Pokemon Creation Chapter 304

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Li Qiuran’s mouth twitched slightly.

He didn’t understand, the contrast between the 3 Pokemon was obvious, why he chose Mew instead.

So he asked tentatively: “No more thinking about it?”

However, this increased the self-confidence of the representative of Matt.

It seems that I have chosen the right one.

“That’s it!” He said confidently.

The god fox behind him also got rid of his previous fear at this moment.

Looking at the three dumb Pokemon in front of him, he smiled confidently.


Psyduck tilted his head and looked confused.


Slowbro slowly spit out a small fountain directly above.

The fountain sprinkled down, directly on him.


The Matt’s executive took a sharp breath.

“The two Pokemon seem to be really stupid! I don’t want to pretend! Did we choose the wrong one?” The suspicious executives were very sensitive.

Now a little detail can easily touch their hearts.

“No way? No way!” They began to mutter to themselves.

In the field.

Li Qiuran took out the Poké Ball and took the silly Psyduck and Slowbro back.


Mew, who was suspended in the air, tilted his head, then showed a bright smile, moved towards Li Qiuran and flew away slowly.


Suddenly, it seemed that Normal was tripped by something, and Mew rolled forward in the air.


Following the continuous roll, Mew slammed into Li Qiuran’s chest, his small eyes rolled in circles.

“Very good! It seems that this one is even more stupid!” The top Matters cheered suddenly.

“Right bet! Really bet right!”

“Red & White Corporation is too bold! How dare to send 3 fools to let us choose!”

“We actually picked the stupidest one! With us, the Matts Group will definitely be prosperous!” Matt’s top executives are triumphant.

In the upper floors, a relaxed and happy atmosphere began to spread.

They each and everyone started to pick up the red wine glasses and taste the mellow red wine.


“This pink Pokemon looks a little silly, it seems…” The audience in the stands was silent for a while.

The atmosphere is somewhat solidified.

Is it really stupid?

However, the Chinese audience is different.

They are cheering and are still supporting Red & White Corporation.

A well-known radio host yelled: “Stable, stable! I can see from my research on Red & White Corporation. The more silly Pokemon, the stronger! Brothers, it’s too stable. This can be tripped by the air. Poured Pokemon, this absolutely crushes the opposite side!”

It can be seen from the previous Pokemon competitions.

Without a fighting mind, only the muscle Charmeleon won the championship.

Pokemon fighting with wisdom, such as Butterfree and Snivy, mostly failed to get a good ranking.

On the contrary, Smeargle and Charmeleon, who go straight to each other, dominate the top 2.

and so!

Being stupid is a blessing!

Very untenable theory, but!

Everyone is convinced!

“Red & White Corporation wins, Red & White Corporation cowhide!”

The audience in China cheered again.


Mew smiled so that his eyes narrowed into crescent shapes!

Everyone’s encouragement made him more wise.

He moved towards the god fox stretched out a finger and swayed taunt/provoke.

“This is taunt/provoke! This is definitely taunt/provoke! The game has not yet started, and the medicinal smell is already filling!” referee attractive spectacle.

This kind of big game didn’t fire medicinal smell It’s boring!

“Then, does Representative Matt have anything to say to Red & White Corporation?” Referee handed the microphone to Representative Matt.

This is the ruthless part of the duel contest.

It was also a part of the atmosphere of the audience.

“Red & White Corporation, loser (loser), Matts, winner (winner).”

“Okay, Matts Group is very confident! There was also fierce cheers from the audience.”


All Chinese audiences were silent.

Many international fans also closed their mouths, and the cheers of the whole scene dropped several levels.

“Cough cough! So does Red & White Corporation have anything to say?” The embarrassed Host handed the microphone to Li Qiuran’s mouth.


Before Li Qiuran spoke, Mew rushed forward to snatch the microphone and start talking.

Miyo (This is the first time this fantasy has participated in this kind of international competition. Although I am very nervous, I will definitely try my best. The Matts Group on the opposite side is great, but I will definitely prove myself with my strength) .

Mew Bulabula said a big deal, still feeling unfinished.

What an official humble discourse.

But this is not what Li Qiuran wants.

“Cough cough.” Li Qiuran grabbed the microphone and translated Mew’s words.

“Mew said that Matt’s group is too rubbish, she won’t need to move her fingers to win.”

The audience is stunned.

Everyone started to cheer with their water bottles high.

Too embarrassed.

This is the attitude of Red & White Corporation.

This is the attitude of Pokemon!

In the imposing manner, rolling has been formed.

Look at the face of Matt’s representative.

It was so green and black.

Almost exploded.


Mew looked at Li Qiuran with a confused look.

Doesn’t he seem to say that?

Did you say that before?

Mew couldn’t help falling into thought.

He seriously suspected that one of his syllables might be wrong, so the shoveling officer would translate it incorrectly.


I’m still too young!

hate! Now everyone thinks he is an arrogant Pokemon!


“Then the game! The official start! Please be prepared on the battle stage.”

Referee tone barely fell, the two sides on the left and right sides of the field vibrated violently.

The last two battle platforms slowly rose from Ground.


Representatives Li Qiuran and Matt Si came to the height of 10 meters from Ground.

Information about first round competition appeared on the LCD screen of the platform.

“Psychic strength and accuracy.”

“Use Psychic to kick a football into the goal to get a point, and 30% wins.”


Two huge goals also appeared on the 2 sides of the lower platform.

The ground below has become a small football field.

“You cannot touch the football in this special football game. As long as any part of the body touches the football, it is a yellow card warning.”

“After 2 yellow cards, you get a point for convenience.” Referee shouted.


Mew floated lazily in the sky, looking disapproving.

This kind of simple game is as simple as drinking water for him.

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