Pokemon Creation Chapter 305

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Starting with ordinary Pokemon, this will be no small challenge.

But even if Matts Group chooses other Pokemon, the result will not change.


Li Qiuran said that he was going to cheat.

Mew itself can be invisible, and the camera cannot detect Mew.

So even other Pokemon play.


It doesn’t matter if Psychic’s Pokemon doesn’t play.

Because the shots are all invisible Mew.

This is the strategy of Red & White Corporation!


Can undetected cheating be called cheating?

That is strategy.

However, no one would have thought that the Matts Group chose Mew, who looked not simple.

I don’t know what their senior management thinks.

“Then please enter the contestants.” Referee raised the microphone at this time.

Shenhu jumped into the opposite platform below.

There was a crisp roar, and he proudly raised his head to enjoy the applause at the scene.


Mew glanced at the fox with disdain, he was still lying motionless high in the air, appearing uninterested.

“What’s going on! The Mew player turned out to be completely motionless, did he refuse to enter?” Referee looked puzzled.

There was confusion at the scene.

Miyo (I’m here).

Mew pouted and said proudly.

Miyo (for this kind of small dishes, this far is enough).

“Heavens!! The Mew player actually chose to compete at an altitude close to 10 meters from Ground. What a confidence. I can’t help but look forward to the competition!”

The audience cheered.

Beep beep beep.

With the whistle the game began.

The face of God Fox condensed, and the fiery-red hairs exploded.

Invisible energy exploded from his body.


The football in the center of the field was affected by the invisible force, and instantly bounced several meters high.

In the exclamation of the audience, the bounced football moved towards the goal direction at a very fast speed.

“Fast speed! Shenhu showed his unique Psychic at the beginning.”

“If you compare its Psychic with Butterfree a year ago. Then the Fox will be crushed.”

At the end of the word, the extremely fast football crossed the goal and hit the top.

The whole audience also sounded regretful.

“But it’s a pity that the accuracy needs to be improved.” Referee also said regretfully.

Many people watching began to hope that Shenhu would win.

Because of the powerful Psychic displayed by the sacred fox, coupled with his own appearance, he is also considered cute.

So many viewers who were not firm turned to support Shenhu immediately.

Their idea is simple, whichever one is strong, they support which one.

As for the current situation.

Shenhu’s shot was quick and powerful, and Mew didn’t even have time to react.


Shenhu is still at ease after using Psychic once.

Obviously for him it is just have the words at hand.

Look at Mew again…


A line of crystal clear and near-transparent nasal mucus slowly dripped from the tip of Mew’s nose.

“Ah! Contestant Mew has a runny nose! Is this scared stupid?”

“It seems that Matt’s Group has chosen the right thing! Red & White Corporation is really bold. They even put Pokemon, who doesn’t know how to fight, on the list for Matt’s choice.”

“Is this the arrogant in the Chinese language.” The commentary has completely defied.

Foul-mouthed voices also began to sound at the scene.

“I pressed several 1000 Red & White Corporation’s! How can they treat this game as a trifle.”

“I don’t want to watch it, it’s too heartbreaking!”

However, most Chinese audiences are still relaxed.

“Mew is so cute!”

“Accept a cute attack! God Fox has no chance of winning this game.”

The domestic commentary style is completely different.

They sat on the chairs, knocked on their legs, lit a cigarette, and poured a cup of cappuccino.

“Eh? It seems that Matts Group has no chance of winning this game. He can’t even mention Mew’s desire to fight.”

“It’s a pity. I thought the Matters Group had such a big tone, but there should still be some strength.”

“But it seems that it’s only that.”

“From the current point of view, I think Mew is about to make a move.”

“Here, I just hope! Don’t hit Bleach Fox!”


In the field.

Shenhu looked at the frightened opponent in Sky and couldn’t help laughing.

“Ka ka ka (Fool, are you scared? Hit me! Hurry up and blow me to death with your nose)!”

Worthy of being Matt’s Trump Card, IQ is indeed not low.

Also know how to mock.


To provoke hatred too much is not a good thing.

“Mew, play with him).” Li Qiuran showed a sneer on his face.


Mew nodded, shaking his head.


The nose drew a wonderful arc in the air, flashing rays of light.


Mew’s naughty voice resounded through the horn.

call out.

The damp nose gently pressed against the football.


Almost instantly.

With the loud noise that shook the entire football field, every fiber of the football completely burst from the inside to the outside.

An invisible mushroom cloud rises.

Then an invisible wave of air erupted like a cannon Normal moved towards the goal.

The air waves directly left deep marks on this smooth and clean platform.

Countless white tiles are separated towards the 2 sides.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the broken traces have reached the front of Shenhu.


There was a loud noise again.

The air waves directly crushed the goal of the god fox side like tofu Normal.

The fragments of the goal were flying all over the sky for a while.

peng ~ peng ~ peng ~.

The debris and the Tackle on the platform made a crisp sound.

The audience was silent.


A bad smell came from below the god fox.

Everyone’s mouth twitched, unable to speak a word.

They dullly looked towards the opposite platform in the field that had been pitted, and the silly fox.


a bit large.

Cough cough.

Look at Mew again.

He should have collapsed with such a powerful attack, right?

Miyo? !

Mew’s cheerful laughter spread throughout the audience, and he circled cheerfully in the air.


should be……

No collapse.

Well, no.

There was a moment of silence at the top of Matt’s.

The atmosphere is a bit solemn.

“I think.” A high-level man said in a low voice, and everyone immediately turned their eyes on him.

“Perhaps, we still have a chance.”


“Everything will end! Everything will end at this moment!” As the commentary style changed, at this moment, he seemed to be a big fan of Mew.

“This game has been killed, it has been completely killed by the Mew player!”

“I think the Shenhu player must be clear.”

“When you stare into the abyss, you must be careful of the snot from the abyss!”

“This game! This snot has completely killed everything!”

“Mew player has taken control of the game!”

A divine fox shivered fiercely.

He was stunned by this king bomb.


At this time, in full view, a cup of cappuccino moved towards the god fox smoothly in the air.

Miyo (pour a cappuccino for Aunt).

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