Pokemon Creation Chapter 312

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Speaking of Electric Type mice, Li Qiuran’s first reaction came to mind.

Image of Pikachu.

But Pokemon is different from what we thought.

Mouse genes may not make Pikachu.

and so.

Now Pikachu is the ultimate goal!

Li Qiuran cheered himself up like this.

Besides, he was curious whether Pikachu was fluffy or smooth, just like Charmander.


A few days later.

In response to the request of GF Pokemon customers to treat Pokemon.

Construction of the new Pokemon building begins.

In the previous days, Pokemon was sick and could only take the bitter medicine from the Pokemon store.

Although it can be cured by medicine, it still has a big impact on Pokemon’s mood.

No Pokemon likes bitter taste.

Therefore, during this time, Red & White Corporation has begun to build a treatment center.

Relevant information can be found on the official website of Red & White Corporation.

Jin Keke in the live broadcast room.

“Hello everyone. Long time no see!” Jin Keke’s joyous voice sounded in the live broadcast room.

At this moment, Present is full screen flying.

There are countless barrages of complaints.

“The return of the missing.”

“Since Keke has Pokémon, the live broadcast time has changed.”

“I heard that Keke became a Trainer?”

Jin Keke looked at the barrage with a smile.

Then he said: “The anchor officially announced that I am now Trainer! Pokemon Trainer.” Jin Keke raised his head proudly.

“The weakest Pokemon Trainer.” At this moment, the barrage Frillish flew over these words.

Jin Keke’s angry little face flushed immediately, and he yelled unwillingly, “What the weakest Trainer! Does Huahua still have a hand? You haven’t fought with me, how do you know I’m weak!”

Then came some strange words.

“You didn’t realize the true power of Huahua at all.”

“Selling cuteness is the strongest weapon.”

“You were sentenced to death under the bed.”

“Do not accept to fight.”

A lively atmosphere suddenly spread in the live broadcast room.

“Cough cough.” Jin Keke suddenly became serious. He opened the web page and started searching for Red & White Corporation, and said, “I believe everyone is understood.”

“Pokemon Centre is under construction.”

When the words fell, the barrage soared.

“That must be! I am also a man with Pokemon.”

“I’m going to the treatment center to apply for Nurse.”

Jin Keke looked at a black line at the cheerful barrage.

This is the Pokemon Trainer level per capita.

“Cough cough, as the handle of the Pokemon anchor.” Jin Keke tried to attract the attention of the barrage, but didn’t want to suffer all kinds of ridicule.

“It’s getting started! Jin Keke’s daily blowing session.”

“Hold a hammer!”

Jin Keke coughed awkwardly, and then entered the subject.

“A few days ago, I received a private message from Red & White Corporation.”

When the words fell, the barrage was suddenly reduced.

Jin Keke continued with a smug look: “I haven’t deleted that email now. The rough idea is that the treatment center is about to open.”

“And as Paragon vip, I enjoy the first 3 free privileges.”

“The treatment center provides Pokemon treatment and daily physical examinations!”

Jin Keke looked smug.

She has decided to take the 3 little cuties in the family for free medical examination.

After speaking, the barrage suddenly appeared envy, jealousy and hatred.

“Isn’t it free, cut!”

“I also need to go!”

“Upstairs, first you need a Pokemon.”

Looking at the cheerful barrage, Jin Keke’s eyes narrowed into crescent shapes.

She decided to continue breaking the news.

“Do you know the equipment in the treatment center?”

Seeing Jin Keke’s mysterious face, the barrage began to speculate.

I saw Jin Keke shook his finger and said, “You never imagined that Pokemon is responsible for the treatment!”

“The main medical means of the entire treatment center will be Pokemon, Nurse and a small amount of equipment that can be treated!”

However, this time, Jin Keke’s words did not surprise the barrage too much.

“I guess it already.”

“There are already Igglybuffs in hospitals that can treat hypnosis. It is not uncommon for Red & White Corporation to create Pokemon specializing in treatment.”

At this time, the barrage broke another message.

“I heard that Red & White Corporation is studying Electric Type Pokemon, and it will appear soon.”

“However, Electric Type Pokemon will be given priority to members of major laboratories.”

This barrage immediately attracted Jin Keke’s attention.

The elemental creatures of this world are roughly divided into water, fire, ice, and electricity.

The Red & White Corporation has only created two systems of water and fire so far.

Many fans who love Electric Type creatures are waiting hard.

Now their wait will bear fruit.

The atmosphere in the live broadcast room is getting higher and higher.

Jin Keke immediately started a discussion about Pokemon with the water friends.


the other side.

Southeast of the ranch.

That area was blocked by a tight wall.

There is a wooden door at the wall.

Several breeders guarded the door.

The Pokemon stood by and watched curiously.

From time to time, there will be a few Pokemon serving tea and water to the keepers, trying to get through the barrier and enter this area.

But none of them succeeded.

within the area.

A team of workers are working hard.

It’s weird.

The workers in this team are all wearing heavy sweaters.

You know it’s only autumn now.

The temperature in this area is below 0 degrees.

“Huhuhu! Unexpectedly, I would wear a coat in such a cool season.” A worker said with a smile while he was busy.

“Yes! Red & White Corporation can really think of it as building an ice park.” Another worker called.

“Are they going to create ice attribute Pokemon.” A worker couldn’t help but stunned secretly.

ice attribute creatures are extremely rare in this World.

The difficulty of creation is far beyond that of Fire and Water Type.

“Okay, stop chatting, everyone work harder and try to finish this week.” The worker leader interrupted the workers’ whispers.

He still remembers when he received this order.

He refused at first.

Wearing heavy clothes to work is very exhausting.

But the client could not bear being introduced by an acquaintance.

Moreover, the commission for this commission is very generous.

After completing this commission, I can rest for a lot of months.

So after discussing with the workers, he still received the commission.

The ice attribute feeding area has taken shape.

In the center is a lake.

But the lake is almost frozen.

The entire meadow was completely transformed into snow.

The sunlight in the sky does not bring too high temperature at all, on the contrary it is still very weak.

The breeding area is cold and windy.

People can’t help but wonder.

“Why is Red & White Corporation so powerful? These high-techs are too strong?” The worker leader exclaimed.

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