Pokemon Creation Chapter 298

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Under the leadership of Guide, the team began to move forward.

The air in the forest is fresh and you can hear the Growl of the sparrow from time to time.

Guide teaches: “Pokemon is an omnivorous creature, so the petite sparrow is also one of their food.”

The students whispered, “weak are prey to the strong, survival of the fittest, this is the law of nature. There should be fights between Pokemon.”

The guide who walked ahead said, “Pokemon also prey on each other. The most typical ones are Pidgey and Catterpie. Pokemon birds have insects in their food. So Catterpie will be killed.”

“This also reflects the cruelty of nature.”

At this moment, a dumb Oddish swayed out of the grass.

Oddish may have not been human for a long time. He sat on the ground innocently and looked at the excited crowd curiously.



Weed Pokemon

Oddish will look for fertile and nutritious soil and plant itself in it. In the daytime, when it is planted in the soil, its feet deform to resemble the roots of a tree. Oddish grew up with Absorb Moonlight. The more abundant the soil it is in, the more shiny its leaves will become.

“For Normal, Oddish likes to bury herself in the ground to avoid danger. In appearance, it looks like a mass of weeds. But if you try to grab her, then sorry, she will launch a fierce attack.” Guide began to introduce Get the information from Oddish.

“Oddish likes to inhabit grassy plains, and it is relatively rare to find in forests.”

The students are taking notes carefully, and many Oddish materials are not found online.

“Oddish is a docile Pokemon, as long as you don’t provoke her, you won’t get into trouble.”

Guide concluded.

The entire group continues to train.

The forest is cooler in the afternoon, and a group of people stop and go, like walking Normal.

Possibly because they have not seen humans for a long time, Pokemons are more vigilant, so the troops have not seen other Pokemons so far.

Soon after, they came to a large lake.

The lake is rippling with clear water, and the nearby trees are lush and green.

Standing by the lake, you can see a few Pokemon swimming in the lake.


Goldfish Pokemon

The tail looks like a veil, and the swimming posture is particularly beautiful, and it is called a dancer in the water. In fact, Goldeen’s tail is particularly powerful, can swim at a speed of 5 knots, and can even climb a waterfall, so you can learn Waterfall.

Goldeen’s appearance is similar to ordinary goldfish, but with a sharp horn on the top of the head.

“Goldeen has a gentle personality, but the horns on his head will leave a hole in you after being angered.” Guide introduced half-jokingly.

“There are Poliwag and other Pokemon inhabiting in this lake, but it seems they won’t show up at the moment.” Guide moved towards The lake surface after looking around for a while, some regretfully said.

At this time, a few Pidgey quietly fell by the lake.

They combed their feathers, drank some lake water and fluttered again.

“This is the charm of nature.” The students all showed their yearning expression.

Then they rested by the lake.

During this period, they saw a lot of Pokemon coming to rest by the lake.

There are teams, and some are alone.

The representative of the Lone Ranger is Scyther.


Scyther is a 2-legged Insect creature. On the top of its reptile-like head, there are 3 separate horns, and its forearms are 2 white scythes used for hunting and fighting. The thighs are full of spiked Normal fur, and each of the feet has 3 toes with claws.

Will use a sharp sickle to cut off the prey to take its life. Flying with wings only in rare cases. Each Scyther is a militant, and their own fighting talent is extremely high.

Even when he was drinking water, his eyes were patrolling all around very vigilantly.

Under his gaze, the Pokémons in the army also retracted their heads in a little fear.

“Scyther is a typical lone ranger, but he won’t attack us at will, unless…” Guide swallowed, “We have someone he wants to fight with.”

“It’s really cool.” A student called “unable to bear” exclaimed.

“This kind of hero-like character and appearance is simply too handsome.”

Scyther is currently not registered on the Red & White Corporation official website, so this is the first time students have seen him.

It is normal to win love.

Scyther was one of the most popular Pokemon in Li Qiuran’s previous life.

Its evolutionary form is Scizor, and Steel type is added on the basis of Bug Type.

Scyther is considered a well-known figure in Bug Type Pokemon.

Then the large forces continued to explore in the forest.

On the way, they entered the territory of Catterpie.

Catterpie is very friendly and entertained everyone with fresh Leafage.

After that, they entered Beedrill’s territory and were finally driven out by Beedrill brandishing double spurs.

The reason is that Charmander Belch Spit Up’s Little Flame seedling burned a Beedrill.

From at first, Pokemon Forest is a lot of fun and extremely low risk. For novice Trainer, it is a good trial site.

The students walked out of the forest unsatisfactorily, and they became more determined in their hearts to become researchers.

Researchers now have a lot of time with Pokemon.

And Laboratory will match Pokemon to the researcher.


During this time, many students began to enter the forest under the guidance of Guide.

Their knowledge of Pokemon has also grown deeper.

Pokemon is a creature that loves peace, and can live in peace with humans.

Most Pokemon like to live in groups.

They will divide the territory of their own race.

Every race will have a boss.

And that Boss must be a well-known figure in the race.

Exploring the forest will be the 1st Step for the students in the future.

After they pass the school’s newly established assessment, ZF will select students with outstanding character and knowledge to become Pokemon researchers.

They will have Poké Ball and can go to the forest to find Pokemon who are willing to be their partners.

Later, they will join the Laboratory specially established by Red & White Corporation to conduct related research on Pokemon Pokédex.

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