Pokemon Creation Chapter 316

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From that day on, Little Lu spent most of the day in the training ground.

Pokemon training ground is also welcomed by trainers.

“Only unexpected, nothing impossible. Red & White Corporation once again built a brand new training system.”

A big V account wrote on Weibo.

“This time, traditional training grounds will be challenged by new generation training grounds.”

“In the future, Trainer’s requirements for training grounds will become more and more stringent. Traditional training grounds have been eliminated. And training grounds with more Top Rank equipment will stand out in this battle.”

“This is a wave of changes led by Pokemon. I boldly estimate here that Red & White Corporation will launch more Pokemon-related services in the future. For example, Pokemon breeding house, Pokemon analysis, etc.”


Other ordinary training grounds can’t sit still this time.

The Normal training field will only provide Trainer with a venue and simple equipment.

Charges are calculated by the hour.

But the Pokemon training ground provides a variety of venues and various training equipment.

Although the Pokemon exclusive training ground will not affect the ordinary training ground, it will be in the future.

When the Pokemon training ground expands its business in the future, their ordinary training grounds must make changes.

But there are others who have smelled business opportunities.

They soon logged onto Taoshen, the largest online shopping site.

“Pokemon Training Equipment for Home”

This is a business opportunity discovered by these businessmen.

One of the biggest Characteristic Trait of modern people is laziness.

Convenience is the most attractive feature for them.


These Pokemon home training equipment will surely be widely welcomed.

They first went to the Pokemon training ground and learned about the training equipment in the training ground.

Then classify.

Finally, it is classified into low-cost, convenient equipment, and a certain degree of minor modification.

In this way, a very good home training equipment is completed.

After going online again, these devices were robbed.

Many Trainers have expressed interest in completing training without going out.

Not only that, the Trainer of Genetic Organism has even started several.



Li Qiuran sat quietly in the laboratory, and the Pokemon were basically asleep.

He is carefully looking at the information in front of the computer.

He is still worrying about Electric Type Pokemon.

The entire laboratory is Li Qiuran, Mew and Meowth.

Mew is floating in midair and sleeping.

Meowth, on the other hand, was wearing casual clothes and sitting on the cold laboratory floor with his mobile phone.

His small face is full of seriousness, and mutter incantations in his mouth.

“Light soy sauce, vinegar, salt, sugar, meow! Use good beef meow~~”

“Meow! It’s complicated.” Meowth scratched his head in distress.

Tomorrow is his first birthday, and he wants to cook himself a loving meal.

But now it seems a bit difficult.

He glanced at Li Qiuran secretly, Li Qiuran was still studying.

Meowth hesitated for a moment, then tapped on the phone.

Ding dong.

In Meowth’s expectant gaze, the phone on the desktop vibrated.

“En?” Li Qiuran came back to his senses, turned on the phone, and turned to the WeChat interface.

He has fewer than ten WeChat friends.

At this moment, an unread message lights up with the ID of an avatar Meowth.

This is Meowth’s WeChat account.

Li Qiuran turned his head and looked towards Meowth.

But I saw the latter pretending to look at the scenery.

“This kid, is there anything I can’t say in person?” Li Qiuran laughed helplessly, and then clicked on an unread message.

That is a long article.

I am a white, handsome cat.

I have a very good shit shovel officer, and a lovely half-parent cat girl, Mitsumi.

Everyone lives together happily.

But one day, my heart was a little restless.

A strange emotion spread in my heart.

That night, I still slept on the sofa in the living room.

The shovel officer and the little sister slept in the room together.

Mitsumi is very sticky, so she sleeps on the pillow of the shoveler.

Tonight, my heart is very restless, I feel so hot in my body.

So I quietly opened the door of the shovel officer.

The shovel officer is still asleep.

His slight snoring sound echoed in the room.

I am a cat who pays great attention to the quality of sleep, so I don’t like sleeping with the shovel official.

Because his snoring is too noisy.

Mitsumi slept on the side, looking at the whiteness of the little girl, I felt so excited.

She is so beautiful!


Is this really good?

I hesitated for a moment.

Finally, I still did not suppress the restless heart.

So I quietly jumped into bed, and they didn’t notice it.

This is all thanks to the little pink pads on the soles of my feet.

Near, near.

Sleeping Mitsumi is only 2 steps away from me.

Her posture is so graceful.

Her little pink meat pad is so attractive to me!


I can not make it.

I jumped on it at that time.

The moment I pressed Mitsumi lightly, she woke up.

“Wait a minute.” Mitsumi’s eyes are sleepy, her eyes are shy, and her face is slightly red, as if she can pinch water.

“Waiting for what?” My voice was thick.

“Someone,” she whispered, and then bowed her head sorry.

“It’s okay, the shit shovel officer sleeps very well.” I looked excited and started licking her hair.

“Then you must remember to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex.” Mitsumi’s body relaxed.

I know.

She wanted it.

I immediately leaned down.

But at the last minute, Mitsumi’s meat pad was in his chest.

“What’s the matter?” I was going crazy.

“I…” Mitsumi hesitated.

For a moment she said, “Tomorrow is Meowth’s birthday, let’s make a meow meal.”


“…” Li Qiuran had a black line.

He fully understood the meaning of “all my pants are off, you show me this”.

“How do you Smelly Brat look at these things every day?” Li Qiuran came back to his senses angrily.

“Meow?” Meowth looked innocent.

“What? Are you thinking about it?” He opened his innocent eyes.

Little jump came to Li Qiuran’s side.

“He just wants to lick Mei Mao!”

Li Qiuran immediately picked up Meowth and rubbed his head vigorously, “You are not allowed to look at these things in the future.”

“Understood.” Meowth agreed, but obviously didn’t listen.

“Then tomorrow’s meal?”

“I will do it for you.”

“I also want to invite good friends.”


“I want to have a party!”


“I want you to be a horse rider for me.”

“Okay…Fart! You Smelly Brat!”


Meowth held his head in tears, grieved, “You don’t love This Meow anymore.”

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