Pokemon Creation Chapter 299

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During this time, the selection of Pokemon Gym Leader is proceeding in a frenzy manner.

The selection competition will be broadcast live all the time by the live broadcast platform.

For a time, Gym Leader’s promotion competition was extremely hot.

In the ranch, the Pokemon are grouped together.

Between them, a new Pokemon is performing his abilities.

This Pokemon is Yellow. The head looks like a fox, with a pointed nose, eyes are almost always closed, and 2 ears with pale yellow inside. The body has brown leather-like skin from the neck to the chest, and 2 shoulders have shoulder-like parts. There are 3 fingers on both hands and feet. The long tail has a brown ring at the end.

This is impressively an Abra.


Confusion Pokemon

I spend 18 hours a day in Rest’s Pokémon. Even if you feel the breath of the enemy when you fall asleep, you can use Teleport to escape.


At this moment, Abra is just like the magic stick Normal holding a stainless steel spoon.

Phew (Look all over! Look all over! This is a spoon)!

Huh (a stainless steel spoon).

Abra looked mysterious, and Pokemon underneath was focused.

Huh (this is a spoon that can’t be broken with effort! But next…)

Before Abra had finished speaking, a Tyrogue grabbed the spoon, his eyes full of be eager to have a try.

Barr (there is a spoon that can’t be destroyed by strength, this is really a good challenge)!


The spoon was bent directly by violence.



Cough (cough cough, that’s not the point)!

Abra looked embarrassed and took out a brand new spoon again.

Phew (Do you believe that the strange power can deform the spoon without touching it)?

The Pokemon below enthusiastically said.

Tweet (of course not).

Crush (I can Crush Grip it with my paw).

When Abra saw this, he said proudly: “hu (wait for your eyes, hold your breath, the next moment is the moment to witness the miracle).”

Tone barely fell, the spoon began to bend slowly out of thin air.

After a few seconds, the spoon has been bent at 90 degrees!

The audience was in an uproar, and Abra proudly raised his head to accept the applause.

The breeders also looked at each other in blank dismay.

It took a long time for someone unable to bear opened the mouth and said: “Is that Psychic just now?”

“It should be.” The others were nodded.

Abra is not the first Pokemon to use Psychic.

Butterfree itself can also use Psychic.

However, Butterfree’s Psychic is rarely shown.

So most Pokemon doesn’t know it.


“Matt’s group has developed a Psychic creature! It can move a water glass out of thin air.” The past few days, the news was suddenly occupied by the Matt’s group.

The Matts Group and Red & White Corporation had a battle at the exchange meeting.

But at that time, it was sealed by Red & White Corporation and became a stepping stone to Red & White Corporation’s fame.

Now they return in a swirl of dust.

A video uploaded by Matts Group can be found on a well-known video platform on the Internet.

In the laboratory at this moment, Li Qiuran is watching.

A lot of Pokemon gathered around him.

Abra is also among them.

The video starts.

A white man was standing in the middle of the screen, with a smile on his face, introducing him in proficient English.

“Welcome to watch the video, I will show you the most outstanding Psychic creature in the world.”

Li Qiuran suddenly turned his lips in disdain, “Junk creature!”

The video continues.

“In the last exchange meeting, our company was too negligent and did not deal with it properly. We lost the game carelessly. After that, we had a deep reflection and devoted ourselves to researching the new Genetic Organism. Finally, we succeeded!”

The picture turned around and came to a huge laboratory.

In the incubator in the center of the laboratory, a strange red object was curled up in it.

The white man’s tone gradually became high-pitched, “He is the most powerful Psychic creature in the world, and he will open a new chapter in Genetic Organism! We call it!”

“God Fox!”

The gene slot burst instantly, and countless gene fluids moved towards the outside gushing out.


The video stopped abruptly.

very simple.

Li Qiuran frowned tightly, and he clicked to the comment area.

All in the comment area turned out to be supportive voices.

“Support God Fox! Pokemon has long been unpleasant!”

“Go challenge Pokemon and tell them that we Westerners have the strongest Genetic Organism!”

“God fox! The product of God Normal, we are really strong in the West.”

“Destroy the gene slot directly, the formidable power of this divine fox is terrifying!”

Seeing this, Li Qiuran couldn’t help but sneer.

No matter what world you are in, racial opposition has always existed.


It’s ridiculous that this god fox has so many Flatter without even showing its ability.

Gene slots are indeed strong, but many Pokemon also have the ability of Beserk Gene slots.

Moreover, it does not rule out the presence of human factors.

Li Qiuran put down the phone, disapproving.

In the Western media, the Matts Group is generally optimistic.

But in the Eastern media, there is more disdain.

Psychic creatures may sound novel.

But there are many Pokemon that can use Psychic.

Such as Butterfree.

Although the specific strength of Butterfree’s Psychic has not been disclosed.

But the potential of Butterfree Psychic can be roughly understood in the Pokemon contest.

Now that one year has passed, Butterfree’s Psychic must have been enhanced.

“What kind of fox? It’s all imaginary. It’s not comparable to Pokemon.”

“I don’t accept Butterfree online! There is something to fight!”

Facing the eastern taunt/provoke.

Soon, a news shocked the world.

“Matt Mori Company, Shenhu please fight!”

On the news headlines, Shenhu finally showed his hideous face.

The whole body’s fiery-red hair was erected, and a sharp fang flashed with cold light.

It looks threatening.

In the face of Matt Sen’s taunt/provoke, although Eastern Media was disdainful, it also expressed concern.

“Shenhu has not yet conducted an audit test, so the stability is still known, so Red & White Corporation does not need to take up the challenge.”

“You can wait until the Shenhu review is over before accepting it. Otherwise, it would be very unfair.”

“In my opinion, Matt Sen has such a tone, Shenhu definitely has 2 brushes.”

In the face of Matt Sen’s taunt/provoke, Red & White Corporation is much simpler and rude.

“If you fight, then fight!”

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