Pokemon Creation Chapter 310

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Legendary Beast!

This title only exists in legends.

Now, Mew is dubbed this title.

Then speculate based on the performance in the duel.

But suddenly discovered that the title of Legendary Beast is not too much.

Mew’s ability is truly unimaginable.


“In addition to the powerful Psychic accident, Mew also has an ability that other Pokemon don’t have.” In the latest video from Red & White Corporation, Mew stands in the open space.

Beside him is an ordinary Charmander.


As Mew screamed, his figure began to distort and blur.

In just a few seconds, he became Charmander’s appearance.


Mew after Transform sent out Growl exactly like Charmander.

At this moment, the narration sounded slowly.

“Mew has the ability to transform. He can transform into any Pokemon and item.”

This video immediately caused a huge response from the outside world.


What an incredible ability this is.

Compared to Psychic.

Transform is even more shocking.

Transform can completely change the structure of Pokemon within the body, etc.

This cannot be explained by science.

“Mew, I blow! Charizard is definitely not an opponent.” Many Mews started to blow.

Other Pokemon fans suddenly retreated.


Inside the Red & White Corporation at this moment.

Various data are displayed on the computer screen.

In front of the computer, a small red machine is placed in front.

The small machine is square.

There are several hidden USB ports around him.

A data cable connects it to the computer.

“Copy all Pokemon information from the official website to Pokédex, including those that have not been released.”

Li Qiuran commanded.

“Okay, Boss.” The white clothed man wearing glasses was slightly nodded, and his fingers quickly operated on the keyboard.

“Boss, is Pokemon Pokédex numbered #1 to #151 okay.”


“#148-150 and other individual figures are currently not available, and Black question marks will be displayed.”

The white clothed man said while operating.

It didn’t take long for the data to be transferred successfully.

Li Qiuran satisfied Pokemon Pokédex in his hand.

Pokemon Pokédex can be opened, at first glance, but like a game console.

After opening the Pokemon Pokédex, there is a small water crystal bead similar to a camera on the lid of Pokédex.

That pearl can scan the Pokemon in front of you and give relevant data.

“Meowth, come here.” Li Qiuran moved towards Meowth playing in the distance and beckoned.

“What are you doing!” Meowth looked puzzled, and eagerly ran over.

“Is there any food, meow?”

Li Qiuran smiled mysteriously, and then a white light shot from the machine towards Meowth.

“Meow?” In Meowth’s surprised eyes.

The machine displayed the data in Pokédex, and a slightly dull machine sound rang.


Cat Pokemon

I like shiny things.

Very agile, with Gold Coin on his head.

“Meow?” Meowth was taken aback, and hurriedly jumped onto Li Qiuran’s arm, his little hand cautiously slapped Pokemon Pokédex, “The machine has spoken!”

“Be careful, don’t break it.” Li Qiuran whispered, feeling very satisfied with Pokédex’s performance.

“With this thing, the Trainer era can finally be opened.” Li Qiuran put Pokédex away.

Subsequently, it was ordered to vigorously produce Pokemon Pokédex.


Inside the school.

Jin Keke finally finished the one-day course and is now moving towards home.

There was a Poké Ball pinned to her waist and Huahua was in it.

“Come out, Huahua.”

In the envious eyes of others, Jin Keke threw the Poké Ball out in a mid-2 position.


Huahua suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

And Poké Ball flew back to Jin Keke in an arc.


Huahua looked awake and scratched his head lightly.

“Huahua is still so cute!” Jin Keke’s classmates immediately rushed forward and held Huahua in his arms for a while.

Now Jin Keke will bring Poké Ball to school.

During the break, Huahua was placed in the playground to play.

Occasionally, Teacher will take care of Huahua instead.

It can be said that Huahua will become the school’s mascot.

Everyone likes this cute Charmander without any battle strength.

As Little Darling held in the palm of everyone’s hands, Huahua said that she was daunted every time she played.

So far she didn’t know why she always appeared and disappeared suddenly.

In such a cheerful atmosphere, a group of people moved towards home together.

“Ah! Pokemon Pokédex is out!” Suddenly, a student screamed.

He is holding his cell phone.

Everyone gathered around to check.

The latest Weibo from Red & White Corporation:

“Pokemon Pokédex will be released in a week, only to Trainer and researchers.”

A related small video is also attached below Weibo.

“Oh my God, Pokédex is out, Trainer is completely physical.” Jin Keke looked excited.

In fact, Pokemon Pokédex is not a secret thing.

A few months ago, Pokemon Pokédex was updated in the Pokemon online game.

At that time, people knew something about Pokemon Pokédex.

Pokemon Pokédex is also mentioned in the career introduction on Pokemon’s official website.

Pokemon Pokédex: Items necessary for adventurers, trainers, and researchers, can detect the location of Pokemon information, and can log in to the Pokemon forum.

It can be said.

Pokemon Pokédex is a mobile phone equivalent to Pokemon world.

People’s expectations for Pokemon Pokédex are very high.

After all, scanning Pokemon to get information is all high-tech thinking about it.

“Buy! Must buy!” Jin Keke made a decision immediately.

So she immediately took Huahua into Poké Ball, moved towards the house and ran away.

She wants to discuss with her parents.

at home.

Jin Keke held the Pokemon Trainer id card tightly in his hand.

She is an ordinary Trainer.

Pokemon Trainer is also divided into Level.

Big Level, normal, Pokemon.

In the back are Gym and Elite, champions and so on.

There are also 10 small levels in the big level.

They are 1-1Level 0 respectively.

Each level can enjoy different privileges.

The upgrade is simple.

Participate in Pokemon competitions or receive Pokemon commissions.

Pokemon commission is just an idea thrown by the government.

No action has been taken yet.

The general content is to let Trainer accept daily commissions and use Pokemon to help others.

such as.

Let the Squirtle Water Spout gun go to the car wash and so on.

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