Pokemon Creation Chapter 315

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Jin Keke then posted a compliment to Weibo at the treatment center.

“The treatment center is great! Nurse Joy is so charming!! (smiling face).”

Following the success of the treatment center in S City, Red & White Corporation is already preparing to build treatment centers in other cities.

The information of Nurse Joy was also found by the masses.

The China Joy family.

Most of them are women, and the looks of women are 7-8 points alike.

This made many people exclaimed.

“Why did the Tibetan family such as this treasure be unknown before?”

After that, the Pokemon training ground also began construction.

Many businessmen have found business opportunities. They think Pokemon is the future trend, so investing in Pokemon-related projects is a good idea.

So many companies started to find Red & White Corporation and wanted to cooperate with it.

After the selection, Red & White Corporation chose a partner.

The first Pokemon dedicated training ground in S city officially opened.

This training ground is very different from the traditional training ground.

The traditional training ground is basically an empty battle platform with some equipment listed on the platform.

But the dedicated training ground is different.

They can simulate all kinds of environments, with unique equipment, which can make the training effect twice the results for half the effort.


After the training ground opened, Little Lu hurried away without stopping.

The appearance of the training ground is similar to Gym.

Since it just opened, there are many Pokemon Trainers at the door who want to find out.

After all, the training ground is called Pokemon exclusive, so there must be so 2 brushes.

Smeargle followed Little Lu.

As Charizard is huge and unsuitable for showing up, he was included in the ball.

They crossed the crowd and walked into it.

When you open the door, you can see the front desk of the training ground. A beautiful girl is smiling, “Welcome to the Pokemon training ground.”

“Excuse me, I want to train Pokemon.” Little Lu quickly walked to the front desk, struggling to tiptoe and put his ID on the table.

ID is a Trainer ID specially issued by Red & White Corporation. Trainer can recharge the ID, and the ID can be consumed in any Red & White Corporation’s depressed store.

It’s a small credit card.

“Please wait a moment.” The front desk took the ID and started to operate in front of the computer ably.

She put the Id on the special instrument first, and with the light sound of the machine, Little Lu’s information was immediately displayed on the computer screen.

“Renchuan Lulu Young Lady, you are…Heavens! Elite!” The receptionist covered her mouth in surprise, and then said respectfully.

“You can enjoy permanent free privileges in our training ground, and we have prepared a dedicated VIP training venue for you.”

Little Lu nodded, “Then give me the whole one.”

Feeling the envy of the surrounding eyes, Little Lu was calm.

“Please wait a moment.” The front desk moved quickly.

For a moment, she lifts the head and respectfully handed the Id back to Little Lu.

Then a woman dressed as a waiter next to her stepped forward, “Please follow me.”

Under the leadership, two people entered the interior of the building.

The entrance is a long and straight corridor with countless gates on the second side of the corridor.

Behind each door is a small training ground.

Soon, Little Lu led him to Room 36D.

There is a golden crown on the number plate above the gate.

This is the sign of the VIP room.


The door opened, and the goal was an empty training field close to 400 square meters.

This training ground is brightly lit and the floor material is very strong.

Duo Lu!

Smeargle stepped on the floor curiously, and suddenly made a dull noise.

It’s quite sturdy, I should be able to toss it for a while by myself.

“This is the largest room. It can currently support any Pokemon training, including Charizard.” The leader smiled.

Little Lu’s ownership of Charizard is basically as everyone knows.

This is the second Charizard in the world.

And it’s a Charizard full of muscles.

“Come out, Charizard.” Little Lu threw the Poké Ball out.


In Smeargle’s contemptuous gaze, Charizard burst into a loud roar as soon as he came out.

He has been holding back in Poké Ball for a long time.

The guide’s face was a little pale, after all, he was just an ordinary worker, and he would still be timid the first time he entered a ferocious Pokemon like Charizard.

“This is the guide for the room.” The guide tremblingly took out a notebook and handed it to Little Lu, then fled, “I wish you a happy training.”


The door is closed.

“Yo Xi, let me study it.” Little Lu opened the notebook.

After 5 minutes, she walked to the left of the room seemingly.

There is a computer on the left near the wall.

She can operate on the computer to change the settings of the training ground.

She pressed the power button hard.

“Welcome, Trainer Little Lu, please choose the environment.”

Four options of grass, plain, desert, river, and forest appeared on the computer screen.

“It’s amazing! Can you choose all of these?” Little Lu was so surprised that he couldn’t help but discuss with the Pokemon, they chose Plain.

“The plain environment can provide Pokemon training for all body types. Please take Pokemon back into the ball.”

Little Lu did.

“Please stand above the Yellow floor.” Little Lu looked all around, and found a Yellow area at a position to the left and right of his five meters.

When she stood up, the machine sounded again.

“Please stand still, the venue is about to change.


With a dull sound.

A small fence suddenly appeared above the Yellow floor to surround Little Lu, and then the Yellow floor began to rise slowly.

When it is away from Ground ten meters.

The floor below began to change.

They fell like a collapse, and then pieces of new floors rose to replace their original positions.

And the appearance of these floors is really plain green.

You can also see the lush and green grass.

The entire training ground was suddenly filled with a light fragrance of grass.

“Wow, it’s amazing!”

Then the platform descended, and after landing, the fence fell back to the ground.

I also want to hear the sound of the machine.

“Please select auxiliary training Items.”

Little Lu’s body was shaken, and he hurried to the computer.

Many pictures and text appear on the computer screen.

“Low-level training items, little wooden man! Pokemon attack…”

“The low-level is not suitable for me, is there anything else?”

“Top Rank training Items, flame breathing array, covering Pokemon in the machine layout Formation, Pokemon needs to constantly avoid the flames of all around Spit Up, can train agility, endurance…”

“This is great! I like it!”

Little Lu glanced at it for a moment.

Top Rank training items, less to say, there are also 10, each of them looks very interesting.

“Yes, you can! Then let’s warm up for Top Rank first!” Little Lu nodded hard, and then called out 2 Pokemon.

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