Pokemon Creation Chapter 308

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“Fack! Does Red & White Corporation really think it is the world’s number one gene company?”

From the top of Matts, roars spread throughout the room.

Then came the sound of item smashing.

“We can’t lose this game! We absolutely can’t lose!”


In the field.

“Welcome to the best-looking gene duel in the world. I am today’s Host, grandma.” In the center of the platform, a host with a nice face was holding a microphone and started hosting.

“Red & White Corporation and the Matts Group are communicating at a conference. Today, a year later, the Matts Group issued a duel application, and the fame and fortune Red & White Corporation accepted the duel without hesitation.”

“At this moment, the second game of the duel will be held at this time in the largest stadium in country B.”

“I believe the audience at the scene can’t wait.”

“Then the game is about to begin. Both players, Shenhu and Mew are ready.”

“Friendly reminder, please don’t teach your Genetic Organism Mimic 2 players. Otherwise, your family members may lose 1.”

After talking nonsense, Host quietly pushed to the platform.

The audience began to cheer.

The first link.

Decide on Barrage hand and hitter.

“Two Pokemons will play rock, paper, scissors, and the winner can choose first.”

Rock Scissors



Mew Psychic’s transformed palm fell from the sky and smashed the platform in front of the fox.

The audience freezes.

Shenhu looked at his fisted palm blankly, and then looked at the platform in front of him that seemed to have suffered Earthquake Normal collapse. He shivered suddenly.

The murderous aura and fighting spirit in his eyes receded like a tide.

md, this is not a monster, is it?


The whole game is boiling.

“The duel hasn’t started yet, but it’s over!”

“How powerful is this. Is this move a legendary hand built from the sky?” the commentator roared hoarsely.

They tore off the tie of their suit roughly and shouted like Barbarians.

The audience also waved towels and sprayed water bottles in their hands.

For a while, it rained lightly.

“This is Buddha’s Palm! With one palm, you will die, and take your brain out!” China’s commentary is simple and rude.

“This is the essence of Chinese martial arts! This is Pokemon! This is the power of China!”


But Mew, the initiator, is very calm.

He hugged his chest, Levitate was in the air, and serene said, “Miyo (want to learn? I will teach you).”

If you are willing to teach, no one will learn it!

The big beads of sweat slid down the forehead of the representative of Matts Group. At this moment, his hands and feet were cold and stiff, and his heart was full of despair.

“It’s over! The Matts Group will be ruined!”

At this time, a rapid whistle sounded.

Referee is flushed, he already impatient wants to see the next game.

Miyo (I want Barrage).

Mew Levitate was in the air, a faint voice spread throughout the audience.

I want Barrage.

I want Barrage…….

He wants Barrage! ! !

The sluggish god fox’s body shook suddenly!

Echoed Voice is all over my head.

He wants to murder me! ! !

Feeling the cheers and expectations of the scene, and the gaze of Mew Lazily opposite, Shenhu reluctantly manipulated Psychic and raised the bat.


A huge drool sounded.

Sweat dripped from Shenhu’s forehead.

Look at the Mew on the other side.

He first bowed to the cheering audience one after another, appearing polite.

But the god fox knows that the refined in manner Pokemon in front of him is a beast in clothing!

Miyo (thank you all for watching my performance).

Mew is still very polite.

He controlled Psychic and slowly raised the baseball.

Miyo (supersonic ball).

The indifferent voice resounded throughout the audience.


A cold light flashed by, bringing up the fiery-red hair of the god fox.


Following the whistle, everyone realized that the baseball had hit the wall behind Shenhu tightly.


Shenhu swallowed again.

I didn’t see it at all.

“It’s a Mew, and it’s a supersonic ball. No one sees this ball. Let’s watch the machine playback.”

A slowing baseball appeared on the huge LCD screen.

A huge wave of air erupted after the baseball. This wave of air pushed the baseball and flew towards the god fox at a speed hard to see with naked eye.

Less than a second.

The baseball passed the baseball bat at a perfect angle and hit the wall.

“It works!” Referee immediately raised the chess piece.

The audience cheered.

too strong.

Many people even compare Mew with Charizard, the strongest battle strength in the ranch.

Finally they were shocked to find out!

Maybe Mew is stronger!

More terrifying.

You know, Mew who made such a fierce attack showed no signs of malaise at all.

These Psychic controls seem to be a piece of cake for him!

“3 It’s no longer a dream to get out of the game! In my opinion, this game is going to lose!” The commentary was almost incoherent.

He has commented on countless games with very different strengths, but none like this one.

The effect is full!

2nd shot!

Miyo (outside spin serve).


The baseball flew to the god fox again, this time not fast.

Shenhu’s eyes widened and he controlled the baseball bat intently!

This time, he wants to win!

“The speed at this time is far worse than the first shot. It seems that the consumption of Mew on the first shot is still huge.” The commentator immediately explained.

call out.

The baseball soon came in front of the god fox.

See it!

I saw!

Shenhu’s eyes narrowed.


The long baseball bat swung vigorously.


The corner of Shenhu’s mouth suddenly aroused a confident smile.

“What’s the matter?” The commentary sounded suddenly.

A flying baseball in the air should be perfectly hit by a baseball bat according to its trajectory.


He suddenly stopped in the air, and began to spin frantically.

Is it!

The thought of Shenhu flashed past.


With a light sound, the baseball changed its trajectory in the air, moving towards a weird direction.


Shenhu missed.


2rd ball.

“So that’s how it is, an external spin serve, no wonder the speed is not as good as a sonic ball.”

“Because the core of the external spin serve lies in the rotation, in the changing trajectory in the air.”

“No one can predict the unknown trajectory.”

“Compared to the sonic ball, the external spin serve is more difficult to control! As expected! Mew player!”

Miyo (hum).

Mew slightly lowered the baseball cap on his head (I don’t know when it came in).

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