Pokemon Creation Chapter 297

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Pokemon Forest is ready to open today.

This is the hottest news in recent days.

At present, there are at least ten Pokemon species in the Pokemon forest, including Flying, Grass, Water, and Insects.

Many people began to speculate.

“From the perspective of known Pokemon, there is no shortage of grumpy and potentially threatening Pokemon in the forest.” In a class at South City University, the professor talked about Pokemon forest.

The silhouette of Spearow appears on the screen.

“Spearow, grumpy, likes to live in groups, if you provoke these little creatures, then you will suffer.”

“And a year later, many Bug Type Pokemon should have broken into butterflies.”

The picture of Butterfree and the final form of the unicorn, Beedrill, appeared again on the screen.

“Beedrill and Butterfree are both Pokemon who like to live in groups. Among them, Butterfree has a gentle personality, and Beedrill is aggressive.”

“Beedrill’s attack power.” The picture enlarged the sharp double thorns of Beedrill. “The battle strength is amazing.”

“Judging from the current information, the Beedrills have built a territory to the southeast of the forest.”

“In addition to Beedrill, there are other Pokemon that are threatening.” The professor continued.

“So, it seems that the forest will not be open to those hiking travelers at will.”

“But…” the professor turned, “The forest will be open to special groups.”

Seeing the professor’s mysterious smile, the students suddenly boiled.

Entering the Pokemon forest, this is what most people do yearn for something even in dreams.

As the popularity of Pokemon increases, there are also many Pokemon silhouettes in the streets and alleys.

But for ordinary people, apart from Pidegeotto and Doduo, Pokemon is still difficult to reach.

“These all are inside information, you deserve to be a professor.”

“I heard a few days ago that there will be Elite Laboratory to give some students professorships.”

“It seems that South City University also has places.”

Next time discusses spiritedly.

The professor suddenly smiled mysteriously when he saw this, he raised his arm and shouted: “Yes, this time South City University also has places, and we have 20 places for majors.”

South City University’s genetics major has always been famous, so it can get a place.

“This time, the Pokemon Forest places are precious, and students who intend to visit can apply on the school website.”

When the words fell, countless students took out their mobile phones.

When the professor saw this, he could only laugh bitterly.

My own charm is no better than Pokemon.

The same scene happened in countless fields.

The positioning of Pokemon Forest this time is to provide an opportunity for advanced students to visit.

Soon after, the first group of students from South City University were preparing to enter the forest.

This time the team was led by only one tour guide, and there were 4 Pokemon Trainers under full protection.

The team’s guide is also equipped with Pokemon.

“You have to follow up with the team at all times during this forest tour. You can’t make any taunt/provoke Pokemon actions.” The tour guide stood loudly shouted at the forefront with a loud horn.

The students looked excited, chirp chirp twitter twitter looked like they didn’t listen.

The tour guide moved towards the security guard with a look.

The security guard was slightly nodded, and finally threw the Poké Ball around his waist to the ground.


A Charmander jumped out of it.

Then he burst into flames at sky.

The students fell silent instantly, and they could all feel the heat of the flame.

The tour guide repeated: “You can’t make any taunt/provoke Pokemon actions after entering the forest, otherwise you will be punished by the school.”

This time, the students hurriedly nodded. The tour guide was nodded with satisfaction, and then threw the Poké Ball around his waist.


A brown round creature appeared on Ground.

“This is Diglett, Ground Type Pokemon,” a student whispered.

Diglett is a relatively unpopular Pokemon.

Since it has not been launched on the market, the overwhelming majority do not know the existence of this Pokemon.



Mole Pokemon

Diglett lives underground for a long time and does not like sunlight. They are constantly moving under the soil layer to make the land conducive to farming. Diglett is not aggressive.

Diglett of Alola Region can use the metal bar on his head to communicate with his peers.

Diglett can move underground, and the places they pass will leave traces of mounds on the surface. It can learn a large number of Ground Attribute moves including Earthquake and Earth Power. Although it doesn’t have 4 limbs (in doubt), it can still learn Slash, Shadow Claw and other claw moves.

“Xiaotu, go and probe ahead.” Guide said with a faint smile.

Diglett cleverly nodded, and then the whole Pokemon disappeared in Ground.

“Cough cough, how does Diglett’s lower body look?” a student asked curiously.

The moment Diglett picked it out of Poké Ball, he dived into the ground, revealing only his small head.

“This is a mystery, even I don’t know it myself.” Guide looked back and said with a smile.

The security guard on one side also released Pokemon.

Charmander, Snivy, Bulbasaur, and a Pidegeotto.

This lineup is quite strong.

Pidegeotto is in charge of sky’s inspection.

Charmander, Bulbasaur and Snivy patrol the students.

“It’s so cute.” There was some commotion among the students, and they took out their phones and took pictures.

“Everyone should pay attention to the grass in the forest. There are snakes Pokemon and Ekans inside.”

“Ekans likes to go through the bushes, so pay attention to the bushes at your feet. If you step on him accidentally, you will be bitten.” Although Guide said lightly, many students shivered from the impossible to bear.

“Ekans itself contains toxins. If bitten, the wound will fester in a short time.” Guide said calmly.

“But don’t worry, we brought Anti-Poison Blood Cleanser, so you don’t need to amputate your limbs. However, being bitten is still very painful.”

Not only did the students have some Flinch, they quietly moved towards Pokemon and approached them a few steps.

“Is the forest so dangerous?” a student muttered.

“Forests are naturally very dangerous.” As if hearing the students’ mutter, Guide explained: “You will all become researchers in the future, and you will have your own Pokemon partners.”

“Entering the forest to explore is a task that researchers often need to do.”

“The current researcher is really dangerous.” A student said bitterly.

Indeed, Pokemon itself has more potential than ordinary Genetic Organism.

In the next few years, well-known Trainers and researchers will definitely bring Pokemon into the more dangerous jungle for exploration.

So a major purpose of this Pokemon Forest is to let these future researchers understand the potential dangers in the forest first.

You know that jungle is dozens of times more dangerous than Pokemon forest.

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