Pokemon Creation Chapter 302

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A few days later, representatives of the Matts Group also arrived in country B.

Under the leadership, they met with representatives of Red & White Corporation.

With a friendly meeting between the two sides, the game was scheduled for a week.


Everyone underestimated the charm of Pokemon.

In Country B, a group of Pokemon fans spontaneously formed a fan group and wandered around the Red & White Corporation foothold day and night.

Finally, at the request of the fans, Little Flame soared over the villa area for a few laps, and moved towards sky Spit Up with a strong flame.

These fans left to ones hearts content.

It is naturally boring to stay in the villa area all the time.

Li Qiuran had to take out his laptop to check the domestic situation.

At the moment, domestic public opinion is unanimous.

Always support Red & White Corporation.

Red & White Corporation will win.

Many well-known bloggers even published videos to support Red & White Corporation.

One of the representatives is the Jin Keke family.

In the video.

The Jin Keke family, including Pokemon, wore the “Red & White Corporation Come On” red and white T-shirt, and cheered loudly for the Red & White Corporation.

There is also Little Lu, the head of Elite Four.

She also posted a video.

In the video.

In the thick smoke.

A Smeargle walked out slowly through thick smoke, holding a red and white mobile phone in his hand.


The phone cover was quietly opened.


He pressed 5553 numbers.

Close the phone cover.

“Henshin.” An indifferent voice resounded through the audience.


Rich red light erupted from Smeargle’s chest.

And spread all over the body in an instant.

After completing Transform, Smeargle quickly moved towards the camera.

And high Splash.

Red rays of light burst out on the right leg


Flame riding dog kicks.

With a loud noise.

The screen is broken.

A line of fiery-red suddenly appeared.

“Red & White Corporation Come on!”


“Tsk tsk tsk, it’s a pity that they don’t shoot commercials.” Li Qiuran clicking one’s tongue in wonder, looking excited.

The imagination of the masses is abundant.

each and everyone Li Qiuran, who watched the creative short video, smiled openly.

This group of fans is so cute.


A week later.

Li Qiuran and Pokemon are also familiar with the climate of country B.

Their battle with the Matts Group is finally about to begin.

The venue for their final battle was the largest stadium in country B.

The game started at one o’clock in the afternoon.

And it was just 2 o’clock; the stadium was overcrowded.

On the periphery of the stadium, there are live footage of Reporter from various countries.

“Behind me is the decisive battle place. The National B Stadium, Red & White Corporation and Matts Group will have an understanding here.”

“From the exchange contest, the Matts Group was mercilessly swept out by the Red & White Corporation 3-0 with a grudge.”

“After a year of precipitation, they showed their sharp fangs.”

“The abilities of the sacred fox are still mysterious. From that popular video, we can only see the approximate abilities of the sacred fox.”

“Compare it with Butterfree, it might be better.”

“This is definitely a tough fight for Red & White Corporation.”

“Red & White Corporation’s Pokemon selection is unknown, but according to expert analysis, the probability of Butterfree’s appearance is less than 100/10.”

“Expert Lin, what do you think?”

Expert Lin, a man in suit and leather standing next to Reporter, pondered for a moment, and said: “According to the known information, there are still many Pokemon that can use Psychic in Red & White Corporation.”

“But there is a very crucial message! Butterfree is not a Psychic Type.”

“So in my opinion, Red & White Corporation is holding the Trump Card of Psychic Type in his hand.”

“The strength of this Trump Card is definitely not to be underestimated. In my opinion, it should be 82. Red & White Corporation 8, Matt 2.”

The expert gave an explanation.

It is well-founded and convincing.

The audience in front of the TV suddenly cheered.

“Then let’s interview the audience.” Reporter changed the subject.

“Facing this critical moment of Red & White Corporation, countless patriotic youths resolutely came to Country B, just to send cheers and applause of support to the favorite Red & White Corporation.”

“They want to tell Red & White Corporation! You are not alone!”

“Then, do you have any expectations for Red & White Corporation this time?” Reporter handed the microphone to the Chinese youth onlookers.

“Red & White Corporation is invincible, Pokemon cowhide!” the young man roared heartbreakingly, flushing.

“So what do you think of the Matts Group?”

“Matt Strike! nmsl!”

“Cough cough! It seems that the Chinese hot-blooded youths onlookers have full confidence in our Red & White Corporation.” Reporter immediately took the microphone back, a little embarrassed, but still said skillfully.

“Matts Group is indeed a powerful company, but even in the face of this, it is a well-known large corporation internationally!”

“We will not back down, nor will Red & White Corporation back down!”

“We will use our strength to prove that Red & White Corporation is the world’s number one gene company!”


One p.m!

Game start!

Excited host voice at Host.

The players begin to enter the arena.

First, the representative of Matts Group.

He was wearing a Black suit, and the fiery-red fox followed behind him.

From a distance, it looks like a hot flame.

At the moment when the Matts Group appeared, everyone burst into cheers.

Then came Red & White Corporation.

Although the Chinese accounted for less than 20% of the stadium, the cheers that broke out were not much weaker.

Amidst applause and cheers, a roar from ancient times resounded throughout the audience.


The audience was silent, and all Chinese people showed expressions of surprise!

The god fox below has been scared witless.

A stinky smell came from beneath him.


Little Flame sprang out of the tunnel and flew towards the sky.

With a roar, endless flames rose to the sky, reflecting the excited faces of people.

“It’s Charizard! Heavens! This time Red & White Corporation is coming aggressively! The game has not yet started, Charizard has already laid the foundation!”

“This time Red & White Corporation is here prepared! Everything is under their control!”

“Under Charizard’s terrifying pressure, the god fox can’t do any resistance at all.”

“He is shaking, he is terrified!”

Representative Matts stopped doing it. He protested frantically, “They are cheating! How can they let other Pokemon deter the gods! This is cheating! I want to protest!”

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