Pokemon Creation Chapter 318

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Today is a Saturday and Sunday.

Mew ran outside alone again to hang out.

This time, he was not invisible.

Because he is now the focus of the whole world.

Every trip will cause many fans to take pictures.

The sound of praise is like normal waves.

It feels so good.

Miyo (goodbye everyone).

Mew waved to the guard at the gate, and then flew out slowly.

The Red & White Corporation staff on the road gave Mew a smile.

“Mew baby is traveling again, this time I am happy at 10000.” The little elder sister at the front desk showed a bright smiling face and moved towards Mew beckoned.

Miyo (understood, you also have to be beautiful and lovely).

Mew politely nodded.

In the floating state, he is like a cradle with a remote control installed.

Flew forward staggeringly.

His flying speed is very slow, comparable to the walking speed of an ordinary person.

The curious big eyes kept looking all around.

“Heavens! Mew! So cute.”

As soon as he took to the street, Mew caused a big commotion.

People who couldn’t bear it immediately took out their phones and started taking pictures, and tried to frame themselves with Mew.

But no one dared to rush forward.

Because in the past, there were nasty men who tried to molest Mew, but Mew used Psychic to hang upside down under traffic lights, and was tortured by all eyes.

“Hurry up and take pictures, I’m not working anymore, I’m all right.”

“Mew’s pink body is still so cute!”


Mew calmly felt the love of the pedestrians around him.

It was very new when I first traveled.

At that time, I was almost scared by these passionate fans.

But now I am used to it.

I am now an idol.

sit down.

Base exercise.

This makes Little Song quite tasty.

I have been a singer for a year trembling with fear.

There is hard work without credit.

But these fans are not fanatical.

There is no battle strength either.

I can’t spray others on the Internet.

I will cry if I continue.


Mew flew slowly.

The crowd of onlookers gradually dispersed after satisfying their desire to take pictures.

During this period, Mew has made 4 or 5 trips, so it is not so mysterious.

People quickly did their own things.

No one bothers themselves.

Mew is happy and free.

He first went through the crowd and drove to the vicinity of the platform.

From afar, I saw a Doduo.

The white hair on his forehead is so exciting.

“Doduo is for you, and Doduo is for you! Please, stay for a while. Please, stay for a while, and Doduo is for you.” Baimao Doduo still screamed.

The popularity of Doduo self-service cars is still very good.

He has almost replaced short-distance transportation.


Mew’s face was slightly childish, and it fell straight on Baimao’s body.

“Please pay first! Otherwise, Doduo won’t serve.” Baimao suddenly became unhappy.

“You can’t take the Overlord car, Doduo will be angry.”


Mew squinted with a smile.

Then a branch flew quickly and slammed it on the white hair’s head.

Baimao looked dumbfounded.

“Who is beating Doduo! Who is it! Stand up.”

Miyo (it’s me).

Mew smirked.

Miyo (Move me now, or I’ll hit you).

“You! Bullying too much!” Doduo suffocated his mouth aggrievedly.

Tears fluttered in his eyes.

He felt very wronged.

He looked towards the staff and tried to get help.

However, only ruthless words were exchanged.

“Doduo, take Mew to play, and the salary will be settled.”

Doduo was crying and reluctant, “Doduo only wants to bring professional service to all customers, not terrorists.”

Feeling the branches hanging on his forehead and Growl threatening Mew in his ear, Doduo’s body shuddered.

Step on.

Doduo started to run slowly.

Doduo is running very smoothly.

Baimao is already an Old Daoist driver.

They ran slowly on Cycling Road.

Ushered in the attention of many pedestrians.

“Isn’t this Xiao Bai? Xiao Bai is picking up guests again today!” An aunt moved towards Bai Mao friendly and waved.

Baimao politely nodded, “Doduo is always running. Doduo is the strongest driver on the surface.”

The talkative white hair has long won the love of many customers.

“Bai Mao, I will find you at work tomorrow.” An uncle with a briefcase also moved towards Bai Mao shouted.

“Okay, Doduo is for you.” Baimao replied.

Miyo (why no one talks to me).

Mew grumbled dissatisfiedly.

“Ga ga Ka! Doduo is very popular, you are too rubbish.” Baimao became arrogant again.


With the sound of a branch hitting his head again, Bai Mao immediately became honest.

Soon after, they stopped at the treatment center.

Mew flew slowly to the center, leaving a sentence, “Miyo (wait for me here).

“Loyalty~~sincere~~~Doduo is for you!” Baimao shouted at the same place.

After Mew entered the center, Bai Mao immediately turned around and ran.

After entering the center.

Mew looked curiously here and there.

Nurse Joy warmly welcomed Mew’s arrival.

Mew even got inside the center.

I saw a lot of Pokemon in bed.

Then Mew flew out of the center.

When he saw that Bai Mao was absent, his face was wonderful.

He wandered again.

Came to the fire brigade.

The Squirtles are training under the leadership of Blastoise.

The current fire brigade has forged a deep understanding with Squirtle.

Each action is extremely efficient and fast.

Later Mew went to the hospital and saw the baby’s department.

At this time, many Igglybuffs have evolved into Jigglypuff.

But they don’t have the ability to write lyrics and music like Little Song.

Mew looked energetically and unconsciously came near the police station.

Miyo (looks like there is no Pokemon here).

Mew murmured and was about to leave.

Suddenly, I heard the chatter of the police passing by.

“Unexpectedly, our bureau will also cooperate with Red & White Corporation.”

“No! I heard that it’s finalized this afternoon.”

“It seems to be testing Pokemon’s ability in the game now.”

“I don’t know what Pokemon it will be.”

“It won’t be a human-shaped Pokemon, the kind of wrist strength?”

“It may be a dog-shaped Pokemon.”

“Do you mean a police dog? Or a drug detection dog?”

The police chatted happily, and Mew’s eyes lit up next to him.

He hurriedly moved towards the police station and flew away.

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