Pokemon Creation Chapter 319

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Mew used stealth, then moved towards the police station and flew away slowly.

This was his first time at the police station, so he was curious about everything.

He looked at 4 places.

The policemen in the police station are more serious and look reserved.

They work hard.

I don’t know how long it took to fly, Mew finally sensed the existence of other Pokemon.

This is undoubtedly a cardiotonic for him.

He immediately speeded up and flew away.

“This Pokemon is loyal and powerful, but the police dog is the best substitute for Pokemon.” From a distance, Mew could hear the conversation in the office.

He flew cautiously.

I saw 3 people in the office.

Two of them were wearing police uniforms with a little old face.

It seems to be a high-level police officer.

The other one is more casual.

Mew recognized the man.

It seems to be a subordinate of the shovel officer.

At the waist that looked towards the hand.

A fiery-red Pokemon is staying in the Poké Ball.

“Next, I can demonstrate Growlithe’s Ability for you.” With a smile under his hand.

“That couldn’t be better, we will take you to the training ground.” The senior management also smiled.

Miyo (Growlithe)?

Mew tilted his head for a moment. It seemed that he had never seen a similar Pokemon in the ranch.

In other words, Growlithe may have been created recently.

Leading the play at the top, the entire group slowly moved towards the training ground.

Mew followed him, stick one’s head around to look for.

Soon after, a group of people came to an empty field.

“This is the place for police dogs to be trained.” Followers introduced.

“Little Zhang.” The high-level moved towards a guard beckoned.

The guard immediately trot with a police dog.

“Little Zhang, they are from Red & White Corporation.”

“Red & White Corporation!” Little Zhang, the guard was surprised.

Then came the excitement and expectation, “Does our police department have to cooperate with Red & White Corporation?”

The representative of Red & White Corporation smiled and took out the Poké Ball and flinged it out.


The Poké Ball burst open, and a fiery-red dog-shaped Pokemon jumped out.


Fire Element Pokemon

Dog Pokemon

Personality is close, honest, will bark and bark to drive away enemies.

Territorial consciousness is very strong, if you inadvertently approach, you will be intimidated by teeth and taste suffering.


At the moment Growlithe appeared, the guard dog crawled on the ground, with a vigilant face and even an expression of fear in his eyes.

He kept Roaring as if emboldening himself.

“What’s wrong with Dahei, calm down.” Little Zhang squatted down to comfort the police dog.


Growlithe gave a triumphant cry.

His voice is very crisp and tender.

Such a cute puppy can deter police dogs.

Up to this point, the senior executives generally have points in their hearts.

Such a young and immature Growlithe can already deter trained police dogs.

What about when you grow up?


At this time, the police dog roared again.

But this call is like stabbing a hornet’s nest.

How could Growlithe, who is still young and untrained, endure such taunt/provoke?

He immediately arched his body, brewing the power of his whole body.

“Roar!” The immature but wild Roar uttered from his small body.

Wu wu wu.

The police dog immediately clipped its tail, whimpered in fear, and shrank behind Little Zhang not daring to move.

In this way, the gap is clear.

The top level are all eyes shined.

If such a powerful canine Pokemon can show obedience, it is definitely the most outstanding police dog choice.

none of them.

Subsequently, under the command of a representative of Red & White Corporation.

Growlithe conducted one test after another.

Long distance running, sprinting, obstacle running.

Find item and so on.

He performed well in every test.

Although some tests are not as good as police dogs, it is enough to prove his potential.

You know he hasn’t received any relevant training yet.

Now the high-level heart has tilted toward Growlithe.

“In addition to these daily abilities, Growlithe is a Fire Type.” The representative of Red & White Corporation said with a smile.

“Fire Element? Does he still have the abilities of Flamethrower?” The executives suddenly became interested.

“Flamethrower is not yet available, but the flames are still okay.” The representative smiled slightly.

After that, Growlithe moved towards sky Spit Up with a strong flame.

“Although formidable power is not amazing, it is easy to burn criminals,” said Serene, the representative.

The senior management can’t help but sweat secretly, with some worries in their hearts.

The powerful battle strength is a double-edged sword.

He is able to ensure the safety of the police when performing their tasks.

But it is also very likely to hurt innocent people.

As if seeing the high-level concerns, the representative said: “All of this can be achieved through training, which is the same as the training of police dogs. However, the training of Growlithe is more biased towards the training method of Trainer.

All of this we can send a professional Trainer to assist you.


Mew circled in the air and made a face at Growlithe.

Growlithe seemed to feel something, barking wildly in the direction Mew was.

“Uh.” Looking at the uncontrolled Growlithe, people fell silent.

“Is his character stable?” Little Zhang asked weakly.

“It’s very stable.” On behalf of some guilty, “It’s weird, it’s been good before, how come it suddenly happened like this?”


Mew in the air shook his finger, and then disappeared instantly.

He doesn’t want to mess up the business of Red & White Corporation.


As soon as Mew disappeared, Growlithe immediately calmed down.

He licked the representative’s finger.

“It’s calmed down.” Represents relaxed.

Then discussed the follow-up issues with the high-level.


Mew continued to wander after leaving the police station.

He later came to Pokemon Forest.

Now the ecology of Pokemon Forest has stabilized.

All kinds of Pokemon have also found their own territory.

You can occasionally see expedition researchers in the forest.

Each of them wears Poké Ball around their waists.

They are the strongest Pokemon researchers in China.

Most of their Pokemon are Pidegeotto, Butterfree and other easily cultivated Pokemon.

Unconsciously, Mew came to the lake in the middle of the forest.

There are traces of Goldeen in the lake from time to time.


Suddenly, a wave surged in the middle of the lake, as if there was a huge monster brewing in it.


With a violent roar, a huge blue monster sprang from it.

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