currently offers short-term breeds of Pokemon.

If the family cannot take care of Pokemon due to other things, it can be handed over to the breed house for short-term care.

Of course, the breed house also provides a bath service for Pokemon.

After the establishment, the breed house business is also very good.

Many families are happy to take Pokemon to take a bath.

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