Pokemon Creation Chapter 314

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A few days later, the operation of the treatment center was on track.

Their enthusiasm has also faded a lot.

The long queues in the treatment center of the original city are finally no longer.

The onlookers also finished eating the melons, doing their own things, and looking for their own mothers.

Suddenly there is a new one on the Internet forum.


“Nurse Joy is so charming.”

“She’s so gentle.”

Most of the posts in the bar are similar compliments.

Of course, there are still many people discussing Chansey.

This magical Pokemon.

Some insiders have revealed, “I have seen Chansey treating Pokemon. The eggs in her pocket can refresh Pokemon.”

Seeing so many good reviews, the Jin Keke family couldn’t sit still.

Just the past few days, the little bad guy also looked a little uncomfortable, so they organized a group to the treatment center.

Jin Keke is carrying Huahua, Jin Keke mother is holding the little villain, and father is holding Bulbasaur Little June.

Jin Keke’s father has already made an appointment on the official website a few days ago, so they don’t need to wait.

It didn’t take long for the Jin Keke family to reach the door of the treatment center.

The little villain hiding in Mother’s arms is rarely worried.


She cautiously grabbed Mother’s arm, full of anxiety and tension at the treatment center in front of her.

“Don’t be afraid! It’s okay, just do a check.” Jin Keke mother comforted the little villain.


Huahua next to Jin Keke tilted his head and looked puzzled.

What is the inspection? Can you eat it?

Da Na?

Bulbasaur Little June stretched out Vine Whip and scratched his head.


Jin Keke’s family walked into the treatment center, and Jin Keke’s father asked the family to sit down at the table.

Then he walked to the computer next to the treatment center.

Log in to your Pokemon account and print out the list of successful appointments.

Then he walked to the counter.

Put the list down neatly on the stage.

“Hello, Mr. Jin, there are 3 Pokemon, Snivy, Charmander and Bulbasaur on the appointment at 20:3 pm.”

At the front desk is the newly recruited little girl, Nurse Joy and Chansey are treating Pokemon inside the treatment center.

“Okay, please wait.” The front desk politely picked up the list, and then entered the number into the computer.

“Please wait for 5 minutes next to you, Nurse Joy will soon end the previous treatment.”

Under the sign, Jin Keke father returned to his seat and waited quietly.

After 5 minutes, the door behind the front desk suddenly opened.

Nurse Joy walked out holding a Pidegeotto, behind her was Chansey wearing a nurse uniform.

Pidegeotto rested trustingly in Joy’s arms, his little head constantly searching for his master.

“Mr. Zhang, your Pidegeotto has been completely recovered.” The front desk shouted after some operations in front of the computer.

“Come here.” In the waiting area, a middle-aged man immediately impatient ran over.


Seeing the owner’s Pidegeotto fluttered his wings excitedly.

“Be careful next time.” Nurse Joy stroked Pidegeotto’s feather gently and handed it to the middle-aged man.

“Look, very gentle, don’t be afraid.” Jin Keke mother said to the little villain in her arms.

The little villain is nodded. Seeing that Nurse Joy is so gentle, she is not afraid.


“Mr. Jin, you can bring Pokemon here.” At this moment, the front desk beckoned to Jin Keke’s family.

“This time is Pokemon’s daily physical examination.” Joy looked at the computer data.

“Pokemon’s physical examination is best maintained twice a year. If Pokemon feels uncomfortable, seek medical attention immediately.” While learning medical knowledge, Joy stroked 2 Pokemon’s bodies.

For a moment, she stopped and said, “There is no fracture in the body, and further testing is needed next.”

“Please put their Poké Ball at the front desk.”

Jin Keke’s family obediently followed suit.

Then Chansey stood on tiptoe and hugged Poké Ball in his arms, moved towards the inside.

Then he signaled 3 Pokemon to follow.


The little villain looked anxiously at the family behind him, and hesitated.

Huahua and Little June followed directly heartlessly.

“It’s okay, I’ll be back soon.” Joy kept pacifying the little villain.

Most Pokemon who came to the treatment center for the first time have similar worries.

This is even more necessary to continue to comfort and ease.

“It doesn’t matter, we are here waiting for you.” The Jin Keke family also continued to encourage the little bad guys.

Don’t look at the little bad guys often mischievous.

But her heart is more delicate and fragile than other Pokemon.

After grinding for a long time, the little villain twisted his butt and walked into the medical center reluctantly.

The interior of the medical center is similar to the laboratory, with many instruments and several hospital beds inside.

Some Pokemon are lying in bed.

They are in hospital.

Three Pokemons held hands and followed Joy cautiously.

At this moment, a pink Pokemon came in front of him.

His eyes are sea blue, and there are wavy ears on the 2 sides of his head. At the end of the ear, Mi Yellow’s tentacles dropped. The tail behind him is downy.


Hearing Pokémon

Audino’s hearing is very strong. Through the tentacles on the ears, you can perceive Pokémon’s heartbeat and even subtle radar-like movements. Audino can also use the perception ability of the antennae to feel the emotions of the other party

“Audino, they will give it to you first.” Joy smiled slightly, and after calming the 3 Pokemon, she moved towards the Pokemon in the hospital bed and walked.

Audino tapped three Pokemon’s chests one by one with the yellow tentacles.

Tweet (itch)

With the expressions of 3 Pokemon suffocating smiles, the detection is over.

At this time Joy also came back.

Audino reported for a while, and Joy listened carefully.

“There is no problem with physical function, then next.” Joy waved a small hand.

Chansey eagerly on the side had 3 Poké Balls on the ground.

“Good deeds, enter Poké Ball, elder sister will do the final probe for you.” Joy softly induced 3 Pokemon.

After recovering the Pokemon, she put the Poké Ball on the special instrument.

The instrument will conduct in-depth inspections of Pokemon.

Audino and Chansey on the side took care of the other bed-ridden Pokemon.


after an hour.

The inner door opened, and three Pokemon followed Joy out in the expectant gaze of Jin Keke’s family.

As soon as the 3 Pokemon came out, they threw themselves in the arms of their family members, telling their misses.

“Three Pokemons are very healthy. Snivy has some small colds, but the treatment has been completed. Try not to let her play in cold water during this time.” Nurse Joy said to the Jin Keke family with a smile.

Jin Keke’s family strongly nodded to express their understanding.

The little villain in his arms shrank back and looked innocent.

Afterwards, Jin Keke’s family also gave a thumbs up to the treatment center.

The service is attentive and fast.

Most importantly, Pokemon also likes it.

Like a little villain, the treatment center is no longer rejected.

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