Pokemon Creation Chapter 317

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“Meow! Do you know what tomorrow is tomorrow?” On 2nd day, Meowth jumped to the Snivy group and shouted.

Tweet (go away, don’t block us)!

The Snivy looked impatient, they were playing.

“Meow! Do you know what day tomorrow is?” Meowth jumped to the Charmander clan and shouted.

Ga (the day to eat steak)?

Charmander’s eyes lit up suddenly.

meow! Do you know what day tomorrow is? “

Meowth jumped in front of Cubone.


Gu lu gu lu.

Bone Club rolled into the distance.

Cubone fell aggrieved to the ground.

Click (you bullied Cubone).


After asking around, none of the Pokemon knew it was This Meow’s birthday.

Some little temper.

Meowth was sad.

the other side.

With the help of the staff, a simple small kitchen was quickly built in Pokemon Ranch.

Li Qiuran is preparing meow meal.

3 Man fish, small fish steak.

It is Meowth’s feast today.

Regardless of Li Qiuran’s obsession with research, his cooking skills are still good.

Miyo (looks good).

Mew looked at the ingredients listed on the table and was also a little moved.

Li Qiuran is surrounded by many Pokemons, and they are very curious.

Li Qiuran, the legendary shit shovel officer, stays in the laboratory every day.

Rarely go out.

It’s like being isolated from the world.

Today unexpectedly unprecedented doing some strange things in the ranch.

Squirt (What is the shovel officer doing)?

Ga (I’m cooking! Stupid turtle)!

Than (why do you cook)?

Ga (it seems to be Present for Meowth’s birthday).

Tweet (That’s really miserable, the shit shovel officer can cook? Meowth’s birthday is going to be ruined).

The Pokémons around are pointing fingers, constantly talking about it.

Li Qiuran face full of black lines.

This group of Smelly Brat questioned their cooking skills.

It’s unbearable!

You must show yourself!

“Nini, get me the kitchen knife.” Li Qiuran said to Nini on this side.


A Vine Whip rolled up the kitchen knife tightly and handed it to Li Qiuran slowly.

With a chopper in hand, he bursts with confidence.

Li Qiuran raised his kitchen knife confidently and shouted: “Walk through the miss, don’t miss it. Next will be the performance of the world’s first chef.”

Baru (God of Cooking? It’s a big tone).

Duolu (it’s an onion, he put onion in the dish).

Before long, Li Qiuran was surrounded by a group of Pokemon.

They all looked attentively, carefully watching Li Qiuran’s movements.


Li Qiuran had neat and tidy carrots and broccoli in front of him.

He breathes deeply, right hand raises the kitchen knife.

The blade flashed.

“Upright, chaotic cloak knife technique.”

ka ka ka. The cold light kept flashing. After a few seconds, carrots and broccoli were neat and tidy divided into even small pieces.

Ga (really strong)!

The Snivy rubbed their eyes and kept exclaiming.

Tweet (so awesome).

Tyrogue’s eyes lit up suddenly, and the eyes looking towards Li Qiuran were also full of heat.

Ba Lu (I can’t imagine that the shovel officer is an expert in the world! I really want to learn from him).


Cubone slid behind Miltank, his head poked out, watching Li Qiuran’s every move warily.

He was shocked at the moment.

Click (Damn, if the shovel officer is so powerful, you can’t lie to him).

Kala was a little unwilling, but when thinking of the blade light flying all over the sky, he could only admit it reluctantly.

I can’t stop it with a single knife.

Even my own Bone Club…

Can’t stop it.

At this time, Li Qiuran threw the chopped, unnecessary radish to the trash can beside Miltank.


The carrot head landed perfectly.


Gu lu gu lu.

Bone Club performs a wave of tactical rolls on the ground in a beautiful arc.

Cubone reflexively collapsed to the ground, her mouth deflated, and her expression aggrieved, “Crack (you bullied Cubone).”

Li Qiuran:…… (looked towards the big knife in the hand).

Cubone: (Hurrying to wipe away the tears, revealing a bright smiling face, pouting and picking up the Bone Club), the weather is really good!

Li Qiuran: (Satisfied with nodded, ruins can teach).

Meowth’s food is similar to ordinary cats.

Minimize salt and sugar as much as possible to maintain the original taste of food.

So Li Qiuran chose three pan-fried fish, boiled broccoli and carrots.

Cut the fried three-legged fish into small pieces and place in the middle of the plate.

Then chop the broccoli and carrots and garnish around the plate.

Soon, the simple and hearty meal was completed.

“Alright? Alright?” Meowth in the distance trot over immediately, with an excited expression on his face.

After the ranch Pokemon sang a birthday song wail like ghosts and howl like wolves to Meowth.

Meowth began to taste the feast.

“Meow! The taste is perfect!” His little pad patted the table hard, with a bright smile on his face.

After that, the ranch opened up.

The huge speakers are arranged in the corner of the ranch.

Cheerful music sounded.

Pokemon are singing and dancing.

On this day, there is no Pokemon addicted to training.

They all devoted themselves to the carnival party, sending blessings to the main character Meowth.

With the perfect end of the birthday party.

Pokemon have new demands.

They all want to have birthday parties in the future!

And Li Qiuran quickly threw all this to the staff.

I have been busy for a day today, but I am almost exhausted.

Cubone followed Li Qiuran back to the laboratory in a ghostly manner. He raised the Bone Club in his hand tremblingly.

Click (Great Demon King, I want to challenge you)!


Cubone’s Bone Club gu lu gu lu rolled several times on the ground.

Li Qiuran’s right hand grasped Cubone tightly, sat on the chair, placed it on his lap, the right hand twitched against the butt.

This Smelly Brat, I wanted to teach him a long time ago!

Click (you bullied Cubone).

Cubone feels wronged, but dare not resist.


Great Demon King’s knife skills are very strong.


Unconsciously a month has passed.

The ice attribute breeding area of ​​Red & White Corporation was finally completed in this month.

The breeding area also ushered in the new Pokemon.



Water Type

Sea Lion Pokemon

The skin covered by aqua body hair is thick and strong, and it can move at minus 40 degrees.

Seel’s evolution form Dewgong will have dual attributes of water and ice.

This ice attribute feeding area can be said to be tailor-made for them.

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