Pokemon Creation Chapter 313

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Soon after, the construction of the first treatment center in S city was completed.

On the first day the treatment center opened, there was a long queue outside.

Almost all families with Pokemon in S city have come.

“Hello everyone, I am the anchor Liangliang, and now I will bring you the situation inside the treatment center.”

Outside the treatment center, a female anchor holds a microphone and smiles.

“We can see that there are a lot of people in line outside, and new customers are coming continuously.”

In the lens.

There has been a long queue in front of red’s treatment center.

Besides the long queue, there are many onlookers whispering.

In the long queue, many family Pokemon followed, forming a wonderful scenery.

Therefore, many onlookers were reluctant to leave, but took out their mobile phones to take pictures.

“Then now let us interview the customers who have finished the treatment.” The female anchor said bluntly.

Then twisted Xiaoman’s waist and walked forward on high heels.

The big brother of the camera behind her hurriedly followed.

Come to the gate of the treatment center.

At this moment people coming, people going.

There are many customers who enter and leave.

Through the constantly opening and closing doors, we can see that the interior decoration of the treatment center is biased towards pink.

It looks very warm.

The female anchor stopped a customer who was about to leave and interviewed: “Sir, what do you think of the treatment center’s services?”

The man holds a lively dragon and animated tiger Snivy in his arms, with a satisfied expression on his face.

“The treatment center service is very fast and very effective. It took me ūüŹ†Snivy to recover completely in just half an hour.”

Then the man showed a somewhat sorry look on his face, his face was slightly red, “Also, Nurse Joy is really attractive.”

After speaking, he quickly left here.

“Nurse Joy?” The female anchor was confused, but her good professional ethics made her smile at the camera. “The first customer praised the treatment center very well. Let us interview the second.”

Then she stopped a male customer again.

Facing the camera, this male customer looked very gentleman.

He stroked his hair lightly and said: “The service is perfect, and Pokemon is also very enjoyable. Also, Nurse Joy is really attractive.”

After speaking, the man bowed slightly to the camera and walked away quickly.

“Nurse Joy is who are you?” The female anchor became even more puzzled.

She then interviewed several male customers, and their words were basically the same.

Nurse Joy is so attractive!

Finally, the female anchor interviewed a female customer.

Facing the camera, the female customer showed the look of a nympho.

“The service is great! Nurse Joy is so cute! So beautiful!”

At this point, the female anchor decided to find out.

“Let us now enter the treatment center to see the beautiful Nurse Joy.”

Poké Ball patterns hang on the door of the treatment center.

As soon as the female anchor approaches the back door, it opens automatically.

The environment inside the treatment center is at a glance.

The treatment center is small, and you can see a counter as soon as you enter the door.

A woman wearing white clothed stands at the counter.

There is a computer next to the counter and 2 tables around it.

Chairs surround the table.

The female anchor looked towards the white clothed woman.

Her pink hair fell to her shoulders, her skin was rosy and she had a gentle smile on her face.

Just seeing this lady, the female anchor suddenly calmed down.

“It’s really charming.” She muttered in a low voice.

“Hello, welcome.” Nurse Joy, the white clothed woman bowed slightly, said.

“You still, I’m here to visit and interview.” The female anchor stepped forward.

“Okay.” Joy smiled slightly.

The whole treatment center seems to be warmed by wind.

The Trainers waiting around couldn’t help smiling.

The female anchor stood side by side very sensibly, not at all to hinder Joy.

She looked towards Joy.

There is a strange machine beside Joy.

It is like a game table Normal.

There are several Poké Balls lying on the table.

“What equipment is that?” The female anchor was a little confused.

“This is a machine designed to cure Pokemon. It’s amazing.” As if seeing the female anchor’s doubts, the surrounding Trainer said with a smile.

The machine can heal most simple injuries very quickly.

At this time, the door behind Joy opened, and a Chansey wearing a Nurse uniform walked out of it.

She held a Poké Ball in her hand.

A Charmander can be seen in Poké Ball.

“Mr. Zhang, your Charmander has been treated. It almost hurts the bone this time. You must be careful next time.” Joy took Pok√© Ball and said.

One of the Trainers immediately trot forward, bowing and thanking.

“Thank you, Nurse Joy, I am really worried about Charmander.”

Joy smiled mildly, “It’s normal for Charmander to be naughty at this age, but you should pay more attention not to let him hurt yourself.”

Trainer was nodded gratefully.

He then released Charmander.

Charmander looks full of energy and has been completely recovered.

“It’s amazing! Thank you.” Trainer thanked again.

“Wow! What is that Pokemon?” The female anchor looked curious.

“That’s Chansey! Pokemon that can assist in healing.” A Trainer replied on the side.

“Relevant information has been released on the official website.”

The female anchor hurriedly checked the website, and she really let her see it.



Egg-shaped Pokemon

There is a pocket in Chansey’s belly, which contains a very nutritious egg.

Chansey is a gentle Pokémon. When it sees an injured Pokémon, it will share the nutritious eggs with each other.

“Dear viewers, I believe everyone has seen it.

There is a charming Nurse Joy, a lovely Pokemon Chansey, and some treatment equipment in the Pokemon Centre.

Compared with other genetic hospitals, the equipment in the treatment center can be called primitive.

But they have received unanimous praise. “

Many Trainers watching TV suddenly couldn’t sit still.

They booked the tickets quickly.

The capabilities of the treatment center have been proven.

Then it’s time to do a personal check on your Pokemon.

During this time, Pokemon Centre was crowded.

Therefore, the treatment center opened an appointment function.

Customers can make an appointment through the official website.

This way, there is no need to line up on site.

This move received a full house of applause!

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