Pokemon Creation Chapter 309

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3rd ball.

Amidst the roar of the audience, Mew narrowed his eyes.

Miyo (lore! Sonic Boom ball).

Shenhu stayed on the spot, slowly closing his eyes.

Since you can’t resist, just enjoy it.


Red hair blows up.

The sound of breaking wind in my ears.


There was a loud noise behind him.

The god fox stood upright with his eyes closed, not at all discolored by it.

The air was filled with the smell of gunpowder smoke.


It exploded.

I was also…

3 Vibrated.

Mew’s voice sounded in the distance, “Miyo (you are still far behind).”

It belongs to the age of the god fox…

It ended before it started.


Shenhu’s body fell heavily on the platform.

He could no longer stand up.


In the field at the moment.

At that moment the baseball was long gone.

There was a huge hole in the wall behind the god fox.

The platform is already in a mess.

Look at Mew again.

His expression is hidden under the baseball cap.

The indifferent voice slowly sounded, “Miyo (this is the finale I gave you).”

With cheers echoing in his ears, the representative of Matts Group didn’t know how he got out of the stadium.

He only remembers that the sky was blue that day, and Matt was dead.

“Mr. Stephen King, you are suspected of using illegal medicine against Genetic Organism and causing the death of Genetic Organism. Please follow us back to the police station to assist in the investigation.”

“Mr. Stephen King, may I ask if the instruction for the injection of illegal medicine by the Genetic Organism is from the top of the group or is it your own initiative?”

As soon as he left the stadium, Representative Matts was surrounded by Reporter groups, and a group of black clothed police moved towards him, with shackles in their hands.

“I’m innocent, I don’t know anything!” The representative raised his hand and looked innocent.


The shackles were fiercely handcuffed to his hands.

He was escorted into a police car.

“Mr. Stephen, please answer!”

“Mr. Stephen! Who is responsible for this illegal medicine injection…”

The police car’s door closed forcefully, stopping the crazy Reporters behind.


“Matts Group injected illegal medicine into Shenhu during the duel. This cannot be tolerated by the international community! So, here, we should boycott Matts Group!”

Internationally, the crusade against the Matts Group has intensified.

This world has strict controls on illegal medicines.

They also pay more attention to sportsmanship.

even more how This is a duel.

The losing party is likely to become a stepping stone for the other party.

In this case, it was also found to use illegal medicine.

Matt’s group is over.


Numerous large corporations have cleared the relationship with Matts Group.

The former close partners can’t wait to get in.

“Matt’s group is over.” On the plane, Li Qiuran sighed.

He still remembers the scene that day.

After being shaken by 3, the sacred fox fell to the ground and lost his breath.

The god fox in this situation will naturally be sent for inspection.

So this check.

I found out the major event.

Shenhu was injected with illegal medicine.

So it will lead to death.

This should also be the negligence of Matts Group.

Since this is the first injection of this medicine, their dose is not at all controlled.

Coupled with the emotional ups and downs of the Shenhu.

So all of a sudden I burped.

This time the direction of public opinion is all aimed at the Matts Group.

Illegal duel!

This can’t be washed.

For a while, the popularity of Matt’s group of onlookers even surpassed Mew.



People rushed to tell each other.

The international giant gene company and Matts Group were all beaten up by Red & White Corporation.

“Doduo is at your service! Doduo is at your service! Congratulations to Red & White Corporation for your victory! Free today! Doduo is at your service!” White-haired Doduo shouted vigorously and seriously.


Countless Pidegeotto Fly in the air, and they threw their congratulatory quotations to the crowd.

Than (Congratulations to Red & White Corporation).

And Catterpies.

They knit their own silk thread into two words “Victory”.

He also asked the shovel officer to take pictures and put them on the website.

Ponyta wore a special cheering outfit, rushing through the finish line with absolute advantage, and won the 1st place.

For a while, the whole country was cheering and carnival.

This is not only a victory for Red & White Corporation, but also a victory for China.

Smeargle comics are launched to commemorate this day.

There is also a special dlc for Pokemon online games.

Players can Role Play Mew in the game!

And Mew’s ability!

Strong explosion!

After waking up briefly from the joy of victory, people began to analyze Mew’s battle strength.

It’s so mysterious.

“According to the destructive power at the scene, I think Mew is more powerful than Charizard! Moreover, Psychic does not consume him much.” An audience commented.

He also uploaded a picture of Mew relaxing in the sky.

There are naturally a lot of likes below.

But there are also Charizard stations.

“One year has passed, and no one knows the true strength of Charizard. In my opinion, Mew’s Psychic is good, but its defensive power should be very low.”

“So in terms of fault tolerance, Charizard is much higher.”

From the picture, the little Mew looks really fragile.

“For Mew, defenses are nothingness. Their Psychic is enough to keep Charizard from getting close to him.” This is another way of saying.

“And according to the current information, Mew’s Psychic is not very expensive! So for Charizard, this will be a tough battle.”

When the internet is too noisy.

Red & White Corporation’s official website has updated Mew’s data.



Psychic Type

New species of Pokemon

Mew is full of wisdom, curiosity, innocence and selfless dedication. At the same time, Mew is incredibly adaptable, able to freely shuttle in the water and soar in the air.

Mew has all Pokémon genes, and it can learn almost all Pokémon moves.

As soon as the information came out, the network suddenly boiled!

They found that they still underestimated Mew’s abilities.

He could learn all the abilities.

This also means that he has mastered the Ability of all elemental systems?

Not only that, Mew’s personality is also very good

Kindness, curiosity, naive.

Coupled with the look of the sky!

This is a perfect Pokemon.

At the same time, Red & White Corporation also specially posted a new Weibo.

Mew, the strongest Pokemon known.

We named him his new title.

Legendary Beast!

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