Pokemon Creation Chapter 303

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But no one paid attention to the representative of Matt, because the atmosphere of the audience has been brought to a climax by Charizard.


Little Flame flew around the venue Sky for a while and then fell back to Ground, looking towards Matt with a mocking expression, representing the god fox behind him, “Ga (weak).”

“Alright, come back soon.” Li Qiuran reluctantly pats his head, and takes Little Flame back to Poké Ball.

He originally only wanted to make Little Flame a hot spot, but now it’s overwhelming.

The audience was boiling, and the cheers continued.

Host took the microphone and yelled: “The contestant of the Matts Group is a magic fox, then I believe everyone is looking forward to it!”

“Everyone is waiting!”

“Red & White Corporation contestants!”

“Is it Butterfree? Or other Pokemon?!”

Host shouted hoarsely.

Then he handed the microphone to Li Qiuran’s mouth.

“Excuse me, what kind of Pokemon will Red & White Corporation send to fight this time!”

Li Qiuran glanced at the referee faintly, and slowly moved the 3 Poké Balls around his waist into the field.

pa pa pa.

3 Pokemon appeared in front of everyone.

Psyduck was stunned, holding his head.

Slowbro sitting steady on Ground.

And Levitate’s Mew in the air.

The audience exclaimed.


“My God! That pink Pokemon is so cute.”

“I’m suffocating, Pokemon is too cute.”

“Although the god fox is also very cute, but this time I will stand Pokemon.”

“Why is that Yellow duck dumb?”

“And that pink hippopotamus, looks so cumbersome, the god fox probably can’t even break the defense.”

In the field

The corner of the referee’s mouth twitched slightly, “Uh… I think you should know that this is a one-on-one battle, not a three-on-one battle.”

Li Qiuran casually spread his hands and said, “3, pick whatever.”

The audience is stunned.


Too embarrassed.

Is this the foundation of Red & White Corporation?

Nothing is more exciting than the audience in China.

Until now China has been in an awkward position in the international Genetic Organism competition.

In addition, China until now has a humble attitude.

Many international companies will underestimate China.

But now, with such arrogance, the supercilious Red & White Corporation is actually from China.

Many Chinese Gene fans burst into tears, and they have been waiting for this day for too long.

“This is the imposing manner and confidence that we Chinese people should show.”

“Regardless of the outcome, I will always support it to the end. A fan of Genetic Organism for 50 years suddenly burst into tears. He was already crying in front of the TV.

At this moment, his heart is full of pride.

See, China has risen.

I have to say that the high profile of Red & White Corporation makes international companies even more worried.

This shows that Red & White Corporation’s trump card…


Unlike the Chinese audience, many Matt fans are more of Rage.

They felt their dignity was insulted and cursed loudly.

“I look down on who, and pick it casually! I pick nm!”

“The fox killed them and tore them to pieces.”

The representative of the Matts Group hides a gloomy look. He doesn’t know that he has been underestimated.

But he did not dare to underestimate the other party.

He looked at the 3 Pokemon carefully.

On the other side, Marx’s senior leaders are also discussing enthusiastically.

The result of this discussion will determine the strength of the opponent.

So we must be cautious.

Li Qiuran hit Yawn and he released Nini from Poké Ball.

Under the command, the Nini editor pointed out the rattan chair for Li Qiuran to sit down.

Then the Pokemon began to have a picnic.

Picnic in front of 1000 spectators is a great experience.

Contempt the enemy strategically.

This is also a strategy.

Seeing Red & White Corporation’s reaction like this, Matts Group almost got a crooked face.

This is not underestimated.

This is contempt.

Isn’t Matt’s Group, a world-renowned company still worthy of attention?

The reaction from the audience was even more enthusiastic.

The huge audience is not a fan of Matts Group.

If that company performs well, they will fans.

Now they have been conquered by the arrogant center of Red & White Corporation.

From the beginning of Charizard’s hot spot to the current few pokemon Pokemon, Red & White Corporation’s background is too deep!

The audience began to cheer the name of Red & White Corporation.

Everyone is looking forward to it!

“Red & White Corporation cowhide, China cowhide!” Chinese people shouted with tears in their arms.

In this situation, the face of the representative of Matts Group is getting greener.

Matt in the Group

Each and everyone at the top level is blushing.

“Never choose the pink color, Levitate’s Pokemon in the air! That Pokemon used Psychic Levitate at first glance! His abilities must not be underestimated!”

“That pink hippopotamus can’t be chosen either! That size, that tonnage is definitely not something that a god fox can shake.”

“That Yellow duck is dumb and has no battle strength at all. That’s a good choice!”

“No! Are you idiot heads? Use your mind to think about it, would the cunning company of Red & White Corporation send that kind of waste Pokemon to fight it?”

“That Yellow duck definitely has unique abilities! In my opinion, that is a conspiracy.”

“What can we do, we can only choose one of pink Levitate creatures and ducks.”

“The duck looks weak, the Levitate creature looks strong!”

“If you analyze it…” The senior executives were lost in thought.

In the end, they made a final decision.

“The duck is definitely the secret weapon of the Red & White Corporation. This is a trap and a conspiracy. So we should choose Levitate’s creature!”

“Although he seems to be very Psychic, in my opinion, his combat capability is not good!”

The high-level choice is immediately communicated to the representative.

He pointed to Mew, “I choose it!”

“Matts Group made a choice! He made a choice! So what will happen to the next game?” Referee’s high-pitched voice resounded through the audience.

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