Pokemon Creation Chapter 300

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Normally, the duel between the two gene companies will be held in a neutral arena dedicated to the country.

The game will adopt a live broadcast system, which can effectively prevent black box operation.

The rules of the competition are negotiated by the company itself.

On the one hand, the live broadcast between companies is used to dissolve hatred, but on the other hand, it is also a great decision for the craze.

After the genetic company launches outstanding Genetic Organism, they will consider a certain degree of hype.

The gene duel is a better way.

However, duel has a big flaw.

He will drive the hostility of the fans on both sides.

Therefore, as far as Normal is concerned, few genetic companies choose to hype in this way.

Due to the protagonist of this incident, Red & White Corporation and Matts Group are not in the same country.

Their duel application process is quite complicated.

First, they need to submit an application letter to the International Duel Center for review through national channels.

Before the review, they need to submit the relevant materials of Genetic Organism to ensure that there is no violation of Genetic Organism.

After 3-7 work reviews, the International Duel Center will issue a duel Permit.

The two companies that get Permit can then decide where to fight.

Normally, the duel will not be in one of the countries, but in a nearby neutral country.

After deciding the location of the duel, the two companies can set off to the location of the duel, and finally live the duel.

Since most genetic companies maintain good cooperative relations on the surface, few genetic companies will choose international duels.

Matts Group is also helpless.

After the popularity of Pokemon, they themselves as stepping stones have taken over their hatred with Red & White Corporation.

Their Genetic Organism looked too unbearable in comparison with Pokemon, which led to a noticeable drop in their sales.

They also responded with a lot of confidence in this duel, so they applied.

So Red & White Corporation…

Li Qiuran’s idea is simple.

Shenhu is very strong, but Pokemon is definitely stronger.

Since it is a duel, life and death are unknown.

In other words, it is possible that Pokemon was killed by a miss.

Then I must come up with Pokemon that can guarantee victory!

Li Qiuran was suddenly lost in thought.

Butterfree will definitely not appear.

The Firefox looked flushed all over, and he might even have flame moves.

Going up with Bug Type is definitely looking for abuse.

Neither does Abra.

Abra is still too young and fragile.

I can’t let Mew go.

Li Qiuran looked at Mew by Levitate in Sky.

Little Brat was taking a nap, a small bubble trembling on the tip of his nose, looking like it would burst at any time.

Mew is powerful.

But would it be too bully the weak for Mew to fight?

Li Qiuran opened the completed Pokédex.

This Pokédex has not yet been made public, there is only one copy.

Pokédex contains a total of 151 Pokemons of the first generation.

The unknown Pokemon are all question marks.

Click on each lighted Pokemon to see its related information and matching moves.

The current Pokédex lights up about one-seventh, which is close to 7.

Many of these Pokemon are still in their initial form, and they have not yet evolved.

The unsuccessful Li Qiuran finally decided to ask Pokemon.

Step on.

At this time, Zhang Meng’s iconic high-heeled Stomp sounded.

Li Qiuran looked.

Zhang Meng was walking towards him with a pile of materials, and behind him was a Cubone holding a Bone Club.

Li Qiuran’s face suddenly turned green after seeing Cubone.

“Matts Group sent the information on the rules of the battle.” Zhang Meng opened the door and quickly placed the information on the table in front of Li Qiuran.


Cubone jumped onto the table and began to check the laboratory curiously.

Li Qiuran looked through the information cautiously, for fear that he would accidentally bump into Cubone.

They hope to choose country A on the battlefield. “Zhang Meng said.

Country A, a country that is hot all year round.

There are not too many contacts between country A and China. Due to the hot climate, there are many types of popsicle flavors in this country.

Li Qiuran still remembers traveling to country A when he was young, and he could eat almost 4 popsicles a day.

For frozen drinks, the Genetic Organism of Country A is also quite distinctive.

Its Fire Element creature is also overpraised internationally.

Few countries will set the duel venue in country A.

Excessively hot climate can easily have a huge impact on the status of Genetic Organism.


Genetic Organism is Fire Element.

“The god fox may be a Fire Element creature.” Li Qiuran came to a conclusion.

Maybe Shenhu will be the first Genetic Organism with dual Attributes.

No wonder the Matts Group is so confident.

Country A must not be used as a duel site.

Li Qiuran made a decision immediately.

Our own Psychic Type Pokemon is bound to be affected in extremely hot environments.

Dueling is not a trivial matter, so naturally you have to choose the environment that suits you best.

“Send an email, we want to be in L country.” Li Qiuran said.

Zhang Meng’s face was very exciting.

Country L, a country surrounded by water all year round.

Since the god fox may be Fire Element, then Matts Group will definitely not choose L country.


“I just want to disgust them.” Li Qiuran said badly with a smile.

Then he looked at the rules of the game.

The rules are unexpectedly interesting.

A total of 3 games.

3 wins in 2 rounds.

First Stage compares the strength of Psychic, and the player who moves a particular item the farthest wins.

Game 2 is more dexterous than Psychic, using Psychic to control objects to pass obstacles, and the one who passes the most wins.

The third game is the battle.

From the rules of these 3 games, it is not difficult to see the confidence of Matts Group in Psychic.

“They came prepared.” Zhang Meng was a little worried. “Who are we going to send?”

Li Qiuran stood up, picked up Cubone on the table and was about to touch the porcelain. Lightly said, “Let’s go and ask in Pokemon first.”

“So you can’t make up your mind.” Zhang Meng understood.


At this time, Cubone knocked on Bone Club, madly motioning with his small eyes.

“You don’t even have Psychic, do you want to play?” Li Qiuran said suddenly.

After coming to the center of the ranch, explaining the seriousness of the duel.

Many Pokemon began to stir.

A Yellow Psyduck swayed out.

He fights!

Soon after Psyduck walked out, a Slowbro also crawled out of the water.


Mew turned around Li Qiuran’s head, after thinking about it, he also raised his hand to participate!

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