Pokemon Creation Chapter 322

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The pink Gyarados roared. Then he started to brew a fierce Hydro Pump in his mouth.


In the air, Hydro Pumps hand over each other.

It looks like evenly matched.


But the pink Gyarados changed back to Mew after the Hydro Pump collided.

A leap will move towards the periphery and run away.

Miyo (Yaoshou! The enemy is crowded, retreat)!

“Wait for us!” The expedition team anxiously followed behind.

Their team is in chaos, and everyone is struggling to keep up with Mew.

Originally thought Mew was the strongest king, who knew he was just a bronze player.


Central lake.

The exploded Hydro Pump fell like a waterfall Normal, hitting Gyarados who was only a little confused.


They roared loudly, and then the huge Hydro Pump gathered again.

They found that the other party was actually not at all as strong as they thought.

The formidable power at this time is stronger than before.

“What to do?” The expedition team looked desperate, and they didn’t think they could run out of the Hydro Pump’s range.

Looked towards Mew.

At this time Mew stopped Flying.

Looking at the strong Hydro Pump, Mew was a little tangled.

He still loves humans very much.

If you leave it alone, these people may die.

But I don’t want to fight with those 3 vicious Pokemon.

If it’s just one, don’t be afraid.

But that’s 3!

One person can drown himself with one spit.

Although Mew’s ability value is much stronger than that of ordinary Pokemon, this does not mean that he can do more with fewer enemies.


At this time, the forest Sky suddenly heard a roar, and then the members of the expedition team felt the shadow of Sky.

They lift the head.

A cloud of shadow blocked the daylight.

“That’s it?” people murmured.

The Black Hawk is getting closer.

There are 2 huge wings behind him.


3 Gyarados moved towards sky fiercely and howled.

It seems to be announcing his status as Totem.


Suddenly, Mew yelled happily, and then moved towards the black shadow.

“It seems to be rescue.” The eyes of the members of the expedition team immediately lit up, and they were full of hope.

as predicted.

The dark shadow approaches.

The body of orange red was revealed to everyone.

“That’s Charizard.” A member pointed to Little Flame in surprise.

He even cried with joy, “We are saved.”

At first they were desperate, but now they see hope.

Little Flame has successfully evolved into Charizard a year ago.

No one knows his strength now.

Absolutely powerful.

As for Gyarados.

Although they are also outstanding in their own strength, there is still a huge gap between their age and Little Flame.

This batch of Gyarados is only about 4 months old.

In fact, Li Qiuran had injected Magikarp with drugs that stimulated evolution.

It just didn’t expect that there will be enough 3 Magikarps to evolve successfully.

And they look wild and untamable.

Even facing Li Qiuran, he didn’t fear, even grinning threateningly.

This is the wildness within the body at work.

Li Qiuran curled one’s lip and took out the Poké Ball from his waist.

“Play with them.”

The words fall.

Little Naughty jumped out of it.

It is worth mentioning that Little Naughty has evolved into Servine.

Now his battle strength has reached the top in the Snivy family.

Although he is in Servine’s state, the battle strength is even higher than Venusaur in the ranch.

“3 to 3!”

Li Qiuran faintly smiled, then threw a Poké Ball again.


A Pidgeot with smooth feathers flew out of it.

Take Li Qiuran and slowly fall to Ground.

“Don’t worry, you can go back the same way.” Li Qiuran soothed the members of the expedition.

He immediately turned and looked towards Gyarados, who was standing in a group with 3 Pokemon, with 10000 1000 thoughts in his mind.

He hopes to transform the forest into a trial site with a certain degree of danger.

Currently in his plan, this forest will be another trial site for middle level.

But from the current point of view, the difficulty of these 3 Gyarados may be a bit too high.

In his plan, countless similar forests will appear across the country.

He will put a powerful Pokemon in it.

In the future, he will cast Pokemon into those unknown forests.

Let Pokemon take over the forest instead of the original creature.

Judging from the current situation.

Every year, those jungle creatures begin to stir more, so China needs more Pokemon that can match it.

In the field at the moment.

3 Pokemon and 3 Gyarados fight together,

Mew’s battle is easy and freehand.

Dexterous, he easily leaves all attacks, and skillfully uses Psychic to play Gyarados.

Little Flame and Gyarados fiercely collided and carried out the most primal fight.

Although Little Flame’s power is slightly inferior to Gyarados, his sharp claws and agile body can always leave Gyarados’ attacks on his body one after another.

Little Naughty’s battle was unexpected.

His body was surrounded by petals in the sky, and the petals almost filled Gyarados’s vision.

Each petal rotates in the air, flashing a sharp cold light.

Every petal can bring harm.

Faced with such a battle, Little Naughty’s opponent couldn’t help but secretly panic.


Accompanied by Gyarados’ roar, he tossed his body and once again set off a second wave in the lake.


Numerous petals in the air with a harsh wind to form a beautiful music, directly wrapping Gyarados.

With the scream, the petals dispersed.

Gyarados was already lying riddled with scars in the lake, blood seeping out, dyeing the lake the color of Fuchsia.

At this moment, the battle on the other side has also ended.

Mew’s opponent was playfully dizzy, and soon fell into the lake with nausea.

Little Flame’s opponent is much miserable.

He looked wounded, lying in the lake with a look of wilt.

At this moment, the heart of the three Gyarados is: How did I provoke these monsters?

Li Qiuran then instructed 3 Pokemon to leave.

Looking at Pokemon flying towards the sky and Li Qiuran sitting on Little Flame, the researcher couldn’t help but muttered: “It seems that Pokemon’s battle strength is stronger than expected.”

They looked towards the Gyarados gate in the middle of the lake.

Pokemon, which was previously unable to fight, is now like a bereaved dog.

However, they seem to be seriously injured.

But in fact they are all superficial wounds.

The Pokemon have a sense of measure.

Their purpose is just to help Mew.

The rescue researchers are by the way.

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