Pokemon Creation Chapter 320

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The blue silhouette has a body shape like Azure Dragon Normal, about 7 meters tall.

There are 4 huge fangs in the mouth.

Compared to other Pokemon.

This Pokemon looks a lot fierce.

The appearance alone creates fear in the heart.


Even Mew was taken aback, and hurriedly hid behind the tree, looking secretly.

After this blue Pokemon couldn’t swim in the middle of the lake, it churned the surface of the lake, and began to make waves of waves a little violently.

At this moment, the voice of the researcher came from the forest.

“There are now nearly 20 types of Pokemon in the forest. Most of the Pokemon in the outer area live in groups.”

“The closer you get to the center, the more dangerous it is.”

“The Pokemon in the center has relatively strong strength, many of which are even lone rangers.”

“But they are much safer than Pokemon living in groups. Those who are used to living alone need to be more vigilant. They will not fight unsure battles. So in the face of small groups like us, they will instead go around.” Guide’s voice sounded. .

This time it was still a Guide leader, followed by 2 researchers.

The researcher was followed by 5 guards.

In front of Guide is a lovely Yellow Sandshrew.



No matter how high it falls from, as long as you curl your body and rebound, you can be saved.

Sandshrew’s skin is yellow, dry and firm, and can shrink into a ball for attack or defense.

It is a Pokemon with both offense and defense.

Following the guards were Pidegeotto, Big Ratate, Horn Tooth, Oddish and a Haoli.

The strength of this team is still quite strong.

The researcher behind him said: “This time we need to go deep into the lake inside the forest and collect Berry around the lake.”

“Lake? No, the lake is too dangerous.” Guide hurriedly shook his head and refused.

“Why? Our mission this time is very important. Only Berry near the lake can meet our needs.” The researcher looked stern.

“Mr. Guide, this time our Laboratory will be researching a new type of Berry. Maybe we can extract some new technology from it. This will affect the future of China as a whole.” The researcher didn’t change his face.

“You don’t even know how dangerous the lake is.” Guide still shook his head.

“I believe you have also received news from Red & White Corporation.”

“Some special Berry can only be planted close to the lake. And Red & White Corporation put the weak Water Type Pokemon into the lake 3 months ago, let them reproduce themselves.”

“But a few months later, many of these weak Pokemon have even completed the evolution, becoming a powerful and fierce Pokemon with battle strength.”

“Now that the lake is occupied, they won’t welcome you.” Guide tried to persuade the researcher.

“What you heard is only one-sided words.” The researcher immediately shook his head, and then he confided in a shocking secret.

“In fact, Red & White Corporation knows the evolution information of that Pokemon very well.”

“Then why did he throw such a vicious Pokemon into the lake?” Guide looked puzzled.

Although he is also a professional guide appointed by the state.

But he didn’t know anything about these deep information.

“Because we will turn the forest into an exclusive trial ground!” The researcher flushed and said excitedly with open arms.

“In the coming year, the country will open a Pokemon school and write Pokemon textbooks. All students can choose to enter the Pokemon school and become a Trainer, Breeder, Guide, Explorer, or even a researcher.”

“As long as it is a career related to Pokemon, the school will dabble in it.”

“At that time, the second use of Pok√© Ball will be revealed. That is, capturing Pokemon.”

Hearing this, Guide was already surprised to close his mouth from ear to ear, and he asked tremblingly: “You mean, to capture the Pokemon in this forest?”

“Yes!” Researcher nodded.

“A Trainer can carry 6 Pokemon, and if you want to graduate from school, one Pokemon is not enough, so they can go to the forest to catch Pokemon!”

“But!” The researcher turned around. “Capturing Pokemon is more than just throwing the ball.”

“There are 3 major elements.”

“First, you have to get Pokemon’s approval. This is not difficult. The Pokemon that grows in the forest retain their wildness. They all Cooket, so most Pokemon can become human partners.”

“The second point is to defeat Pokemon. This is a bit difficult for Trainer. Trainers who learn knowledge in school are much weaker in actual combat, so in the face of wildness, Wild Pokemon with combat experience will inevitably fall behind. “

“The third element, and the most important, is that you have to be recognized by the school. Only the most outstanding students can enter the forest to catch. And there will be no teacher accompanied. This also means that the danger is proportional to the opportunity .”

“Will this be too cruel?” Guide looked worried.

“No!” The researcher shook his head, “I can’t disclose the details, but we are in urgent need of more powerful Trainers in the incomplete world.”

The researcher paused, and continued: “So this time we are bound to win Berry, which can be regarded as a test for our researcher. An outstanding researcher not only has a brain, but also has a good Pokemon battle ability.”

Researcher looked towards Pokemon, Butterfree beside him.

“I’m understood.” Guide exhaled, then his face was solemn.

“The Pokemon in the middle of the lake is called Gyarados.”

“They evolved from the weakest Pokemon, Magikarp. Their tempers are extremely grumpy, they have Hydro Pumps, bites and other Unique Ability.”

They “strong as an ox, can easily smash Rock.”

The researcher was solemnly nodded.

“With our current team configuration, we definitely cannot fight against one another. We can only try our best not to be discovered.” Guide said in a deep thought.

“Are there other Pokemon in the lake?” the researcher asked.

“I don’t know, Red & White Corporation did not disclose. According to them, the forest must remain mysterious so that it can play its best role.” A trace of hesitation appeared on Guide’s face.

“Presumably you should know that there was already a team missing near the lake last month.”

The researcher solemnly nodded, “Of course, it caused a lot of panic at that time, and some people even planned to complain to Red & White Corporation. But they were all under the pressure.”

“Then let’s go now.” Guide nodded.

Under the leadership, the entire group moved towards the lake slowly approached.

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