Pokemon Creation Chapter 311

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Pokemon in the forest.

A small group of people are walking cautiously among them.

The Leading Guide watched all around warily.

Even if he had been to Pokemon Forest several times, he did not dare to neglect the slightest.

Because the students in the team are the pillars of China’s future.

Following Guide is a researcher wearing a white coat and black-rimmed glasses.

He held the red Pokemon Pokédex impressively in his hand.

A group of students followed him.

But these students also seem to have twenty seven-eight.

They are all laboratory interns.

Will join Laboratory in the future.

This time they came to Pokemon Forest for a simple purpose.

The first is to provide interns with knowledge of various Pokemon.

The second is the experiment Pokemon Pokédex.

Although Pokemon Pokédex has not yet been sold on the market, major laboratories have already received several.

In the past few days, researchers from all major laboratories have devoted themselves to studying Pokemon Pokédex.

“I have Pokemon Pokédex. Pokemon Pokédex can detect all the information of Pokemon.” The researcher said to the interns.

“I believe you have all learned about it. Then I repeat it here. Our Laboratory is the Pokemon Laboratory recently opened by the country. Our task is to detect Pokemon information and update the information at any time.”

The researcher talked freely.

“And every researcher can receive an exclusive Pokemon in the Red & White Corporation ranch.”

The researcher gave a mysterious smile, and then threw Poké Ball.


A Beedrill appeared in front of everyone.

The sharp double thorns flashed cold light in the sun, making people shudder.

“I chose the unicorn. After being raised, he successfully evolved into a Beedrill. Beedrill’s combat ability is excellent and it can protect my safety well.”

While speaking, the researcher raised his arm, and Beedrill flapped its wings and landed on his arm.

Beedrill’s expression brings intimacy, which makes interns envious.

“This is a very good welfare!” The researcher smiled slightly.

The interns below suddenly showed expressions of emotion.

In fact, many people choose to join this laboratory for the purpose of obtaining a Pokemon.

“Of course, if you successfully pass the test, you can immediately go to Red & White Corporation to receive Pokemon.”

“But!” the researcher paused.

“I hope you don’t worry. According to internal sources, Red & White Corporation is about to launch Electric Type Pokemon.”

After the words, the interns were in an uproar.

An intern disabled to bear raised his hand and asked: “Electric Type! Currently Red & White Corporation is not involved in this field.”

“Yes, none of the Pokemon currently on the market has an Electric Type! But according to reliable sources, they have already mastered the technology of Electric Type.” The researcher explained with a smile.

“That’s why the country established Pokemon Laboratory.”

“In the future, Pokemon’s influence will become greater and greater! And China is to seize this opportunity to become a Pokemon country!”

The interns below were surprised, and they all made a decision quietly in their hearts.

Catch up with this trend of the times bus!


At this moment, Guide’s step one stopped.

His Pokemon, the long-tailed monkey brought him a response in front.

“The territory of the unicorn is ahead.” The leader reminded.

This is the first destination of the research team.

The researcher was slightly nodded, and then the Beedrill on his arm flew to the unicorn territory to negotiate first.

“The most important thing in this Pokemon forest is to respect Pokemon. They are alive just like you and me. We respect them, and they will treat us friendly.” The researcher did not forget to say.

Soon after, Beedrill flew back and moved towards a group of people nodded.

“Okay! Keep up with me.” Guide slightly nodded, and then the entire group slowly stepped into the territory of the unicorn.

In the territory of the unicorn.

Countless unicorns rest on the ground, and occasionally some Beedrill stays on the tree.

They were wary of the team of researchers.

In the Beedrill queue, an exceptionally strong Beedrill stands at the forefront.

There is a deep scar on his face.

It looks fierce.

Guide moved forward slightly and bowed.

“Hello, Sir Beedrill Boss. This time we are just here to visit.”

Guide is very polite, smooth and proficient throughout the process.

Obviously the same scene has happened countless times.

Beedrill Boss slightly nodded.

After getting permission, the researcher took out Pokemon Pokédex and started testing.

He pointed Pokédex at a crawling unicorn.


“One-horned bug, Bug Type Pokemon, watch out for the Poison Barb above your head.”

Pokemon Pokédex then emits electronic sounds.

Various data about unicorns appeared on the screen.

“Very amazing machine.” The interns whispered.

After that, the researcher began testing against other Pokemon.

The performance of Pokemon Pokédex is more amazing than expected.

It can not only scan out Pokemon’s name.

It can also scan Pokemon’s length, height, and weight.

After a series of tests, everyone bid farewell to Beedrill and continued to move towards the deep forest.

“Pokemon Pokédex will be popular in the future, and each of you has the opportunity to get exclusive Pokemon Pokédex.” Researcher said with a smile.

Then the entire group wandered in the forest for a day.

They also roughly understood the functions of Pokemon Pokédex.

That night, many interns made a choice.

They want to continue their studies in the Laboratory.

Inside the Red & White Corporation laboratory.

Li Qiuran looked serious.

In front of him is a special gene slot.

The seeds of a lesson Yellow in the gene slot are brewing.

“Electric Type gene input is finished, but what is still missing.” Li Qiuran thought for a moment.

Then he invested new genetic seeds.


After a few minutes, the seeds in the gene slot lost their signs of life.

He failed.

“What a pity! Almost a little bit.” Li Qiuran looked regretful.

He is trying to make an Electric Type Pokemon.

But obviously, the first attempt failed.

He stood in place thinking, summarizing the experience insights along the way.

“Electric Type is not a big problem. The problem is animal genes.”

“The cat seems to have failed at the moment. Maybe the mouse can try.”

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