Pokemon Creation Chapter 301

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Looking at the silly Psyduck, the silly Slowbro, and the silly Mew, Li Qiuran was lost in thought.

Is this a group of 3 fools?

Needless to say, Psyduck was holding his head all the year round. The silly and even runny expression showed a silly character.

As for Slowbro…

the name speaks for itself, very dumb and dumb.

Finally, Mew.

Very naughty, but also silly.

His unique skill is Levitate sleeping in the air.

This reminded Li Qiuran of what Nobita had said.

“Being a jellyfish, Levitate takes a nap in the water.”

Mew now has that kind of feeling.

His favorite is Rest.

Since there is no choice…


“Then let’s go together!” Li Qiuran waved his hand and immediately decided!

He just wanted to tell the Matts Group that these 3 Pokemons can defeat the God Fox.


Psyduck tilted his head suspiciously, two lines of snot dripping from the tip of his nose.

He did not understand.

Slowbro sat in the same place blankly, with a simple look.


“Red & White Corporation is fighting! The two sides are tentatively scheduled to be in Country B. Country B has a warm and comfortable climate and is a very suitable country for fighting.” A few days later, the headlines of news magazines were taken.

“Matts Group chose Shenhu to play, Red & White Corporation should be Butterfree.” People can’t help but feel a little curious.

Before the decisive battle, the Genetic Organism delegated by both parties was unknown.

But because the Matts Group has already given momentum to Shenhu.

So it is not difficult to guess that Shenhu will play.

The Red & White Corporation is unknown.

At present, the only Pokemon that can use Psychic is Butterfree.

But everyone knows that Red & White Corporation has a lot of cards.

A year ago, Red & White Corporation launched Catterpie.

Butterfree that has evolved to its final form can use Psychic.

But his Attribute is Flying + Worm.

Now after a year, Red & White Corporation has absolutely created Pokemon of Psychic Attribute.

A person familiar with the matter once revealed that in the ranch, there are many Pokemon that can use Psychic Type moves, and Red & White Corporation has a lot of choices.

A few days later.

Li Qiuran took Pokemon on the flight to country B.

This time he brought Mew, Psyduck, Slowbro, Meowth, Little Flame, Nini and Cubone.

Among them, Mew did not stay in Poké Ball.

Little Flame battle strength is strong and can act as a security guard.

Nini and Cubone are purely here to join in the fun.

Since the charter flight was confidential, it went smoothly, and Li Qiuran entered the plane.

The first thing after entering the plane is to release Pokemon (except Little Flame).

This is the first time that Pokemon have taken a plane in their lives, so each and everyone is running around in the plane like ADHD Normal.

The few keepers who were accompanying them hurriedly followed behind and looked after the Pokemon.


Nini used Vine Whip to swing 1000 in the plane.

Psyduck stood below, sniffing his nose, staring at Qiu 1000 curiously.

Slowbro was already sitting in a special chair with a special lemonade in front of him.

Mew Levitate took a nap above the cabin. Meowth was flipping through the magazine.

There are some shopping magazines on the plane.

As long as you pay money, you can enjoy the pleasure of shopping.

“This, this, give me a bag, meow.” Meowth was wearing sunglasses and poking his paw in the magazine.

The stewardess next to her was holding a pen and paper with a dangerous face to record.

“I want silver for this mp7, meow, and this watch, which is golden!”

“There is also this golden necklace Meow.” Meowth waved his hand and placed the order frantically.

“This dress is good. Meow wants it. Baby clothes.”

“As for the money, you find my shit shovel officer.” Meowth poked and pointed at Li Qiuran.

ten minutes later.

Meowth was picked up by Li Qiuran and spanked.

Then Li Qiuran settled the bill with a bitter face.

Meowth rubbed his red butt and looked at the goods he bought with satisfaction.

It’s worth it.

The plane is about to take off.

With the help of the flight attendants, all Pokemon sat in their seats and buckled their seat belts.

The plane took off slowly, and under weightlessness, all Pokemon screamed in panic.

But after the plane was flying smoothly, they each and everyone calmed down and started to look curiously from the window.

The outside scenery is Cianwood’s sky and white clouds.

Except for the flying Mew, when have other Pokemon seen such a beautiful scene?

They all looked silly immediately.

“Meow! I want to host a duel in the kingdom of heaven!” Meowth muttered to himself in a low voice.

The keeper on the side suddenly said with a smile: “How can there be a kingdom of heaven in this world? The clouds in the sky are all steam, so you can’t build buildings.”

“But Meowth really wants to have a kingdom of heaven.”

Meowth suddenly looked disappointed.

The flight takes 10 hours.

As a result, Pokemon soon became a little tired.

Soon after, there were snorings on the plane.


Ten hours later.

The plane descended slowly.

The weightlessness that struck again awakened the Pokemon.

They rubbed their sleepy eyes and looked all around.

After the plane landed, Li Qiuran took the Pokemon back to the Poké Ball.

At this time, the representatives of country B have been waiting outside for a long time.

After the introduction, the representative said to Li Qiuran.

“You can’t release Pokemon on the street to avoid panic.”

“We will take you to a villa area that will be your place to stay in the next few days. Pokemon can be released in the villa area. But Pokemon cannot leave the villa area.”

Along the way, the representative kept talking to Li Qiuran about various matters needing attention.

This is also excusable.

Although Pokemon is popular all over the world, it is still offensive after all.

For safety reasons, it is natural not to take Pokemon to the street.

This makes Li Qiuran a little regretful.

He also wants to take Pokemon to visit country B.

Soon, under the leadership, Li Qiuran came to the villa area specially prepared for him.

The villa area has a lot of space, and the first thing to arrive is to release Little Flame.

Little Flame has been in Poké Ball for more than ten hours, so I feel a little impatient.

Fly flaps its wings at the moment of release.

Under the sign, Mew flew up to the sky to explain precautions to Little Flame.

Little Flame is no longer young, and her naughty character has become calm.

So Li Qiuran is very relieved.

After everything is ready, the next thing is to wait for the duel!

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