Pokemon Creation Chapter 321

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Soon after, the entire group came to the lake area. Across the dense trees, you could see the blue lake.

At the moment, the lake is calm and tranquil, and looks peaceful.

There is a tree with Berry near the lake.

“That’s it.” The researcher looked excited. “The magical Berry that grew a few months ago does not match all the Berry in the matching library.”

“Pidegeotto flew to the sky alert.” A security guard made Pidegeotto lift off.

“Oddish, disguised as grass.”

“The horn bud is near the lake.”

“Butterfree, first fly to the tree to see if you can bring Berry.”

“Sandshrew got into Ground.”

After issuing a series of instructions, the entire group began to wait nervously.

In their expectant gaze, Butterfree slowly Fly the trees, and controlled Confusion to send a Berry tremblingly.

This method is very effective.

But it consumes a lot of Butterfree.

Before long, Butterfree was gasping for breath.

At this time he gave 3 Berry trees.

“Not enough, if used for research, 3 trees are far from enough.” The researcher shook his head and took a hesitation.

“You can’t get close to the lake. Gyarados will suffer as soon as 10000 appears.” Guide clutched the researcher tightly and kept persuading.


Suddenly, Pidegeotto became uneasy.

Looking at other Pokemons, I also feel a little restless.

Each and everyone began to shrink back.

Looking at the lake.

At this moment, the originally calm lake has been surging.


Following the ancient Roar, a Gyarados sprang from it.

He looked around all around fiercely, and finally set his sights on the exploration team.

His whole body was full of tyrannical atmosphere.


There was another Roar, and the second Gyarados also poked his head out of the lake.

“Is this Gyarados?” The expedition team turned pale with fright. They looked tremblingly at the two Gyarados like the Overlord Normal, with fear in their hearts.

Looking at their Pokemon, each and everyone creeps coldly on Ground shiver.

There is no courage to fight at all.

“Gyarados has Characteristic Trait Intimidate, all Pokemon who see them will have fear.” Guide said in fear at this time.

“Do this?” The researcher looked confused.

For a moment, he gritted his teeth and stuffed Berry to another researcher, sternly: “The one who can walk is one. We must stop them.”


The 2 Gyarados began to approach now, and their eyes were full of destruction.

The expedition has undoubtedly become their target.

Look at Pokemon again.

Each and everyone lost their fighting spirit.

How could they be the opponent of Gyarados when they are still young.


Suddenly, the expedition Sky’s immature voice sounded.

The pink silhouette slowly solidified and appeared.

“This is Mew!” a researcher said in surprise.

“Mew is Legendary Beast, how could he appear here.” The researcher’s eyes were full of curiosity.

He has forgotten all the dangers before him.

His brain moves at the speed of light.

Mew appear out of thin air.

He seems to have the ability to be invisible.

It seems that Mew’s abilities are more diverse than the data.

Looked towards Mew.

At this moment, Mew’s figure suddenly changed.


A pink Gyarados appeared in front of everyone.

“This is Transform! The original information is true.” The researcher flushed immediately.

He stared intently at Gyarados of Mew Transform.

“Being able to rely on Transform to become all Pokemon, perfectly replicating appearance and ability.”

“But this Gyarados is pink, so Mew’s abilities and information are still different.” The researcher secretly thought.

The pink Gyarados does not look blue, but rather cute.


A violent roar came from the pink Gyarados’ mouth.


blue Gyarados immediately responded.

“Is this taunt/provoke each other?” The expedition’s face turned green.

We are innocent, let us go first!

Guide moved towards concealedly. The members made a gesture, and then the entire group took Pokemon and quietly prepared to leave.



2 roars sounded.

On one side is the threat from the blue Gyarados side.

On one side is the pink Gyarados transformed by Mew.

Roar (don’t go! See me acting hard)!

Mew is in a hurry.

I wanted to help this group of humans, but unexpectedly humans were thinking of Run Away.

What is this?


The crowd swallowed, and had to stand still.

Pray for Mew to win.


It’s a loud roar again.

Gyarados rose again in the middle of the lake.

Counting this down, there are already three.

The 3 Gyarados leaned together and roared towards Mew.

That deterrence stunned the forest Pidegeotto and scattered.

Than~~ (young birthday! Gyarados is crazy).

Numerous Pidegeotto 4 screams.

Announcing the inner fear.

Roar of Gyarados even affected the peripheral Pokemon.

They each and everyone started to commotion.

An atmosphere of anxiety permeated the forest.

At this moment in the Laboratory was also spreading tension.

The researchers are brow beaded with sweat operating computers.

A researcher lost one’s head out of fear shouted: “The high-energy response in the forest and the loud roars directly confuse the surrounding Pokemon, and now even Pokemon has escaped from the forest!”

“Oops! Da Hei and the others are still in the forest.”

“Could it be Gyarados of the lake?”


Compared with the panic in the laboratory, the atmosphere near the lake is more solemn.

Three Gyarados stared at the pink Gyarados in front of them warily.

Their three swordsmen joined forces and did not deter the strange Gyarados in front of him.

Look at this little pink again, with a fierce face even with…

Faint smile’s face?

It seems easy?

hiss~ ~

This Gyarados is not simple.

roar roar roar roar.

Gyarados’ severe irritable expression gradually faded away and began to communicate in place.

Roar (this guy who are you)

Roar (I don’t know, I was small before, but suddenly became like us)

Roar (Nani, is it an alien species)

Roar (what to do, do you want to withdraw)

Roar (no! We are forest Totem)

Roar (Ahhh! I’m so angry! I’m so angry)

Roar (dry)

3 Gyarados looked towards Mew together.

A violent stream of water quickly brewed in their mouths.

The blue spherical Hydro Pump was formed almost instantly.


Along with the huge roar, violent water jets spurted from their mouths, gathered in the air, and condensed into a Hydro Pump that had an impact like a huge wave, moving towards Mew and gushing away.

Roar (you might die if you go on this shot).

“It’s over, what Divine Immortal Ability is this.” The expedition team underneath looked desperate.

They only realized the power of Gyarados now.

If this Hydro Pump is hit on the body, it will be broken to pieces.

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