Pokemon Creation Chapter 306

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“Handed tea! Handed tea!”

“Mew is telling the god fox! Quickly blow me up! Quickly take your hole cards and blow me up!!”

“This is no longer a massacre! This is a humiliation! The difference between Heaven and Earth!” Referee roared hoarsely.

“Tianhu, Tianhu! Mew put his head directly in front of the god fox! Please slap me to death! What will the god fox do? What can he do? It’s over! It’s over!”

“The god fox is like a piece of paper in front of Mew! Unable to withstand a single blow!”

“Look at Shenhu’s lower body, there was a foul smell, and he was scared to pee!”

“I officially announce that the game is over! Shenhu has no chance of winning.”

Compared with foreign commentary, China commentary is even crazier.

They each and everyone waved their towels, their voices were hoarse, still not broken.

The audience calmed down a lot.

“Sure enough, I knew it.” At Jin Keke’s home, Jin Keke rolled the eyes, then took out a glass of Coke from the refrigerator, took out his phone to read the news.

“This game is still so boring.” She sighed.

But between the eyebrows, there was excitement and pride that could not be hidden.

She pretended to be calm and said: “The game hasn’t started yet, I have understood the end, and it really is not much different from what I guessed.”

Tweeted! Da Na!

Bulbasaur Little June and the little villain are nodded, and their faces show disdain for the god fox.


Huahua, who had not figured out the situation, tilted his head and gave a soft cry.

She looked blank.


In the field.

Mew was floating in the air triumphantly.

There is a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere in the air.

The moves I learned from my childhood Cubone are so easy to use.

Mew thought to himself.

So he staggered again.


He fell straight down from the sky and rolled on the Ground with an unscientific Physical angle.


Mew’s miserable Growl sounded.

Rolled on the ground for ten seconds.

Mew was covered in dust and devastated.


Mew lifts the head weakly, looking at the fox stubbornly, his little pink paws gripping Ground hard, as if trying to stand up.

But it failed again and again.

Stubborn rays of light flashed in his eyes.

There was a burst of cheers among Matt’s senior executives.

“Sure enough, such a powerful Psychic will have great side effects.”

“This Mew is still too young ah ha ha ha.”

The high-levels were overjoyed, holding the wine glasses and began to push the cups to change.


“Heavens! Mew player suddenly fell from the sky and had a weird roll on Ground. Is this a side effect of Psychic?” Referee’s voice was full of worry.

“But this tumbling posture is a bit strange, and the full roll has been nearly one minute, is this side effect really such a huge side effect?”

“I don’t think so.” Another commentator took the topic.

Before Mew was able to trip over the air, now it’s a fancy tumble. If I guessed correctly! Mew’s character is thick lines. “

“Thick lines?”

“Yes, I don’t observe the surrounding environment, carefree.”

“That’s not a good situation. After a series of tumbling, Mew looks completely wounded.”

In the face of the commentators’ worries, the audience is also worried.

They looked at Mew who was still trying to get up in the field, with unbearable eyes.

At this moment, the staff has installed the new goal.

The scared fox also slowed down.

He looked at Mew who was limp on the ground warily, pacing quietly, his body tight, ready to respond at any time.

“Shenhu has begun to conduct small-scale trials. Obviously he is still very wary of the weak Mew in front of him.”


The god fox cautiously picked up a stone and threw it over.

The stone frillish hit Mew.

After Mew let out a scream, his neck fainted.

“Critical strike! Critical strike! Psychic’s blow was brewing and Mew was stunned. Is the God Fox going to comeback?”

The audience is stunned.

The audience couldn’t help standing up, nervously watching everything that happened in the field.


The god fox eyes shined, then ran to the side of the football, and then used Confusion to urge the football moved towards the goal slowly and flew away.

His horrified face finally showed a smile at this moment.


Suddenly, a strange voice sounded.

The figure of Shenhu suddenly stopped.

His eyes widened, like a robot Normal looked towards a football.

The football at the moment seems to have a nose stuck on it.

Mi (goodbye).

Shenhusheng moved towards the audience impossibly and waved.


The loud explosion sounded again.

Football is turned to fly ash here.

An invisible air wave blew past the Shenhu’s body, crushing the goal behind him to smash.

The fur of the god fox was blown off by the air wave, and the right half of his body was almost bald.


The instigator, Mew laughed on the ground holding his belly.

He didn’t stand up until the dirt on pats was out of breath.


As a white light flashed by, the dust and scars on Mew’s body disappeared in an instant.

The whole Pokemon is also full of energy.

There is no sign of malaise at all.

Don’t guess, everything before is pretended again.


Shenhu took out the white flag he had found from nowhere, and waved it pitifully.

He gave up.

The audience burst into huge applause and cheers.

“This is a crush! The Mew player didn’t even consume anything! Everything before was a strategy! It was a strategy. In terms of IQ, Pokemon is everything.” Referee instantly became a fan of Mew and shouted.

“Congratulations, Mew player won the First Stage victory.”


There was a sound of broken glass from the top of Matts.

The ground is full of glass slag.

“How is it possible, how could this Mew be so strong?” The senior executives held his head in pain.

“There is no chance next! Can we still win?”

They were desperate inside.

Originally, Mew’s sluggish appearance gave them hope of winning.

But now, everything is over.

For Mew, this game is the difficulty of playing house.

“No! We still have hope! Mew Psychic’s accuracy may not be enough.” A senior person still had a glimmer of hope.

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