Pokemon Creation Chapter 307

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After the first stage is over, enter a short rest period. “Good job, the next one will destroy his fighting will directly.” Li Qiuran rubbed Mew’s little head and kept praising.


Mew nodded, and then asked in a low voice: “Miyo (can you break his leg)?”

“Of course! Do whatever you want!” Li Qiuran said with a smile.

“Tweet (It’s so boring here, I want to go home).” Nini said with snacks in his mouth.

“Tweet (opponent is too delicious).”


Psyduck wiped the remaining nose, his face dull.

“Gu gu (when will I play)” Psyduck opened the mouth and said silly.


Compared to the relaxed atmosphere of Red & White Corporation, Matt’s side is heavier.


The glass smashed on Ground.

“How is the state of the god fox?” The deep voice seemed to suppress the inner Rage strongly.

“He has no desire to fight anymore.” The breeder checked his face for a while with a heavy face.

“Mew successfully destroyed the heart of Shenhu. Now he is dead.”

Representative Matts looked at the divine fox who was limp on the ground and still had an expression of fear on his face.

It seems to be hesitating.

Finally he gritted his teeth and said sharply: “Give him an injection.”

“Yes.” A trace of unbearable flashed across the breeder’s face, but he did.


Seeing him holding a syringe in his hand, there was a pale blue medicine in the syringe.

Mental stimulant.

A stimulant commonly known as Genetic Organism.

But this medicine is specially made.

After the injection, Shenhu will overdraw its life potential, and all abilities will be greatly improved.

The side effect is death.

Matt’s group has worked hard to cultivate a god fox.

Not as a last resort, they don’t want to use medicine.

The sharp needle was slowly inserted into the languid fox within the body.

The pale blue potion was quickly entered.

Shenhu’s body shook violently, and his loose eyes suddenly lit up a fierce rays of light.

He arched himself up straight, and the red hair exploded.

There was also a sharp roar in his mouth.

He is now full of humiliation by Mew.

He wants revenge!

After watching the god fox renewed its fighting spirit, the face of the representative Matt Si also showed a satisfied look.

At the moment, the outside is very lively.

The audience in China started chanting slogans spontaneously.

“Mew must win, Red & White Corporation must win.”

“Strengthen our country! China will win!”

At this moment, the pride of the nation spread in everyone’s hearts instantly.

Not only Chinese audiences, but many international audiences have spontaneously joined the cheers.

Their ideas are very simple and simple.

Mew’s excellent performance has won their hearts, so cheer for Mew.


The forum in China is even more boiling.

“Red & White Corporation is awesome.”

This kind of national pride has not been felt for a long time.

In the ranch.

Pokemon are very calm.

They are gnawing on small snacks and pointing fingers to the screen.

After all, most of them are Pokemon who have seen the world.

Ga (this god fox is too bad! This Dragon can spit him to death with one blow).

Da Na (a Vine Whip of this seed can drive him to incontinence).

Biko (Benworm’s silking can wrap him into a cocoon).

The Pokemon started to blow up.

There is a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere in the ranch.


The scene of the game.

The break is over.

“Welcome back to the duel scene! After the fierce battle at First Stage, the atmosphere on the scene has reached a climax. Let’s interview the live audience.” China’s Reporter said eloquently to the live camera.

She then handed the microphone to the young Chinese who be eager to have a try next to him.

“Red & White Corporation is awesome!” In an instant, a sharp roar sounded through the microphone.

Reporter’s hands trembled with fright.

“Cough cough! It seems that the young man’s enthusiasm is still high, so take it…”

Ka ka ka.

Reporter did not finish speaking, and several Chinese youths appeared on the camera.

They tried their best and shouted at maximum volume: “China is awesome.”


“The second game is about to begin. The second matchup, Psychic baseball. Use Psychic to spend the baseball, and the other side uses Psychic to swing the bat to hit. The player who hits the ball farther will win.” At this time, the referee walked out. Announced the rules of the game.

“Sounds fun!!” The audience cheered again.

This kind of highly ornamental game rules can naturally be welcomed and loved by everyone.

“In the second game, the strength and control accuracy of both Psychic were tested.”

“The game is still 3 games and 2 wins, so please enter!”


Amidst applause, Li Qiuran walked out of the passage, Mew Frillish followed behind him.

After Li Qiuran stood on the opposite platform, the platform began to rise.

At the other side of the passage, the representative of Matts Group walked out slowly with the god fox.

The difference is that the divine fox has a ferocious expression at the moment, full of murderous aura.

It doesn’t seem to have the cowardly performance before.

“After the rest, the Shenhu player immediately regained his fighting spirit! Now he is actually high!”

“I can feel the endless murderous aura in his hideous look.”

“To be honest, I hope Shenhu will win this round, so that we can enjoy the third matchup,” said a commentator.

“That’s right, after the normal life and death, the players are more likely to explode with powerful strength, and the fight at that time will be more exciting.” The two commentators began to talk about their own views.

At this time, representatives of the Matts Group have also been in place.

He smiled wickedly and extended the hand compared to his neck, making a cut.

“This is taunt/provoke! The Matts Group made a taunt/provoke action against Red & White Corporation at the beginning of the game. Where does his courage come from?!”

“Is the first stage fox defeated?!” The commentators suddenly became excited. The most important thing the commentators want to see in the game is naturally the conflict between the two sides.

Facing Matt’s taunt/provoke, Li Qiuran seemed disapproving.

He called out Nini calmly and said a word in Nini’s ear.

Nini was obediently nodded.

Then countless Vine Whip surged in the middle of the scene.

Oh la la.

Vine Whip kept weaving in the air, making a harsh noise.

In the eyes of everyone puzzled.

The prototype of a palm began to appear.

“What’s going on! Let’s talk about it again, Red & White Corporation actually summoned Snivy!”

“Is it so novel and high-end now?” The commentary was full of surprise.

At this moment, Vine Whip is compiled.

In the middle of the field, a huge palm appeared, and the middle finger was raised high.

The whole game is boiling.

Accompanied by screaming and laughing.

“This is definitely the best performance of the year! So creative!”

“Look at the face of Representative Matt! I swear, he can’t wait to tear up the Red & White Corporation now!” As the commentator laughed, the camera turned to Representative Matt.

At this moment, his complexion is gloomy can drip out of water.

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